Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Health issues ~ 15 weeks

I really don't want to make a big deal out of any of this. I haven't really wanted to talk about it.

Some weird things have been happening to me lately. I will be just sitting on the couch and my entire left arm goes numb, upper lip goes numb, tongue goes numb, can't speak..and I begin to see Black spots...once I take Tylenol it all goes away within 15 minutes. This has happened 3 times. And has only happened ever since I've been pregnant.
(although I remember it happening during my 3rd trimester with Peyton...but only once)

So at my Doctor appointment a few weeks ago I told him about it...he seemed quite concerned. Said it could be strokes. And thinks something could be wrong with my heart. So he set me up to get an EKG- which I did a couple of weeks ago. And next week I have a Cardiologist appointment (March 2nd). I actually have always wanted to be checked out especially with Peyton's ASD (atrial septal defect) I have always wondered if something is wrong with mine or Steve's heart. So I think it's good how this has all worked out so now i can get checked myself. IF something is wrong...I will go up to SL and have a catheterization done. Which is the procedure they will go through my Femoral artery (leg) and patch up a hole. Even if I am pregnant they could do this procedure. Although, I think i would want to wait?? i dunno.

I have also been a little worried with this baby's heart too (since Peyton had a defect). So when we find out the sex on March 23..a specialist from Salt Lake is coming to do a Cardiac Ultrasound on me to examine the baby's heart in the womb to see if it's likely this baby will have a heart defect as well. What is on the side of it being ineffective is that all babies are born with holes in their hearts..peyton's just never closed in the ultrasound we will see a hole. But I think there's a better way of telling if there are any other noticeable problems as well.

And then also I have been worred with family history and genetics of certain also a Geneticist is coming down from SL to speak to me as well on March 23..
The Day of March 23rd will be a pretty big Appt- find out sex of the baby, Geneticist, Cardiac Ultrasound...and other routine 20 week things they do.

I have learned I can't do squats anymore with a heavy bar across my shoulders...never knew that, glad I do now:) And that I can't no longer do any toning or stretching exercises on my back or tummy cues in my fitness classes will need to improve so that others can do the exercises without me actually having to do it with them..

My due date has gone to August 17...which would make me 15 weeks today. And I'm still throwing up every single day in the mornings.....UGH!!

We had Peyton's follow up appt for post surgery...and he looks wonderful. He's gained quite a bit..and not one concern

We are off to Vegas- there is a Radiology convention Steve needs to go to. He will be in class for about six hrs a day...and I'll be Shopping and getting my nails done :)
Pretty much walking the strip all by myself ha ha...


Friday, February 11, 2011

13 weeks!

13 weeks means 2nd Trimester!!!
I'm so excited it's finally here...maybe the morning sickness will stop now!
Everything is Good, no complaints!
I have a doctor's appt today...I wrote down a list of questions I want to ask....
If it's a Boy..we are really torn between
(which has always been a top Fav)
or Dawson....
What do you think??

Friday, February 4, 2011

What I feel


I don't know if any of you get like this when you're pregnant.....BUT...i sure feel like it...
I think to myself- it's bound to happen...I live far away from people..
Big reason I begin to feel this way is living in St. George...and we don't really hang out with anyone...To be honest, haven't felt a Drive to...feel like I'm missing out on things up North...
Which is HUGE for me, always been the social butterfly...always always
That's why it's such a big deal...i take it harder than most, I think
I feel work keeps me pretty occupied...just some moments...when I have enough time to think about it....I begin to feel just kinda Alone. Maybe it's Just a pregnancy thing...who knows??
Sucks living far away, but at the same time love that we are a vacation home for people to travel to...and I know this is where we need to be...and have been given so many great working @ The biggest Loser resort (which is the Ultimate Dream for me...still pinch myself each time I go there) And Steve close to graduating this November with such a great Job as he'll be able to continue specializing and will support us beyond what I could have imagined...:)


i dunno...guess i got to just put things in perspective...that this is the best place for us. But still wish often times I could just say Hey, gonna hang out with so and so...or do this or this with so and so.....


Thanks goodness for FB and Blogs :)
but at the same time find it humerous most of us can't just keep in touch with good ol fashioned phone calls, ya know? I myself am guilty of that.

thoughts, please...let's me know you care :)