Thursday, May 22, 2014

Peyton's 5!

I have a 5 year old! What!? For his birthday we went to Jump On It... We had a great turnout. Thanks again for everyone who came! And we loved his cake! Peyton loves monster trucks and motorcycles right now :) we went to our annual Bees game & are waiting to go to the zoo once the Safari opens. (On his birthday each year we always go) 
Peyton finished his 1st yr of preschool. His teacher stated "he has improved leaps and bounds..." Peyton can read books that have 5-6 words on a page... Other things he has learned is on the picture below :) after much deliberation, we have decided to hold him back. He will be doing another year at preschool... And Bradyn gets to join him at the same school! (Learning dynamics) They will be going MWF 12-2:30. I'm excited for them:) right now we are potty training Bradyn to get him ready for August. Peyton can now sit in a booster in the car, that's cool! Haha. He got a new bike, a scooter, an Art set and lots of other toys for his birthday. He's out riding daily:) 

here are his Stats:
Weight- 38lbs 34%
Height- 45 in. 81%
BMI- 13.7  3%
He's in t ball right now & loves it! (With an exception of last game...) ha! His swimming lessons begin June 2.. It's a 2 week course, everyday... Just in time for Lake Powell the end of June! Wahoo:) 
Currently, we have been getting ready for our baby girls birthday party... It will be SO memorable & so fun! 

We are excited to spend his 6th birthday in Disneyland next year!!!! 

Thanks for stopping by :)