Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Couples Retreat

The trip that we had literally planned for, for over like 9 months came to pass!  We headed to Saint George to stay at my parents house for a Couples Trip.  The Boyds and Us got in on Thursday & that evening went to see "Meet the Mormons…"  (gotta be honest, a tad boring….zzzzzz….I LOVED the very last story though…) We also had some Red Lobster, too.  

The next day we went to see "Maze Runner"…..we still have no clue what the heck we saw! The most confusing movie ever!  haha.  It was entertaining though :)  Afterwards we ate lunch @ Jimmy Johns and headed to Snow Canyon. 

While at Snow Canyon we went caveing..Poor Katie, I didn't mean to scare you guys!  haha!  Steve and I have become so accustomed to this cave that we didn't realize how tight spaces and drop offs were that big of a deal….ooops..  Love you Boyds!  

That evening we met up with the Koellikers for dinner at The Pizza Factory…..yummmy!  By that time we hadn't heard from the Merrills or the Arthurs…and soon found out the Merrills were involved in a car accident & were at the ER in Beaver.  it was super sad :(  I didn't realize how devastating it was until after seeing a picture of what had happened.  I am just so glad that they were all alright!  We sure missed them! Later we were able to get a hold of the Arthurs to find out that they were ok. 

 We then played some games & the next morning the boys went golfing.  4 in a half hours of golfing!! like what? haha.
We then went to my most favorite yogurt place, Krave.  Afterwards we headed to Vegas.  

We at here:

And then went to see SHANIA!!! wahoo!! It was so fun to dance around and sing.  I started crying at one point during the concert seeing all of her old music videos!  i just love her!

Although this one is blurry- it's my favorite :)

But I must say… most FAVORITE picture ever from this ENTIRE weekend has got to be this one…..Like seriously……I'm so happy to have photogenic kids….this picture was definetly NOT easy to get…but so worth it….I just love these people…Oh my goodness I seriously just wanna squeeze Jordynn…her little stance and everything is just TOO CUTE.  I love Peyton's smile in this picture alot. And love how Bradyn's playing with my necklace and his little round cheeks.  And my Steve, my rock…(he had a hole in his jeans so we were trying to hide it:)) lol!  I really didn't have intentions of replacing our large picture in our living room, but after seeing how this picture turned out…i'm convinced! we gotta do it!  haha!

Just love my baby girl! I have way too many perfect pictures of her…keep em' coming :)  

It was a great weekend and we are so grateful to have such great friends in our life! 
Have a fun & Safe Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

jordynn is 16 months old!!

So let's just talk about this picture for a second….This little girl just LOVES tinkerbell.  Everytime we put it on, she just squeals and spins in circles, it's so cute.  So we thought naturally, let's have her be Tinkerbell for halloween.  When her package came, the day we'd been waiting anxiously for :)  haha…it was her and i at home and I lifted it up out of the box and no joke she put it up to her and began marching around the house and squealing, it was ADORABLE.  I then put it all on her..took her outside, told her "Ok Jorbears….we are gonna take a picture of you…." I'm NOT even kidding…she put her arms up behind her head and just gave her biggest grin and just held in this pose…like what?!?!?!  Is she my daughter or what?!  haha!! Oh my goodness, i just am so in love with her.  yes, I love my boys..but seriously….a girl is the FUNNEST experience ever…I just LOVE it.  She pretty much is the reason that made us decide that we are for SURE having more kids…I would gladly have 3 more girls.  They are just so so so precious!!!:)  (that's not really our plan, but still haha)  Anywho.. today I took her to her 15 month check up…

weight- 20 pounds 0 ounces- 32 percentile
length- 30.5 inches-- 35 percentile
head- 18 inches- 46 percentile

She tries to do everything her brothers do…if they are drawing..she wants to and she WILL.  haha.  If they are playing seriously any game, any activity any THING  she insists that she is included and strives to do exactly what they're doing.  It's so funny :) oh we just love her!!

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