Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Almost Here!!!

We are so so so excited!!! This Saturday we will be moving into our new condo in Eagle Mountain! We did our final walk through last Saturday- and things look great!! For the past couple of months all of our things have been in the garage of our St. George home..so my Dad and I (possibly Aubs:)) are heading down there Saturday to get everything and bring it to Eagle Mountain!! I can't wait to see all of our things..decor, books, kitchen stuff...I'm actually looking forward to unpacking it all! We are already planning a HUGE House Warming party! I'm thinkin- mid March. I'm just so excited to be close to good friends..and giving Peyton more opportunities to play with kids his age. I'm also very much so excited to get our routine back again..in our own surroundings. That will be real nice :)

Another VERY exciting thing that will be happening in a couple of weeks is..we are getting our very 1st car together!!!

2012 Kia Sorento (picture shown is black- we have chosen "Titanium")
we loooooooooovvvvvveee this car! We just gotta sell my 03 Dodge Neon and mid March will be cruisin in our new SUV! Steve & I both had cars we didn't owe anything on..so this will be our very 1st car together- our 1st car payment! More pictures to follow, of course :)

Following up from my last post- we decided to choose a Cruise. We are going with Carnival Western Carribean end of May through 1st week of June! I can't wait to do the excursions. We have decided on: Horsebackriding through a beach/jungle, parasailing, and zip line through Jamaica! Can't wait!!

There is a good possibility at the end of this trip of visiting Georgia. One of my dear friends who i taught and got baptized needs an escort b/c she is getting her endowment. SO if we can find a flight to take us from FL up to Atlanta before heading home- I'm hoping to go through the temple with her in Atlanta! Fingers crossed!

To recap on other news- my little sister Amber, got married last Friday! It was an awesome day! She was glowing! it will be fun to see the Mr. & Mrs. Barker begin their life together...It was fun to create their wedding video..glad it's over! phew!


Friday, February 10, 2012

6 months!!!!

Our Bradyn is a half a year old!!! wow..time has flown by!! He's doing great! Has 3 teeth..began sitting at 4 months old..laughs, smiles, and talks all the time. Is so interested in everything by grabbing on to toys all the time. Loves his big brother. Began eating solids one month ago. Loves carrots :) Can't wait for him to start crawling!
Today was his appointment. We took him to his new pediatrician- Dr. McCuen. He's great! (thanks for the reference, jamie!)

weight- 16 lbs 3 ounces ~ 25%
length- 28 inches ~ 92%
head- 17 inches ~ 47%

I know he may seem skinny..but to ME he is CHUNKY!!!! b/c peyton was sooo little as a baby. The doctor was very impressed with how long he is, that he's kept on his weight pretty well.

We just love him!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012




We have been dead set on a Cruise for May. But then my Dad suggested why not New York/Church History sites. I think that would be pretty cool. I have been on a cruise, but Steve has not. Steve has been to the NY airport..both of us haven't actually"been" there though. Neither have we seen the Church history sites. So now I'm totally 50/50. What do you think?