Sunday, May 27, 2012


We just got back from a Carnival Western Caribbean Cruise!!! We went to:
Cozumel, Mexico
Belize City, Belize
Roatan, Honduras
Key West, Flordia

On our way there we had a layover in Minneapolis.  Then we made our way to Miami, which we stayed over night at a hotel.  We then boarded the ship the next morning. It was such a BLAST!  A friends' cruise trip is definetly in order!  We kept talking about how much fun it would be to have a big group of people there with us!  
So i seriously think I missed my lot in was to become a Cruise Director!!! Omg! it appealed to me soo much!  How fun would that be or to be a dancer on a ship!  freak!  We felt like we kept ourselves busy participating in all the activities that the ship had to offer.  If we weren't out and about we were either laying out or snoozin' away! We really enjoyed Karoke nights, and the nightly shows.  Steve even went to all the dance classes with me :)  And whenever there was a Deck party, would stand by me while I danced ha ha! It will be a transition going from pizza, hamburgers, and ice cream available 24/7 ha ha! We did start feeling sick the second night..a lot of rocking so we took some Bronnine (sp?) and that helped a lot.

 Cozumel, Mexico- this port we just shopped

Gotta see it to BE-LIZE IT!!!  This port in Belize we did ziplining....soo fun!!!

And also did Cave Tubing!  You would travel through a river in the dark through caves!!

 Next port was- Honduras.  Glad we didn't have an excursion planned...Beach Day!

 Then we were suppose to stop in Grand Cayman, but the weather was too bad so instead the Captain had it an all Sea Day and then the next Day took us to Key West.  We were pretty disappointed b/c we had an Excursion planned for waverunning out to Sting ray bay.  So when we heard we were going to Key West we decided to do Parasailing....loved it!

and snorkeling in Key West, too

 Notice how Steve is in the shallow!!! ha ha!  All our Shark movies has him scared lol.

Coming home we stopped in Atlanta and then made our way to SLC. 
I just Loved it!! So much fun! For our honeymoon we went to San Fran, which was fun..but we both agreed it wasn't the "ideal" we were so happy that we felt we kinda "re-lived" our Honeymoon.. Can't wait for the next trip!!! Thanks again to my parents for watching the kids for 8 nights!!! I feel like for us having a 3 yr old and 9 mo old baby at was a bit too long.  We were so glad to see them!! :) 


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to Peyton!!! 3 years old

Happy Birthday to our precious precious boy!!! Oh how we love him so much.  Oftentimes I view other kids' behavioral issues, personality styles, etc..and I sit and think I'm sooo happy to have a little boy like Peyton.  He is just so sweet to his little brother, Bradyn.  It's to the point now that I can let them go and play in Peyton's room together- we will glance in to see Peyton gathering some toys for Bradyn to play with and they just sit and laugh and laugh and laugh.  I feel a lot of trust that Peyton wouldn't do anything to harm Bradyn.  They are just so sweet together.  Little best friends :)  We all know by now- that I make my kids' birthdays a BIG BIG deal!!! ha ha. So here it goes....  It all started with going to the Zoo!!!

At the Zoo we had: my parents there, Drew & Alyssa, Joyce & Nic, and the Boyds :)

And then on Sunday (Mother's day, his actual Birthday) we had a party for him at my parents house.  He got his very 1st Bike!

His other presents for his birthday consisted of:  a puzzle from Aunt Joyce, a bubble bath toy from Aunt Jamie, bike/CARS race car track/clothes from Me, a trampoline from Grandma Devey, a CARS tent/puzzle from Grandma Wilson, Pants and candy from Aunt Heather, playdough from Aunt Amber, golfing toys from Aunt Krystal..and I believe that's it :)

On Monday we went to "Jump On It" with Jack and Joyce.  Following we went to a SLCC Bees Game (tradition :)) And of course, Bachelorette at Joyce's!!!

It was alot of Fun!! Thanks to everyone that made it so special for him!!

Here are His Appointment Stats!
Weight ~ 29.1 lbs 23 %
Length ~ 37.5 inches 53%

what I really really like about our Pediatrician is before you take your child in for an appointment they have you fill out beforehand a Questionnaire to see where your child is at in regards to development.  And in all areas Peyton scored really well.  He doesn't feel worried about Peyton's communication at all. So that's good to know.  Now that Peyton is 3 we can't do Kids on the Move anymore.  He did not qualify for the Pre-school with the Alpine School District, but did qualify for one on one speech.  So tomorrow is his 1st appt at Pony Express Elementary where he will have speech one a week. And he'll continue his weekly appts at Primary's in Sandy.  

For Steve & I it's off to our CRUISE!!!!  Western Carribbean here we come!!!! I can't wait!!!
Once we return, we are kicking this potty training HARD!!!  


Friday, May 11, 2012

9 Months!!

Our little dude is 9 months old!! He's crawling around, pulling himself up onto furniture and getting into EVERYTHING!  

Weight ~ 18 lbs 8 ounces        29th%
Length ~ 29.5 inches        90th%
Head ~ 17.5 inches     33%

He's a cutie and we love him!  He's looking forward to Big Brother's 3rd Birthday this Sunday!