Friday, January 13, 2012

St. George home

As many of you know- we have been living in St. George for the past two years. We had the opportunity of living in my parent's 2nd home that they purchased at the time we were moving down there. Our St. George home was filled with so many memories. My heart has been broken knowing we are saying goodbye. Coming to St. George felt so right as we sat back and watched everything perfectly fall into place This house is where Peyton learned to crawl. Where he took his first steps. A place he returned to after having heart surgery to recover. This house is where much celebration took place as I landed my dream job. This house is where baby Bradyn came home to. I'm filled with a lot of confusion in wondering- how is a place that felt so right only lasted for just 2 years? Our goal is to come back. I always imagined Peyotn and Bradyn growing up as Southern Utah boys. I pray our wish comes true. So many visitors, much laughter was shared within the walls of our home. We took pride in calling our house- "The Wilson Resort & Spa"- we even had a massage table to serve visitors :) The thing we will miss most is spending countless hours with my parents. We always looked forward to every visit. Peyton always waiting anxiously for their arrival. Relationships were made stronger in our home. We give a big thanks for all who came and stayed with us. We loved every minute of it. I loved seeing how friends made so much effort to come see us. Now we are walking away, and will forever hold these memories in our hearts forever.

My parents have decided to put the St. George house up for rent. And are so lucky that their treasured daughter (me) found renters for them :)
We are in South Jordan right now living with my parents untill our condo is built in Eagle Mtn. Our expected move in date is- Feb 18th. Steve loves his job. I gotta say- we have a very lucky lifestyle right now. Steve does about 1-2 exams per day. He's away for about 45 min per exam...and the rest of the time we chill and hang out together- and is getting paid full time hours. Talk about chill!! We've got it good, that's for sure. But we know business will pick up and he will be away more often. We are loving the time spent with friends and family. My little sister, Amber is getting married next month- so we've been busy planning her bridal shower, making her wedding video, etc. All is well. We are looking forward to this upcoming year!