Sunday, April 28, 2013

To Jordynn

(Note: may be cheesy :))

Dear Jordynn, 

While I was pregnant with your two brothers I wrote them letters, this one is for you :) 
We really can't wait for you to come into our lives.  Your mommy LOVES that you have not just one...but TWO older brothers who are waiting to be by your side in life.  
To guard & protect you :)  Their names are Peyton and Bradyn. Mommy and Daddy chose your  name b/c we wanted you guys to be our P,B & J- our perfect, close yummy sandwhich haha!
I'm so happy that our family has turned out this way and that you get to have two older brothers.  
Every doctor & nurse that I have met have told me "Two boys & then a girl is the perfect situation.."  I have a feeling they are right :)  The things we wait for in life, are the best things..and after 2 crazy boys...your mommy has SURELY waited :)  
Your daddy always knew it was you to come.  When thinking of increasing our family, we prayed each night asking heavenly father to bring us our daughter.  We are so happy that that prayer was answered.  
Your mommy & daddy wanted to  make sure that you and your brothers would be close in age for many many reasons.  We hope to see those benefits come to pass as the years go by. 
 Everyday your two brothers play on top of you...haha...oh, get..ready!  lol.  They blow raspberries on Mommy's tummy and are so curious as to when you will come.  
You will see your grandma & grandpa devey very often.  You will be their 7th grandchild.  On that side of the family, you have 1 boy cousin named Carter& will have 3 girl cousins- Brittlyn, Brynlee & Sierra.  On your daddy's side is grandpa & grandma Wilson, they live in Colorado--you have the special priveledge of being the very FIRST grand daughter :)  You have a lot of live up to with that title now :) You have 2 boy cousins Kale & Krew on that side.  
Your mommy loves to have fun & do fun things.  There will always be fun activities to do, always.  Your mommy & daddy love to do many different activities. 
Mommy & Daddy have perfected your room.  Your room is/was our way of expressing so much excitement for you.  We are so happy to have had the space to have made you the perfect room. 
 Your daddy will be so soon from finishing a very...long..road of education by the time you come.  His higher level of school will grant him the ability to have so much time for us to spend as a little family. 
 We are so anxious to see what you will look like.  Your 2 brothers look VERY different from one another.  
With how much heartburn you've been giving mommy, we are expecting your hair to be to your shoulders! haha!  j/k.  but really.....Tums are Mommy's BF.  PS. please tell Daddy it's ok if we buy you a new headband every month :) haha
Your daddy can perform ultrasounds, so we are able to peek in on you at any time we'd like. 
Your mommy & daddy love to do things to help people and are very loyal to those whom we are around.  
Your mommy has (almost) made the decision to create your blessing & baptismal dress out of your Mommy's wedding dress--so it's x-tra special for you. :) 
 Soon after you're born, your first trip will be to Saint George as well as Disneyland..oh we will have so much fun.  Mommy can't wait to take you to Disneyland again when you are 5- to dress you up as a princess for a day.  :)  
We just can't wait to kiss every inch of you. At the moment, we can't seem to make up our minds on a middle name.  It will either be Brooke, Kate, or Taylor.  Maybe you should pick for us?  
 See you in 6 short weeks my love!

Your Mommy (brooke)

Saturday, April 20, 2013 steve :)

SO i think every now and's TOTALLY fine for a wife to brag a little bit about their hubby.  And let me just say this post is waaaaaaaaay...overdue :)  So many things have come to my attention and have happened in the past little while, that I am literally left saying to myself...."wow..i lucked out:)"  
I think most, if not all my friends have a statement that is said quite often about Steve and that is "what the freak!  where DID you find him?"  It's always been a statement that I smile about..but I am to the point now where I am for real, I DID luck out :)

I think one of the biggest things that I LOVE about Steve is ever since the first day of meeting him- i knew he had goals.  Not just words were coming out of his mouth, but I knew there was a drive to back it all up.  I was raised the "old-fashioned" way that if you want money in this life & want go to school.  No ifs, ands, or buts about GO to school.  For me, education was always appealing.  Not only had I had the great opportunity to do so, but after realizing what I was interested in..I went for it.  I don't have the personality to do things half way.  And I knew how much it would bless my life as well as my childrens to be a college graduate...whether I would use it or not (grateful to say that I have) but that it would bless me & would be for my good. 
 Anyways, with Steve is that it seemed he felt the same from day one.  School isn't an option.  In his mind, it is a commandment & that it was something he knew he just had to do.  There hasn't ever been a time where I have had to convince him to go, or have had to question his goals.  He just knew what he expected of himself..and just went about doing it.:) 
 Steve is at the halfway point of his ultrasound program.  And we're excited for these days to be a distant memory, and for the focus to be only work.  To have just ONE focus!  crazy!  
Another thing I love about Steve is his willingness to help as a parent.  I don't think I've ever met someone where being a dad has just been natural.  He always knows what exactly he needs to do and how to do it without me EVER having to tell him.  Being a father and a mother, i think should be equal roles...and i think Steve believes that and portrays that more than ever.  He will do WHATEVER it is to make sure that I am Always happy, no matter what it is.  Just any little thing even relating to parenting or being a just so natural for him---changing diapers, wiping up throw up, wiping runny noses, feeding, dressing them warm when it's cold outside, teaching the ABC'S, investing every minute into potty training with me, the list goes on and on and on.  I know he craves to be home with Peyton and Bradyn more than ever.  He never complains about needing to do things, or needing to be out and way from us..not once. never. ever. ever.  I'm just so grateful for him, and that I married a very self-sufficient. well-balanced man :)
 Another thing I love about him is how much he loves and adores my friends.  He really does.  He has fit himself into my friends so well.  Why? Because he knows I love them, and wants to love them to. Not once after being married do i think-crap, will i ever see my friends again?  will he be okay with me seeing them?  Wow, it's been so the opposite.  His priorty from Day 1 has been to be good friends will my friends and their hubby's. I SO lucked out with that, I see so many hubbys out in the world who would not care as much or invest so much time in relationships as Steve has done.  And he's so sincere about them too.  
 I just love him and have already seen so many dreams come true in my life during these past 4 1/2 years..just so excited to see more wonderful things to come...and never do I need to fear or feel any sort of anxiety..b/c I know Steve is there & that he knows exactly what to do.  

love you bebe :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

32 wks

So with my last post, I spoke of having a UTI and a kidney infection.  So...pretty much the meds for the infection kept making me throw up so they had me get a naseau pill to go along with it.  Well, i took the naseau pill a couple of times and then was too scared to take the infection meds again, so...i just didn't.  And i've been just fine. Steve thinks it was a poor choice, but i was just too scared of those Satan pills! 
Anyways, Steve did an ultrasound today--and at this point the baby should be over 4 & she weighs over 5.  And was told I am meauring as 33 in a half weeks rather than 32.  I'd prefer to go as long as I possibly can.  I'm not interested in being induced.  I have mixed opinons about being induced. Yes, convenient..but it's hard to not see it as selfish as well.  I did have an induction date with Bradyn, but when I went in, i just started on my own & I guess was already in labor.  So, I'm not interested in being induced UNLESS, it's obvious that she'll weigh more than 8'7.  My doc with Bradyn told me that if he had been more than that then my tailbone would have broken or I would have had a C section.  Pretty sure, in that instance, I'd prefer to be induced than have to go through either of those events.  So yeah...heartburn is horrible.  I guess I should be grateful that I'm not one of those girls that gain in the hips and legs and arms when prego...but...the downside is that, it's pretty painful to be carrying the weight without added cusion.  My hips & pelvic girdle usually always hurt, but I know it's that way especailly becasue of the over-active lifestyle I had being prego with Bradyn..i was warned...and I failed to now have very weak ligaments..but i think that's about it.

I am going to include my PT #4-

I think he's ALL DONE!  I really do!! We started Jan 1st and i think i begain feeling like it was all done like mid April.  I can't recall the last time he had an accident.  He goes in without us there when he needs to go and comes out.  He doesn't care about stickers or candy anymore at all. The only thing I guess i have slight hesitation---is that he really hasn't had enough "public restroom/friends" bathroom experience yet for me to feel like I could leave him somewhere for several hours and that he'd do it himself...or that I could take him outside the house for several hours.  So, I think to accomplish not feeling the anxiety is just with practice and experience.  Just to continue carting him everywhere in his undies and hope for the best.  


Sunday, April 14, 2013

fullest intentions

Today I couldn't help but think of Saint George.  Our lil' family's heart just aches for how much we miss that place.  For the past few months now, now that we've been in Eagle Mountain for a year...I've been thinking about our plan and what is the next step for us.  To get my thoughts in order & to clear my mind I thought to write a blog post on the topic. 
 After a lot of thought- I do believe that we have the FULLEST intentions of making it back to Saint George, to build a home, our lil' dream house...and to be there for good.  I do belive that if we made the move back, and if all fell into place- we'd be there for good.  There's just something about that place, that just made everything clicked & where I felt dreams came true.  The warm weather, the gazillion locations for outdoor play, small town feel, pools, etc. 
It is kinda weird to think that this place we are in now, has all our friends & family in one place...yes, that is true...but sometimes- i've learned that it isn't about the place where you have the best social life, it's the place that just fits...i'm not saying it's a For sure thing that we will move back, there are a lot of things that would need to workout.  But if it does, I know it'd be the right & best thing for us.  If those things didn't workout to get us there, well- then wherever we end up, we'll make that place our home, just like we've done here.  I think once we know officially where we will end up for good, is where i think we'll make most of our effort in establishing a good network of neighbors & those whithin our ward and community as "our friends"  I've felt like b/c every place we've lived, has always been temporary, that we've just relied on those friendships that we've built in the past to carry us through.  And i think it's worked great.  
So what's our plan?  Well as many of you know, Steve graduates this December as an ultrasound tech.  But before he graduates, like in September- we'd like to have a good idea if he is staying with his X-ray mobile company OR going to get a job at a hospital.  He will begin researching and speaking to his company (who also offers mobile ultrasound) IF the pay is better with his job now OR if working at nearby hospital would pay better.  Not only does the pay play a big role in this decision, but also knowing that if he were to quit this job now, it would mean another car to get.  BUT knowing that he wouldn't be ON CALL 24/7 anymore..and knowing that it would be a set shift, with set hours daily....ah!!! great.  Plus, not only would he be on call for X-ray still but also ultrasound, meaning a lot more time getting called in, but of course that means more mula. So I see advantages/disadvantages on both ends. The thing is though, we kinda already pretty much realize what the choice will be...and that is Steve's job now, he's paid as an X-ray tech would in Vegas (since the Co. is based there) & it is more...alot more...than an X-ray tech would be paid at a hospital in Utah.  So...we kinda have an idea that the higher paying choice may just be his job he has.  But I think I'd be fine with continuing on.  So really, it all just comes down to the pay.  In September, is when we'd like to make that choice, before he graduates..knowing what we'll do.  So, our plan was to stay in our condo for 3 years.  So, that upcoming next year, probably the same time again (sept) our decision will be:  Is staying in this job we have now better paying than moving to Saint George and getting a job there?  I'm pretty sure at that point Steve will begin applying & interviewing down there, so he can get a feel for what the pay would be like, and if it would be worth it to us to make the move.  At that point, we hope to have a very large down payment set aside for building a home.  So if he's given a job & it pays even the same or a little bit more as we will have already been receiving- we'd totally make the choice to go.  Especially b/c once my kids are in school, I have full intentions of going back to Biggest Loser (if this plan worked, Jordynn will have just turned 2)   So if that's the route we'd take than at our 3 year mark in our condo, we'd begin building in Saint George..may take up to 6 mos, I don't know, find renters (who i think I'm positive we could find someone who'd pay well over what we pay now monthly) and once our house is ready and if it all plays out well with timing of his job...MOVE!  And I see that move being our "this is our home for good, for a very very long time..." but if that doesn't happen, then we will still be moving at our 3 year mark, renting out our condo & building in Daybreak.  (seems to be our favorite location)

We shall see... I like that we always have a next step to take, another goal to accomplish...and at that time if Steve would like to specialize within another area and go back to school, fine by me.  The more specializing is done, the more money in our pocket :)  

So that's our plan :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hospital Visit

Well Wednesday was quite scary.... I woke up in the morning throwing up every 20 minutes.  I thought at first it was the flu that has been going around my ENTIRE family every since Easter.  So, i was throwing up every 20 min from 8 am till about 3 and then all of a sudden I started feeling really BAD cramps in my lower back and lower abdomen, the feeling of back labor with Peyton was all too just felt wrong.  Slowly my hips & butt went completley numb.  After I tried getting up and fell my back went into spasms.  We grabbed the kids and went into labor & delivery (where we were told to go) As we were there, I was monitored for 5 hours, i think?  Was told that it wasn't contractions, or pre term labor...that I had a Kindey infection, which explained the back pain & that I was dehydrated, which explained the cramps & that I had a UTI.  So they told me they preferred I stay overnight b/c Jordynn's heart rate was 187 and it was suppose to be lower than 165.  I told them how we don't have insurance, at all..and if there was a way to treat this at home, I'd much prefer that.  So they waited to look at her HR again after they gave me the meds and 3 bags of fluid.  After which her HR was down a we went home with a prescription.  Woke up this morning feeling good, have eaten- kept it all down.  But at the moment, I'm beginning to feel crampy & dizzy..and my urine is a red ish color.  So...we shall see.  But I'd really prefer to NOT have an early baby!!! I went into the hospital prepared to tell them to stop the contractions with meds.  So..hopefuly all will be well.  It just hurts to walk too much.  I was a lil' crazy and decided I was going to vaccuum, empty the dishwasher, sweep...and i think I over did it.  So...please Pray!!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My lil' girls room :)

Well, it's finally done!  
Start date: Feb 1st  End date: March 19th
color scheme: raspberry pink, light pink, sage green & white.

Can I just say how much i LOVE steve :)  He'd really do ANYTHING to make me happy.  I gave him a list of ideas and pictures of things I wanted & he told me he'd make it happen.  I find myself just sitting in the glider in the room, just glancing through GIRL books...yes, GIRL books!  haha!  I LOVE this room!  I love every single thing about it! And I hope she loves it too :)