Friday, July 29, 2011

Preggo update- 37 1/2 wks

I found out Tuesday that I have Toxemia. Although I find it a little strange because I'm not experiencing many of the symptoms. I don't have headaches, swelling or blurred vision. Never had it with my 1st child. But i do have high blood pressure and protein in my urine. He didn't exactly tell me to go on Bed rest...just to "stay off my feet" as much as possible. I am still teaching classes (i know, i know- im a freak) I feel fine when I am at work, but once I'm done i'm in so much pain from walking I just want to bawl. I am still having MAJOR pelvic problems :( Probably because right now I weigh more than I ever have my entire life as well as the baby's weight. All i want to do is eat ICE!! I LOVE it!! I still have heartburn I end up taking a combo of Pepcid AC as well as Tums.
The doctor told me that I will be getting induced. My next appointment is on Tuesday and he told me that if my levels are still high that he will induce me that very day. If the levels are OK then to wait till I'm 39 weeks (Aug 9th) I kinda like the idea of being induced. It's so PLANNED :) So ME!! I like the idea of having my bag all packed, house nice and clean, freshly showered and ready to go with a scheduled appointment :)

If it were up to me- my vote is to have the baby Aug 9th. I want Bradyn to stay in there as long as possible, but obviously if it's detrimental to his health then of course take me whenever. Just watch- I'll actually just end up going into labor on my own before I even have the chance of being induced. Who knows what will happen. I will have more clarity on Tuesday and will give you an update. I'm excited for my parents to come and to be here with us through it all. They will be such a big help for Peyton.
I'm not nervous at all.
Just a list of Hopes :
1- my labor and deliver will go far much better than last time, no Nicu experience, be able to leave the hospital with our baby, and to have a smooth recovery.
2- Peyton's needs and wants continue to be met as well as for him to have a smooth transition to a new brother
3- That the new experience of breast feeding is completley non stress and a success


Saturday, July 23, 2011


My Little 24th of July Baby!!! Love my Steve with all my heart!!! We are truly meant to be!!! Happy 27th Birthday Steve!!!

Love, Brooke

Saturday, July 9, 2011

breastfeeding qts...

Hey! So I never breastfed Peyton and really want to this time with Bradyn. So what's the deal with -if you want to breastfeed then no binkis??
Is that true? I've heard at the hospital to tell the nurses no binkis...right? But then what about once you are home? No binkis at night? What's been your experience?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

34 weeks

34 weeks and 1 day

I feel so so so BIG!!! Went to my Doctor's appointment. Things look good. He is breeched still...
I am measuring at 36 1/2 weeks...he thinks i may go early (let's hope so) But he's not changing my due date- remains as Aug 17th
My doc calls him "a tank" ha ha....He feels he knows without a doubt this baby will be over 10 lbs.
I have gained a total of 14 lbs.
Heartburn is SEVERE!! No more tums...i'm moving on to the good stuff- Pepcid AC.
My entire groin, thighs, and hips are constantly hurts really bad to walk. He says it's b/c the baby is so big my ligaments aren't strong enough to support. I even wear a maternity belt!! The thing that's hard with a maternity belt is with how hot it is down here...with it on, i sweat so so much :(
I have to choose- do i want to be soaked all day in a furnace or not hurt when i walk??
The siatica i think is gone...
So I have 2 jobs- Biggest Loser Resort and Redmountain Spa. I've decided to stop working at Biggest Loser Resort on my due date. And Redmountain the last Saturday in July be my last day.
Am i pushing it too much?? probably a lil crazy!!
We have asked my sister in law, Trisha to be there for us to watch Pey in case I go in labor in the middle of the night...pretty much she will be at mercy to our beckon call lol.
We have absolutely everything done and completed..and now just waiting :)

Today is Steve's last day for the summer. He is off for 6 1/2 weeks..He starts his LAST SEMESTER on Aug 22nd!!! (so so so ready to be DONE DONE DONE!!!)
so that will be good to have him around all the time to help out and stuff. We are thinking of going up North next week...mainly b/c we have nothing better to do :) Doc says it's fine to travel at 35 weeks (which i will be next week) but not 36. Pushing it??

Besides baby stuff- we are in the water once a day...anything from the splash pad to the pool. Steve's Birthday is on the 24th of July. He will be 27!!! OLD!!! and will be running in the same race he ran last year. So that will be fun. Speaking of old...i'm turning 27 this year too!!! Which ps- excited for my Birthday to land on 11/11/11 this year!!!! PARTY!!!
Steve's mom is coming into town for a couple of weeks so that will be fun too.
We are finally getting past a huge car repair- in total cost us $750. I HATE spending money like that on gay cars!! ugh!!
Speaking of cars, we are actually thinking of trading in our Jeep as well as my Neon and getting a brand new really nice car....don't know what yet??? I would rather have one nice car then 2 crappy cars....
And we figured once Steve starts working at the end of his program (November) he will be working full time- graveyard shift...allowing me the opportunity to work during the day. So it's not like i need the car in the middle of the's just that he would be car less when i would go in for work. So it should work with just 1 car?? hope..

All is Well!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

He's Been There Before

"The alarm rings at 6:30; i stumble to my feet. I grab on my companion's bedding and pull on his sheet. A groan fills the room, is it already time to arise? It seems just a second ago I was able to close my eyes. The morning activities follow study, prayer and such. When it's time to leave the apartment you feel you haven't accomplished much. "We have a super day planned" my comp says with a grin. I utter a lowly faithless breath. "Ya, if anyone lets us in."

With the word of God and my faithful Schwinn, we ride off in the street. Prepared to face another day of humidity and heat. It's 9:30 in the evening. The day is almost through; my companion and I are riding home not accomplishing what we thought to do. We ride up to the mail box hoping to recieve a lot only to look inside and hear my echo reverberate "Air box" We go up to our apartment the day is now complete. The only thing to show for our work is a case of blistery feet.

It's past 10:30pm, my companion is fast asleep. Silence engulfs me all about and I begin to weep. In the midst of sadness I kneel down to pray; I need to talk to Father but I'm not sure what to say.

"O Father" I begin "what happened to us today? I thought we'd teach somebody, but everyone was away. My hands, my aching hands...worn, hurt, and beat; if our area were any smaller we'd have knocked every street."

"Why on missions are the days so much alike? The only difference about today was the flat tire on my bike. Will you send some cooler weather? The heat is killing me. I sweat so bad it gets in my eyes, it's very hard to see."

"Why do i have to wear a helmet? Isn't your protection enough...people always laugh at me and call me stupid stuff. Please send us some investigators so I can give them what they lack. I want to give them books of mormon, the weight of them hurts my back."

"And what about my family? They don't have much to say. I'm sick of not hearing from them day after day. O Father why am I here? Am I just wasting my time? Sometimes I just want to go home. I'm sorry, but that's just on my mind."
"My companion, heavenly father...what are you giving me? The way he rides his bike..i don't think he can see."
"Now you have it, I can't go on...I don't know what to do. That, my Heavenly Father, is the prayer I have for you."

My prayer is now finished. I stand up, and jumped right into bed. Sleep starts to over take me. I seem to drift away. Then it seems a vision takes me to another time and another day. I'm standing alone on a hill, the view is very nice. A man walks towards me and says, "My name is Jesus Christ."
Tears of joy well up inside, i fall down to his feet. "Arise," he states "Follow me to the shade. You and I need to speak."
My attention to my Savior total and complete. He says, "your mission is similiar to what happened to me. I understand how you feel, I know what you are going through. In fact, it would be fair to say i felt the same as you. I even know how you felt when no one was listening to you at times I felt not quite sure what else what I could do. I know you don't like to ride a bike for you, a car would be sweet. Just remember the donkey I rode wasn't equipped with 21 speeds."
"I understand you don't like sweating, in fact it's something you hate. I remember when I sweat blood from every pore. Oh, how the agony was great! I see you don't like your companion. You'd rather have someone else. I once had a companion named Judas who sold my life for wealth."
"It's hard to wear a helmet and have people make fun of you. I remember when they put thorns on my head and called me the King of the Jews. So you feel burdened down by the weight of your pack. I recall how heavy the cross was when they slammed it on my back."
"Your hands hurt from tracting and knocking on doors all day. I guess when they pounded nails into mine..they ached a simiiar way. It's hard to not hear from home when your family is not there to see. I lost communication on the cross and cried." Father, why hast thou forsaken me?"
"We have alot in common, but there is a difference between us, you see. I endured to the end and fulfilled my mission. So follow, and do like me."

He embraced me with his arms, his Light filled me with his Love. With tears in my eyes, I watched as he went back to the Father above. I stood with awe and wonder when a beep rang in my head. I listened then heard my alarm, then realized I was in bed. My companion let out a groan, "6:30 already, no way?" I sat up and said, "Come on, I'll even carry your scriptures today."

No matter what we go through, when we feel we can't take more. Just stop and think of Jesus Christ. He's Been There All Before.

i was watching the Best Two Years today and became very nostalgic. I sent this to my brother, parker :)