Saturday, April 23, 2016

Baseball! ⚾️

Peyton is doing Bingham Baseball's competitive league! He tried out in the auditorium at BHS's gym. We love his Coach, Cody Larson. It has been so much fun so far. His first game scores have been 3-14, 10-11, 8-7. (2 losses) 
He has 2-3 games per week and 1 night of practice a week. Games are so much fun! I'm not even kidding, they are so intense and exciting. There's never a dull moment :) His last game in particular, was SO exciting. Peyton had two big outs, where he was running to the base and it was so close and the kid got out. He also had two big hits where the ball went out to the grass. I had tears I was so excited, I looked down the row at my dad and he had tears in his eyes too :) haha. 
I also happen to be Team Mom. Steve takes score, I apply black lines under the eyes of the kids, provide treats and drinks, got all their jerseys/hats embroidered. And will be organizing a season party in June. The kids see each other so often, they've become cute little buddies. :) btw, I love all the accessories that comes with baseball.. It's just so cute! Its been a Blast!