Thursday, July 29, 2010

Heart Broken

As most of you know, today was Peyton’s appointment to see the Pediatric Cardiologist….an appointment we have waited over a month for.

I’m not going to beat around the bush, so I’m just going to fight the tears and say it….

Peyton is in need of open heart surgery

My heart feels so compeltley crushed…your child in your eyes is perfect. Perfect just as God intended for them to be. And it’s so so heartbreaking to hear of an imperfection that needs attention.

Our doctor explained everything very thoroughly with us…went over the anatomy of the heart and explained how he has a VSD and that we have the option of going one of 2 ways--

Both procedures will take place in Salt Lake at Primary Childrens.

Either he has a catheter that is inserted through the femoral artery and a patch is placed on his heart. But if the cath lab does not feel comfortable on doing this on such a low weight child…as peyton…then our next option is Surgery. She stated how some go the route of the cathether placement but then find out it doesn’t work after all and is then admitted into surgery. So it’s the possiblilty of going through 2 events…or just with one event which is--surgery and getting it all over and done with.

Essentially, we get to make the choice. We feel at this time if we hear back that the Cath lab without any hesistancy feels 100% comfortable in placing the patch…we will go that route. But if they don’t feel comfortable---we will do surgery.

It is also up to us when we are available. We are to give them a date and onward that we are available for..and she will get us in. Our doctor stated that this situation isn’t urgent or emergent but is a “gosh, we need to do something about this soon.”

We have a lot of things coming up in August so we are thinking of telling them we are available August 29th and on…..although I feel i'm being selfish..

If the catheter is the route we go for…we will be in the hospital for one overnight stay. If surgery takes place—he’ll be in for 5 days.

(I will totally NEED visitors ps)

Peyton’s heart condition has answered a lot of questions—Q: why is Peyton weighing the same 18 pounds he did at his one year appt…A: Peyton’s heart has been working so hard it burns so many calories leaving his body at a low weight. They say once this procedure is complete his weight should double immediately. It sounds fun to see Peyton being chubby.

Why has Peyton been sick a lot? RSV, Rosyola, etc…

His heart condition has made it so that he can’t fight viral infections well and has been harder to have a strong immune system.

One question I would like to know the answer to—is why couldn’t this have been detected in the womb through all the ultra sounds I had while pregnant? And will this effect other children we have as well?

Please pray for him. I have been bawling non stop since 7 am this morning….

I’m not going to ask—why me? I’m too strong in the gospel to even become close to asking myself that question. Trials are given to us for growth and learning. And that no trial is given to us upon which we are not able to bear. I can do this. We will do this.

Thanks for reading


Saturday, July 24, 2010


So I taught a Hip-Hop Cardio class last Friday at Fitness Ridge...and guess who was there!!!???

from Season 7 of The Biggest Loser

I was so Star-Struck...I didn't say anything....! I need to get used to the fact that contestants from the show stop by every now and then!

Monday, July 5, 2010

NOW I can begin to freak out!

Yay!!! I'm officially hired. My position at Fitness Ridge is called: Test Administrator/fitness instructor!!! I'm so so happy! Prior to graduating i knew I wanted to be associated with a corporation bigger than just a Gym..and when I researched Fitness Ridge early on I knew it was the perfect place! Then after graduating being pregnant at the time I often wondered if I would ever do anything with my degree....I seemed like it would be awhile till I could...

My dream has come true!:)