Monday, August 31, 2015

Wilson August faves

Wilson's August Faves! 
Me: (I get two) ~ @tayakyle the book "American Wife" was a fave of mine this month. An incredible story of Chris Kyle, written from the perspective of his wife, Taya. Chris Kyle's character was played by Bradley Cooper in the amazing movie, "American Sniper." An amazing story about Patriotism & endurance through trials. Everyone needs to read this one!
~ my mom & I went to Shania and a person who had seats on the floor got some gifts at the Concert and asked if I wanted this little booklet. I quickly replied, "YES!" :) It was a memorable time with my mom and loved every minute! 
Steve: (he has two) ~ we went to Tuachan and saw "Beauty & the Beast." It was amazing! We dressed up as Beauty & the Beast one year, we obvi had to see the show 😉
~ Wackee 6. Seriously this card game is a Hoot! If you haven't played, you MUST! We ❤️ our Sunday evening card nights with @deveylicious. 
Peyton: has been doing his second round of swim lessons and can swim on his own now! He loves his swim goggles a ton.  I'm so proud of him! 
Bradyn: He celebrated his 4th Birthday this month and received Lightning McQueen Slippers from his Aunt Heather. Let's just say they came out of the bag on to his feet and haven't come off since! 
Jordynn: She had her first dance performance in the month of August ( I stiiiiil can't get over how well she did :)) so this is her first little dance leotard/tutu outfit :) One day I hope to make a shadow box devoted to that day. 
Us: (two) ~Every year in the month of August approaching a Anniversary, we compile video clips that we've taken throughout the past year and make a video. This is a copy of our 7th year video. This past year has had immense struggles and hard trials & I feel we are still in the thick of it, so it's nice to remember all the fun moments & trips we've taken with our kiddos, and this video is a great reminder of the Joy. :) ~ we really enjoyed as a family doing the Parade of Homes. Our kiddos make it easy to pick up & do lots of diff things together. I could do the houses all day! •What are your Family's Favorites in August?• (thanks for the idea @jokoelliker @chloecolette )

Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy 7 years to us!

August 19! We had a great time for our Anniversary! Steve gave me some roses.. We spent a night at the Anniversary Inn @ the Room with a View. We then took the kiddos to Saint George for the weekend as a little getaway before P began K! It was lots of fun! Saint George is such a little haven for us! We love and miss living there! 

We saw Beauty and the Beast :) 

While swimming P began diving for things in the deepest part of the pool! He's able to swim comfortably now without any floaties! Before he could, just not so much comfortably :) he's sure growing up! 

Here he comes, Kindergarten! ✏️

We decided to do this cute board. I think it turned out really well :) we also made a little treat for Mr. Matt. 

When he came home, this was waiting for him... 

We sure love him and are so blessed to be a part of an IB charter school! The commute will be a hard adjustment for the next 6 months! 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Mr. B is 4!

Our sweetheart turned 4! He is such a ray of sunshine. We love him so much. He is so funny and smart. So sensitive and at times so shy and quiet. He is a lover of many things. He loves his siblings, especially his little sister :) he sure does protect her and guards her little heart! He's really enjoying being a Sunbeam at church. He finished a full year of preschool at Learning Dynamics and this upcoming year, he's going to be staying at home with me. The following year, before K I'll put him back into a preschool.. We've already made plans to keep him behind a year before starting K. We want the two boys to not have a 4 year span of missing one another on their missions. :) 
Bradyn had one heck of a party. For the longest time he has just loved Thomas the Train. So we did a party and rented a train that came and took kids on rides :) it was so fun. We are so glad so many came! 

At his pedi appointment he had his K shots. I've never seen a kid actually smile through it. He never winced or cried, just smiled what!? Haha. 

Weight: 38.8 74 percentile 
Length: 42 inches 85 percentile 
BMI 15 43 percentile 
What's interesting is Peyton and Bradyn measured exactly the same in height at the 4 year mark but Bradyn is 5 pounds heavier ha! 

He's a big boy! 
Love you Bradyn!