Thursday, November 24, 2011

steve loves me :)

We decided to add on to our Willow Tree Nativity set. L.O.V.E it!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Wilson update :)

Many have been curious to know what's going on with Us lately. We are approaching a big cornerstone in our lives this week. Steve is GRADUATING!!! I am's not the end. He will be returning back to school in August to move on. the meantime we are figuring out our plans.....

Steve will be graduating with the title of- Rad Tech. (performs X-rays) Right now Steve is trying to find a job. As most of you know- for the past 2 years I have been the one to work. (which I LOVE) So now that Steve is finished with the program he will now work..and I will too (b/c i LOVE it) There is 12 graduating in Steve's class..and 4 have jobs already. The hospital is taking 2 more students in Dec. So we are obviously hoping that Steve will be one of them. Big disadvantage is- we don't have many options here..but would have many in SL. Steve has had a job offer at the Las Vegas Hospital. (don't know the exact name) So that is of course, a back up plan. It is not by any means the most appealing idea. It would only work if- Steve's has no other luck in St. George, if he works 3 days a week 12 hour shifts, the pay per hour is a lot more than here, and we buy a new fuel- efficient car. The commute is 1 1/2. So we will see about that.

There have been questions raised of- would we move back North? Well, if we did- we totally would move to Eagle Mountain :) BUT- i honestly doubt we will move back. 1- we HATE the cold. 2- I could NEVER EVER leave my Job. I try to explain this the best way possible..but there is NO Way I could ever walk away from my Dream Job. A big part of it, is b/c I worked for 5 yrs to not only get a degree and to be working in a field that is related..and a place I have always sought way will I walk away. (not to shabby income either) I feel like if I walked away and whatever place I would be working at- I would always think..I'm better than this. Plus it's different b/c where I work is a Fitness Resort (not a gym) aaannnnddd...I am continuing to work up the ladder for higher positions. So, I'm really hoping Steve finds something here!

So, once Steve finds a job (the goal is by Jan 1) we will both continue to work. The ideal situation is- Steve works graveyard shifts full I can work during the day. Would be hard...but do- able. As for now, the plan is moving out of my parents house in June and finding a house to rent nearby. Then in August Steve will return to specialize in MRI through Weber State via online. That will last 1 1/2. And then he can go on to have a job in that specific modality. With every area he specializes in, salary increases (dramatically :)) Big Perk!

NOW- there is the option of an idea that has come to our attention of- selling security for the summer :) If this occurs, Steve will find a job now..leave it in April (as well as me leave my job) and then return in August for Steve to begin school again. We shall see. The worry- is my job wouldn't accept a leave of absence like that. As some of you know- I had a pretty bad situation where- while being on maternity had my job position filled at another Resort I was working at (if you recall, I worked at 2- it's a VERY long story) So I am very very hesitant about leaving jobs like that..since that had just happened to me. But I do think it would be a blast. Even cooler that all money could go towards paying off our student loans from the past 2 years. And I'm pretty sure- I would want to be the one to sell. It's an idea we are playin' with.

So that is our update. In other news, Bradyn is now 3 months old and Peyton is 30 months. I just had a fantastic birthday! I loved it! And we have been getting ready for the Holidays. Christmas shopping is almost all done. My sister, Amber is engaged. Her and Russell and my parents are coming to us for Thanksgiving this year. Christmas this year will be in South Jordan :) We are so excited for Christmas. I want to spend every day with my friends and hanging at my parents. So excited to see the lights at Temple Square. Pretty sure- we will be decorating for Christmas early this year. Last year we had everything up before Thanksgiving (partly b/c we were leaving for SL) Might do it again this Year....:)

ps- we re-did our blog header, let me know what you think :)

And..fingers crossed- Steve finds a Job....HERE! ha ha