Wednesday, March 27, 2013

PT #3

Well...well......let's see, we began this potty training journey on Jan 1st.  Here we are the end of March, and I thought to post where we are at.  He has gone 2 weeks without ANY accidents at all.  BUT.....after such a long, glorious stretch within just 1 day...he's back to having accidents.  Usually, it's just 1 accident..but then another couple of days later..there will be another...and another..and another....and then on to 2 weeks solid of no accidents again.  SO.....i really have felt like we can't progress to Stage 4 (going in underwear all. the. time outside the house) quite yet....He really hasn't liked going to the bathroom anywhere else but here.  He's gone at the church, but that's it.  Even my mom's...he just won't.  He has before.'s difficult to get him to.  SO....i do think within time & more practice he'll get better with the outside world's bathrooms...I just don't feel like I have the trust level with him yet here at home, to go EVERYWHERE outside in his underwear.  Now, we do take him out in his underwear if the errand is 2 hours or less.  I don't like doing things halfway, so when I've decided it's time...i'm talking EVERYWHERE in his underwear...and just realizing that accidents will occur & that I may have a in side the store scene, but that's okay :)  Last post, I spoke about him not going number 2 in the potty ever.  Well, he does now.  Pretty much our biggest indication is when he's hiding--we know no matter what, we have to take him in, and he'll go.  He's isn't big on actually telling us when he needs to go to the bathroom, in general.  It's usually always just our timing of it all.  So, i have realized the times when accidents occur it's usually when he's drank A. LOT.  and I just haven't hit it at the right time in taking him in.  And that's another reason why my trust level with him isn't quite there that he doesn't really tell us.  Sometimes he does....but I'd prefer to not have to always keep track in my head...especially if we are doing errands OR somewhere else outside.  ya know? Maybe i should try going a few days of NEVER reminding him...just to experiment how he does.  Still pull ups when he's asleep. In my last post, I had said he's filled out 3 charts.  Well, we are on to our 10th haha  He really likes it alot, so as long as he's wanting to keep using them I'm cool with it.  But I would like there to be a time when the charts aren't so much a motivation, but just sheer desire to is.  Still giving him some sort of treats...between dum dums and tootsie rolls.  

So, again our goal was June 1st to be done will ALL stages, including through the night.  So we have over 2 more months...I'm confident he'll do it.  

(sigh) still in the running.  Feel like this is a marathon, and such a process.  Oh Bradyn, please be different.  But then again, it's another boy we're talkin' about (sigh)


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

thoughts :)

I really like to see how many more sister missionaries are going out there.  Obviously, since I myself feels that a mission was the BEST choice I ever made & is pretty much the greatest thing ever...It really has seemed to become the new "cool" thing to do! ha!  I guess not so cool for those guys who are wanting to date certain girls & then find out they are filling out their papers (like my poor bro, Parker)  But gets guys to ACTUALLY start looking for girls to date that are THEIR same age or a bit older! ha! heaven forbid!?  I really like the idea of more girls within the church marrying at not "such a young age" (but i'm sure many still will) i just feel that...only good comes out of a mission, but should go with the right reasons in mind.  A statement Steve had mentioned to me- that I thought was so true, is with all these girls going out on allows for more mature and prepared mothers!:)  I loved when he said that, so true!  Anyways, we've just been hearing alot about the rise of the sister missionaries at church and such..and just got me thinking.  On FB it stated- as of April there are usually 400 sister missionaries per month that are at the MTC, and now will be 4,000.   

Earlier on in the year I posted some


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

my baby shower :)

So tonight was my shower!  Crazy to think this is my last baby shower!  It was thrown by: Joyce, Jen, Jamie & Aubs!  I loved it.  It was at Jen's house...Check out her freakin' cute decor!

i liked how the decor were Jordynn's room esp. the polka dots :)  I totally spaced to take a group pic as well as a pic of the amazing treats.  We had chocolate covered strawberries, oreos with pink frosting, ice cream sundaes..i think that was it.  We played a couple of games & then did gifts :)  THANK YOU so much for all who came- Jen, Joyce, Jamie, Aubs, Amanda, Anna, Janae, Mom, Krystal, Heather, Amber, & Katie :)


Friday, March 8, 2013

the end is near...the end is near......:) :(

Okay so never ever been one to complain.  When I do, it's to Steve or to one of my closest friends or my mom.  I believe everyone has the right to rant and rave every now and then.  
So here's my latest complaint...not really a biggie,

 I am seriously trying to imagine how in the HECK I am going to last another 14 weeks!!!! Every position that I sit, I can't breathe..I literally feel like I have to walk around with a brown paper bag!  I SO hope that once she turns..i can actually fill my lungs up with air completley.  I have hit the "can't sleep at all stage"  My mom told me that the last 3 mos with all her kids, she slept Sitting up!  I can't even imagine, but it seems like that's going to happen soon.  The pressure is too great to sleep on my back and obviously my tummy..but whenever I'm on my side..i feel like this 50 lb bowling bowl is weighing me down.  Going on 3 kids, and I haven't ever purchased one of those prego sleeping pillows...that's all I can think that I want right now.  And I'm thinking to myself..but i still have another 14 weeks, this can't be happening!! Every night once 6pm hits, I cry almost every night for how BAD this heartburn is, it's worst than ever!  I have GOT to remind myself to ask for a perscription!  tmi: but it's sooo bad I have hot foam coming up my throat every night :(:(  Seems like eating is not worth it, but i end up getting heart burn the worst, when I forget to eat and skip a meal!  Not to mention:  I never feel like eating anything, but Kneaders :)  This chica better have an entire head of hair for how much heartburn I have, probably down to her shoulders!  lol!  haha.  I can't walk without feeling out of breath and as if my heart is pounding out of my chest, which is SO interesting to me..b/c I worked out so much with this point I was running and being able to do all sorts of what the heck.  Goes to show how different things are with each pregnancy, I guess.  Anyways, I feel like I'm dying...poor Steve.  Please pray for him 1st, before Me!!! haha!  
Okay, i think I'm done now :) 


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Park City

Well with one of my best friends, Jamie is moving
(:()....a Park city getaway was a must!  it was our second year going.  It was MUCH needed!  & so much fun!!! 

We started the day off with getting pedi's @ Sassy's.  I wanted my toes to look like Jordynn's room :)  

 Afterwards we had our pictures taken @ Daybreak Lake




Then we had lunch @ The Eating Establishment in Park City....sooooo...soooo good!

 Afterwards we walked Main and got icecream.  I found some cute books for Jordynn and one for P & B.

 We then went to "Safe Haven" --finally saw it!! SOO good!!  

We then went and shopped @ The Outlets.  I got some clothes for Jordynn.

Then checked into our hotel at Little America and ate dinner at their worth it!! :)

Went onto bed and all came home the next morning.  I love these girls so much!