Monday, November 26, 2012

11 weeks

Well, here we go AGAIN!  Doesn’t seem too long ago that I was prego with Bradyn..these two will be just 22 months apart! Crazy!  But I’m soo excited & it was SO planned.  Steve has been so thrilled about the possibility of having his baby girl.  Every sentence he starts with is “how is baby Jordynn…..”  HAHA!  But honestly, I have always envisioned a mom of all boys.  So I won’t be disappointed either way.  But I know it will just break his heart if it’s another boy.   If it’s a boy, his name will be Dawson.  Bradyn almost was Dawson, but obviously we didn’t pick that we feel we really need to next time. 

So crazy to think we will have had 3 kids within in 5 years of marriage!!!! Crazy!!! And by the time we will have both turned 29! 

So here’s the story of how I found out.   So we had done all of our research and preparations in figuring out how to make the possibility higher to have a girl.  Trust me, there is A LOT out there & I feel it did make some what of a difference.  But obviously we will know more later.  Ha!  So we weren’t planning on trying until the month of October.  We are going on a Cruise in Feb 2014 and I thought- ya know, the only way the Cruise will work for us is if the baby is 4 months old or older.  So in order to make that timing right we wanted to start trying in October and that we would have through January to make it work.  We knew if I didn’t get prego until after January, then there was no way we could go on the trip.  So, the ONE TIME & ONLY TIME we every did anything in the month of September…it HAPPENED!!!  THE ONE TIME & ONLY TIME in 14 months (unprotected)…it happened!  (TMI?) Suck it up, it’s my blog haha! Brooke does not have ANY issues with getting! lol.  But I know there is many out there who do have issues, something to be grateful for. :)

So in October I was feeling a little different and asked for one of my best friends, Jen to come over as I took a! I don’t know if I asked, or if she just happened to be here.  So..I took a test and it was a neg.  I gave it another week, took one again and positive!  I then proceeded to tell a handful of my closest friends as well as my parents & Parker we told by handing them a pea pod at their house.  My mom thought it was a bug and screamed..haha..she didn’t really get it. But my Dad caught on to what we were trying to say.  Steve’s family & Nana and Papa and us all went to the Sandy Aquarium and as we were walking around Steve and I yelled it at the same time. :)  So besides that…a handful of people knew at about 4 weeks- and I didn’t tell the rest of my family till 11 weeks!!!  We were sitting around the Thanksgiving table and we had put a note in the roll basket- my dad picked up the note and it read “Wilson baby coming June”  It was sooo hard for me to keep it a secret for SO long!  I have figured that I can keep other people’s secrets, but it was so hard to keep this one in for SO LONG! Lol!  A fun thing about Thanksgiving is~ my Mom and my fav. Past time is watching OPRAH.  And our favorite episode is “Favorite Things”  and since Oprah is off the air, we thought obviously she wouldn’t be having it- but she did actually on her channel.  Anyways, for Thanksgiving my mom surprised all us girls by giving us her “Favorite Things”  as presents to us..just because. :) It was fun.  Most all was kitchen items, so Steve was in heaven 


I’m so excited to be due close to the same time as one of my friends, Savannah!  It will be so fun!  This is her will be so cute to see her all prego :)  So this pregnancy so far has been SO DIFFERENT.  With Peyton I was throwing up starting week 6 till about 14 about 5 times a week.  Bradyn I was throwing up 6 days a week until week 24 (there was a 4 wk break when it had stopped) and with this one---NOT SICK AT ALL.  Just dizzy spells. I mean, if it’s gone over 2 hrs without eating I do start feeling sick-but compared to the last 2, doesn’t really seem “sick” to me.  I had felt from week 5 that I was beginning to show.  My pants stopped fitting, and was in Maternity/workout clothes…ah!  Steve thinks it’s Twins…oh gosh.. lol. 

Anyways, so my first appointment is on Dec. 10th—I decided to choose Jamie & Joyce’s doctor!!! Yay!  His name is Dr. Quinn.  I look forward to meeting him 

More to update later!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

15 months!

Our heartbreaker sweetheart has turned 15 months!!! He began walking a few weeks ago (as in always walking, hardly ever crawling anymore)  I waited till it truly counted!!! It's the cutest thing to see him walk everywhere!  love it!  He eats everything in sight! His fav foods:  tin foil dinners, french fries, apples, chef boyardee, rice...gosh, everything :)  Whatever Peyton doesn't finish, we pass on to Bradyn.  He loves playing with Peyton.  Today I found Peyton giving him raspberries on Bradyn's belly and they were just laughing with each other..soo cute!  Love the moments when I find them in Peyton's room together, and I peep in to see them sharing toys and making each other laugh.  Sooo sweet.  They have gotten to that age when they can entertain one another :)  Fav shows:  CARS, pooh bear.  We love him!  He will make a great big brother someday!

Here are his stats:

Weight: 23.5 lbs - 63%
Height- 31.5 in - 62%
Head- 18.5 in - 55%

Love you Bradyn!!!!