Thursday, October 14, 2010

Peyton's Heart Surgery

Wow! It's over! And all I can say is it went so much better than I thought it would. He acts as if he never had surgery. He's crawling and pulling himself up onto everything..just like he always had been! Boy, were my expectations wrong! He's doing great! Everything went awesome! No complaints whatsoever! Now, I'm just very anxious to get back home to our life in Saint George. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers...:) Check Face book for pictures!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So we drove up from Saint George all ready for Surgery today....and.....not gonna happen. Peyton had gotten a fever over the weekend, we had taken him into a our Pediatrician (thinking that was the right thing to do) well, he was given some antibiotics to get rid of the fever...and it completley jeopardized him having surgery......(DUMB DOCTORS- should have called our heart doctor up North to have asked) And with all this chaos made us eliminate the possibility for him having the catheterization done. So....thankfully, they resceduled us for next Monday. Which was totally fine with us cuz we were planning on being up here for that long everything is working out. For a few days though...we were in a lot of Limbo and waiting....and, we have answers!! Now, we can enjoy this week and get even more prepared than we already felt like we were. I personally, feel like I will still break down and have a very hard time saying goodbye to him and seeing him for the first time after Surgery....those will probably be my breaking points...not looking forward to that. But he needs this. All will be well.