Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Jordynn Brooke Wilson

Well, we did it!  WE ARE HAVING A BABY GIRL!!!!  It feels sooo good to finally say those words!!!! WE ARE HAVING A BABY GIRL!!!  

I think it’s only natural after not  1, but 2 boys- to want to have that girl!!! Oh boy,  and will she be quite a spoiled lil chick!!  What makes this such a happy time is one of my best friends, Joyce is have a baby girl too!  And we have the same due date!!! Just sooo much fun! 
Can I just say how MUCH I love the idea of Jordynn having 2 older brothers!  The lady who did our gender check was like “Wow, 2 older brothers, and here comes a sister…sounds like the Perfect set up!”  Sure is :)
  We are pretty surprised it is a girl, I did think boy…but my desire to have a girl really shot up it was so fun to hear the lady say “Daddy, did his Job right!”  
And I really don’t feel like- wait, what…what am I suppose to do with a girl!  I feel like I know exactly what to do! Haha!  Her room is already designed in our minds, and in just a couple of months we get to begin her abode! Lol! 
Anyways, great Christmas news for Us!   And Heck, if you want to know how to get a girl, come to us! Haha!

Happy New Year!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

11 weeks

Well, here we go AGAIN!  Doesn’t seem too long ago that I was prego with Bradyn..these two will be just 22 months apart! Crazy!  But I’m soo excited & it was SO planned.  Steve has been so thrilled about the possibility of having his baby girl.  Every sentence he starts with is “how is baby Jordynn…..”  HAHA!  But honestly, I have always envisioned a mom of all boys.  So I won’t be disappointed either way.  But I know it will just break his heart if it’s another boy.   If it’s a boy, his name will be Dawson.  Bradyn almost was Dawson, but obviously we didn’t pick that we feel we really need to next time. 

So crazy to think we will have had 3 kids within in 5 years of marriage!!!! Crazy!!! And by the time we will have both turned 29! 

So here’s the story of how I found out.   So we had done all of our research and preparations in figuring out how to make the possibility higher to have a girl.  Trust me, there is A LOT out there & I feel it did make some what of a difference.  But obviously we will know more later.  Ha!  So we weren’t planning on trying until the month of October.  We are going on a Cruise in Feb 2014 and I thought- ya know, the only way the Cruise will work for us is if the baby is 4 months old or older.  So in order to make that timing right we wanted to start trying in October and that we would have through January to make it work.  We knew if I didn’t get prego until after January, then there was no way we could go on the trip.  So, the ONE TIME & ONLY TIME we every did anything in the month of September…it HAPPENED!!!  THE ONE TIME & ONLY TIME in 14 months (unprotected)…it happened!  (TMI?) Suck it up, it’s my blog haha! Brooke does not have ANY issues with getting! lol.  But I know there is many out there who do have issues, something to be grateful for. :)

So in October I was feeling a little different and asked for one of my best friends, Jen to come over as I took a! I don’t know if I asked, or if she just happened to be here.  So..I took a test and it was a neg.  I gave it another week, took one again and positive!  I then proceeded to tell a handful of my closest friends as well as my parents & Parker we told by handing them a pea pod at their house.  My mom thought it was a bug and screamed..haha..she didn’t really get it. But my Dad caught on to what we were trying to say.  Steve’s family & Nana and Papa and us all went to the Sandy Aquarium and as we were walking around Steve and I yelled it at the same time. :)  So besides that…a handful of people knew at about 4 weeks- and I didn’t tell the rest of my family till 11 weeks!!!  We were sitting around the Thanksgiving table and we had put a note in the roll basket- my dad picked up the note and it read “Wilson baby coming June”  It was sooo hard for me to keep it a secret for SO long!  I have figured that I can keep other people’s secrets, but it was so hard to keep this one in for SO LONG! Lol!  A fun thing about Thanksgiving is~ my Mom and my fav. Past time is watching OPRAH.  And our favorite episode is “Favorite Things”  and since Oprah is off the air, we thought obviously she wouldn’t be having it- but she did actually on her channel.  Anyways, for Thanksgiving my mom surprised all us girls by giving us her “Favorite Things”  as presents to us..just because. :) It was fun.  Most all was kitchen items, so Steve was in heaven 


I’m so excited to be due close to the same time as one of my friends, Savannah!  It will be so fun!  This is her will be so cute to see her all prego :)  So this pregnancy so far has been SO DIFFERENT.  With Peyton I was throwing up starting week 6 till about 14 about 5 times a week.  Bradyn I was throwing up 6 days a week until week 24 (there was a 4 wk break when it had stopped) and with this one---NOT SICK AT ALL.  Just dizzy spells. I mean, if it’s gone over 2 hrs without eating I do start feeling sick-but compared to the last 2, doesn’t really seem “sick” to me.  I had felt from week 5 that I was beginning to show.  My pants stopped fitting, and was in Maternity/workout clothes…ah!  Steve thinks it’s Twins…oh gosh.. lol. 

Anyways, so my first appointment is on Dec. 10th—I decided to choose Jamie & Joyce’s doctor!!! Yay!  His name is Dr. Quinn.  I look forward to meeting him 

More to update later!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

15 months!

Our heartbreaker sweetheart has turned 15 months!!! He began walking a few weeks ago (as in always walking, hardly ever crawling anymore)  I waited till it truly counted!!! It's the cutest thing to see him walk everywhere!  love it!  He eats everything in sight! His fav foods:  tin foil dinners, french fries, apples, chef boyardee, rice...gosh, everything :)  Whatever Peyton doesn't finish, we pass on to Bradyn.  He loves playing with Peyton.  Today I found Peyton giving him raspberries on Bradyn's belly and they were just laughing with each other..soo cute!  Love the moments when I find them in Peyton's room together, and I peep in to see them sharing toys and making each other laugh.  Sooo sweet.  They have gotten to that age when they can entertain one another :)  Fav shows:  CARS, pooh bear.  We love him!  He will make a great big brother someday!

Here are his stats:

Weight: 23.5 lbs - 63%
Height- 31.5 in - 62%
Head- 18.5 in - 55%

Love you Bradyn!!!! 

Sunday, October 7, 2012


I can't wait for Halloween this year!



2010 we were lame--in St. George and decided to pass out candy



annnddd this year.....

 Beauty & The Beast!  YAY!!!

Missions :)

This has been a topic that I have thought of for some quite time.  When the prophet announced during General Conference that boys can now serve at the age of 18 & girls at the age of 19, it made me SO happy!  I knew while being out on my mission that there was a need for more sister missionaries.  Obviously since I served a mission myself, I support and feel so much good for those girls that make such a courageous desire to go and serve. I feel we, as women are able and have been stated by authorities, can open the doors of so many that would have remained Shut.  I feel the choice of serving a mission as a male, is that of one that is expected..some may have even felt pressure from friends and family, that serving is what you are Supposed to do.  However, when a girl makes the choice to serve, i feel it is possibly that of a "harder" decision b/c it isn't expected from others.  Some may feel there is the cloud of "but..will my husband be there when I return?"  Honestly, if you know you are suppose to GO..then NOTHING else matters.  If it's a part of the plan, then obviously your spouse will be there for you when you return.  There should be no question that b/c you would serve, your spouse will be scooped up by somebody else.  Missionaries, either sex-really do put their life on hold.  

I feel with this new age update, there will be an influx of sister missionaries.  In which I am so thrilled about.  There are many (not all) who serve for the right reasons.  I felt oftentimes, on my mission felt the constant need of having to "prove" myself or "explain" myself as to why I was there- I hope over time, that sister missionaries won't have to feel that way.  

It has brought me a lot of sadness to hear of so many girls, married some with kids, some not..who did not serve missions have to bring up All their reasons and excuses as to why they Did not go.  It makes me feel so bad for them.  I don't quite know why dwelling on the past, or feelings of justification has to be involved in their life.  You chose to not go, and that's it.  It's Okay.  Breathe. And Move on.  Please don't feel you have to "explain" yourself and all your lists of reasons as to why you did not go, as if people are judging you.  I have asked myself- why is it that girls seem to bring up this topic and have to go on and on about all the reasons why they didn't go, and they only things I can think of is 1- Guilt b/c they knew they lost a chance of a lifetime or 2- to make themselves feel better.  Either way, it's so sad I hope for girls to accept their lives as they are now and to look to the future with a brighness of hope.  There is always the chance of serving in your 50's and 60's.  Would it be the same as serving if you were young?  of course not.  But the Work is the Work, no matter what age. 

It brings me sadness to hear of girls who express that they truly did serve a mission, when they are referring to traveling world wide to various locations as a way of schooling.  It brings feelings of hurt b/c I feel a Mission is being "discounted" for its worth.  And I would full heartedly say
Nothing Can Nor Ever will Compare to that of Serving  A Mission.  

It brings me sadness to hear of girls say that now their is a new age update that they would have for sure gone at 19 b/c 21 is just "tooo old."  My opinion to that is- if you didn't go at 21, you probably wouldn't have gone at 19.  That statement is of course, situational.  But please don't beat yourself over not serving, ladies.  Feel good about yourself and the life you have now.  

How grateful I am for serving when I did and marrying when I did.  I feel my 5 years of single life was filled to every capacity.

"The decision to serve a mission will shape the spiritual destiny of the missionary, his or her spouse and their posterity for generations to Come."  
Russel M. Nelson

How grateful I am to have two young boys who I have the privelege of looking forward to hearing of their words out in the mission field~

 "Our heavenly father is getting ready to send his priesthood army to 

this earth and wants to send them to mothers who have been properly 

trained and taught in the gospel, what greater training can a young 

woman have than that of serving a mission." -gordon b hinckley

To those ladies who may not have had the chance to marry at this point and whose work & school may not seem a priority- re think the decision to Serve.  Prior to a few weeks of making my decision to serve, My mom & I were discussing at Lake Powell

"Missions are not for everybody, but only Good would come of It, 

what do you have to Lose?" 


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

waiting to happen....

Well...i think it's time for this Mama to start thinking of the idea of becoming a Mama of 3 :)  Yes, this is our little way of saying "We're Trying!"  And we all know, that with us--it takes..well, very little time haha :)  But I'm keeping this one a Secret! Not the gender, as in...if you ask me, I'll probably lie to you and say I am not prego! (i'm just kidding)ha!  Anywho...Steve is DYING for a Girl.  IT is ALL he ever talks about..My gosh!  Jordynn this...and Jordynn that...Oh did I mention if it's a girl, her name will be Jordynn :) 

We want to do a P,B,& J theme:)  Get it...peyton, get it :) 

But I am happy to be a Mama of 3 boys.  Kind of how I always envisioned it to be.  But seriously....can we really see me WITHOUT a girl?!?! I mean...Come On.  LOL!

 I am prepared with Decorating ideas both ways, naturally;) But we do's time.  In the dark hours of the night, I frequently ask Steve- "Do you think we can do...3?!"  And i really think we can...(breathe):) We have decided we really want to end it with 3 kiddos. Because of this choice, I want to celebrate this one a lot differently than with the others.  I have some ideas :) We have wanted to time this baby for when Steve is very close to being officially done with school. 

We will have had all 3 kids by the time we BOTH turn the age of 29 AND be done having kids within our FIRST 5 YEARS of Marriage.  CRAZY!!!!!  (yes, i know Mom & Dad I see your shaking heads.....and Nic lol)

Talk about young grandparents & early retirement ;)

Anywho, Wish Us Luck!  haha j/k...Yay, for October!


Monday, September 24, 2012

My last post on my Heart

So today was my heart appointment day.  We discussed all the results from the two tests that I have done (doppler & TEE) We discussed my reaction to my Park City picture getting a headache one night after my heart felt like it was pounding.  

He told me the tests do seem to have "alarming" results but b/c I just don't experience symptoms on a day to day basis, that it's NO need whatsoever to go ahead with the surgery.  He said fixing these heart defects on adults has been around for the past 3 years, and they really only like to see them on people who have had a stroke or is experiencing day to day symptoms.  Of the two experiences that I had told him about, he says the headache seems to be from me not eating often enough and the park city pictures episode, being from a bacteria that had entered my bloodstream (to explain the fever)  Both of which he does not think was heart related.  He told me go ahead on getting prego, my track record seems to be just fine.  And to make sure i take my baby aspirin while prego. And to see him again in 6 months! so yay!
I was interested in getting a 2nd opinon from another cardiologist....but....we've been on a transitional plan with Medicaid in preparation for Steve's work health ins to offer their open enrollment, and i guess b/c our income has increased drastically Medicaid sent us a letter saying it was time to say good bye :)  So....this is perfect news from my heart appt-b/c we are Uninsured for the next 2 months!  ha! So surgery wouldn't have been an option for us anyways.  And even once we are on Steve's work ins.  pretty sure woudn't want that to happen then as well.  So...I'd prefer to not go get a 2nd opinion b/c we have no insurance till Dec.  
So i'm just going to take on the faith that Dr. Carter is right, and that there is no need for this surgery at this time. :) This chapter in my life has come to a close...


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Enlightening :)

So I have began reading again, yes me! ha ha!  I think I enjoy reading alot more when it's regarding a situation that I need help with.  Lately I have been struggling with keeping my 3 yr old from not hitting my 1 yr old.  It's gotten worse recently.  Our 1 yr old will just be silently sitting on the floor and our 3 yr old will kick him in the face, run him over, smack him..etc.  And it's been SO frustrating b/c obviously we tell him not to and get SO mad at him..but it just happens over and over again.  I can't leave them in the same room together.  And the hardest part is once you have blown up, you then regret how badly you reacted and there come GUILT.  So..I went to Joyce and explained my sorrows and she recommended a book- it's called "Positive Timeout" by Jane Nelsen.  Some big highlights for me in this book:
- A child who feels better, does better
- You should never put a child in time out that is under the "age of reason" which is 2 1/2
- A misbehaving child is a discouraged child
- We must help our children feel they are significant and empowered and then there wouldn't be a need for them to misbehave
-Children misbehave when they feel insignificant
-Punitive time outs will only solve the problem at that moment, but will not have far reaching effects.  It also can be humiliating for the child. And only increases the misbehavior later on.
-when parents take the easy way out-going for short range solutions rather than long range teaching- they rob children the opportunity to learn the skills the children need to prosper in life. 
- Positive timeouts need to be done in order for longterm goals to be met, therefore the behavior will improve
- When your child has misbehaved it is best to approach them with a hug and kiss and to place them in their "Feel Good" place.  Which should consist of soft pillows, blankets, books, music..whatever.  And describe to them "you must not be feeling good about yourself right now, so you are to stay here untill you feel better and come out when you are feeling better." When they come out you are to ask "what" and "how" qts about the situation and to end it with a hug and kiss. Some may argue that this book is saying- you are rewarding the child for misbehaving by letting them have a "positive" time out, but that is not the case. It helps them to develop life skills as well as to self- soothe. 
-Getting upset, yelling, threatening will only satisfy the issue at that moment and in turn you are humilitating the child and they are continuing to feel insignificant. Where did the idea come that in order for our children to do better, we need to make them feel worse?
-Positive timeout also helps us as adults to take time out to regroup.  When we become so upset our "reptillian" brain is working and works the idea of fight or flight.  Instead if we regroup and collect our thoughts (while our child is having positive time out) a different part of our brain helps us to think more logically.
- Lots of time we become upset at our kids- when what they are doing in our minds is "misbehaving" but really it can be a developmentally need to explore, etc.
-Instead of always telling our children what they Can't do, tell them what they Can do. 
-when children trust the adults in their lives, they have less desire to misbehave

love this quote- "Discipline that teaches children helps them learn for the future. Punishment makes children pay for the past"

I just loved it.  And completley agree with it's points.  And will put this advice to work, and hope the physical harm to 1yr old, Bradyn may come to an end :)


Monday, August 13, 2012

Guess who is 1!

Our little spunky baby is One!!! He is such a joy!  He had his check up today.  He's right on track with everything!  We can't wait for him to begin walking.  Peyton walked at 18 months, i got a feeling it will be much earlier with Bradyn.  
Here are his Stats:

WEIGHT- 20 LBS 8 ounces ~ 36 %
LENGTH-30.25 IN ~ 66 %
HEAD- 18.25 IN ~ 58 %
he's always been in the 90 % for length..seems he's dropped..


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Family Pictures

Here are our Family Pictures!!!! Gotta say, we are one HOT family!!!! :)   The Pics were worth every little bit of stress and worry :)  LOVE LOVE THEM!!!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I don't even know how to describe it.....

So Yesterday night we took Family Pictures up in Park City with Kara Simmons :)  It went very well.  We are excited to see pics.  And when I say excited- you know, i mean THRILLED! But...this story has to do with that day.  
So earlier on that day I felt a little light headed and nauseaous..felt like I was coming down with something.  Throughout the day I had felt stressed about pictures.  Wondering if the boys were going to be okay.  making sure they had a good nap..If they were going to turn know me, I have to have the PERFECT pictures lol.  And of course not only did Peyton's stitches happen the week prior and also 2 days before pics Peyton winds up with a rash on his chin.  So I was already a little frazzled.  So we begin our trek up to Park City and it begins pouring rain.  Then again, stress levels rose.  BUT right as we began pictures it totally stopped raining and the perfect looking sky popped out.  The boys were quite difficult to maintain happy...we had brought balloons as a prop for pics..they all popped but one.  So anyways, the session is over and we get in our car to leave  and got down to Salt Lake to drop off my sister and just as we did my entire body began shaking uncontrollably and my lips began chattering and I just began freezing.  I had no idea what was happening to me..but I was aware of what was going on.  Steve said I was incoherent and very out of it.  He debated taking me into some place, but did not. I just could not get warm- b/c the heat was on it caused the kids to freak out b/c they were getting sooo hot.  
So we get home and I get out of the car to get Bradyn and couldn't even lift him, that's how weak I was.  I literally crawled up the stairs (3 flights) and turned my bath tub on full hot and got in it.  Steve said it was scalding water..and i just lied in it for 2 hours.  He then covered me up with 5 blankets and fed me a gogurt.  My teeth were still chattering.  I couldn't talk or move.  He took my temp and it was 104.  
Now on to the best part- he came over to my side of the bed.  And as the oil dropped on my head, gave me a blessing and within 10 min of the  blessing he took my dropped a lot.  10 min later took it had dropped.  All of a sudden I felt my body go very warm and I began to sweat a drops of sweat were falling off my face.  I seriously felt like it was THE END that I literally was going to die...I kept thinking to myself...."was this the last time I got to see my boys..." "but I'm suppose to go up to Logan this weekend with friends...." And all of a sudden my fever broke, I literally could feel what it was like..I then fell asleep and woke up this morning as if I was ready to run a marathon  .  Perfectly 100% normal.  

Now, there have been MANY times on my mission where I witnessed true healing of sickness, but never before had something like this ever happened to me.  There was an instance on my mission when one of my legs had a bad pain that lingered forever and upon being given a blessing I stood up and never felt it again..

I honestly don't even know how to describe it...but I was healed...

What I have learned is that: Brooke gets stressed very easily these days..and I literally think my body was on overload and I just couldn't take it anymore.  On my wedding day, I felt the same sort of nausea and light headed ness...I just can't get myself SO stressed!  I have taken stress management classes in college..i wish I had notes I could look back on.  I just need to relax and not get so stressed.  Hence why the "planner" Brooke has been on vaca mode for a little bit of time.  
Only question I have is- did this attack have anything to do with my heart??


Monday, June 18, 2012

Fingers Crossed.....

So if you recall, when I was pregnant with Bradyn I had issues where my entire left arm, face, lips, mouth would go completley numb and I began seeing Black spots.  Well..this occured about every few months.  I went into a Cardiologist in St. Geo and after doing an Echo told me that I have a hole, that is more apparent when I'm "bearing" down and that a large percentage of the population does have what's called PFO's and that I needed to be checked yearly.  So as you know we moved from St. George and I set up an appt with a Cardiologist here and had my appointment last week and was told that- tomorrow, I'm going to Provo to undergo some tests to see just how big of a hole I have and how much of a "leak" is occuring etc.  My Cardiologist explained that they really don't recommend hardly anyone these days to get holes fixed unless it's effecting your everyday life.  Which, I haven't felt ANY symptoms since being pregnant.  He also told me- he's not sure whether or not my heart will be OKAY to go through another pregnancy again...I kindof gave him a blank stare.  I know I did just fine going through labor and delivery (and that's like the hardest part on your heart) so I don't really care if I have any of those weird symptoms again with another pregnancy just as long as I knew that my heart could handle another labor and delivery....SOOOO....fingers crossed everything looks Okay!!!


Monday, June 11, 2012

5 things i bet ya didn't know about Me...

Soo...After reading Jen & Brittany's blog about just looks like fun! And it's fun getting to know everyone better, especially the things "I bet ya didn't know about..."  So here it goes!

1- I am Nazi with Pictures!! I have to literally develop EVERY picture that we like.  And once I develop them, I HAVE to scrapbook them.  I keep up on scrapbooking religiously.  It is ALWAYS updated with our newest pictures. It's been known for people to look through our scrapbooks and see a picture that was just taken the night before!!! (I can't believe I'm admitting this right now!) Our scrapbooks consist of 2 years worth of pictures.  And then we make a new one.  I have every single picture from Facebook scrapbooked. Basically my step by step process is- once we take pics, i delete the ones off the camera I don't like..everything else I put on FB (to save for our digital copy- kinda scary to think if FB crashed down one day) and I then develop them from off the camera..and then delete them from off the camera once they are developed.  Pretty much, every Wal-mart store I've ever lived by (South Jordan, Logan, West Jordan, St. George, now Saratoga Springs...they know me BY name:)let's not forget GA walmarts too lol)  I probably go and develop pics once I have like 30 that I need to go and do.  So the good thing about his weird trait of mine IS...i know it's such a blessing to look through all our books and to know I have spent a lot of time and love in making these scrapbooks and it will be SO  fun for the boys to look through when they are older and to know I kept a good history of all their pics.  But the bad thing about this trait IS it drives STEVE nuts!!! It only drives him nuts when I have to re-count or catch up on scrapbooking and it can become a tad stressful.  But all in all, I enjoy doing it. I couldn't imagine life with no pictures, no books of pictures, loose pictures all over boxes and in drawers..or CD's full of images that aren't developed...nope, sorry not Me!!

2- This one goes along with Number 1- we make Yearly movies from the time we've been married.  We have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year videos.  And these videos consist of ALL our pictures from that year AS WELL as all our video clips from our video camera.  Every August (month of our Anniversary) we begin making the video from that year.  It takes...let's say... a very long time.. probably 2 weeks or so..working on it every day.  We go through all the FB pics and put them all on a flashdrive numbered in order..and then start going through the video camera choosing the clips that we want in the video.  And...Steve is particular about making the videos look..way good. Not just your normal slideshow.  But again, I know our kids will totally appreciate this when they are older :) 
If you are ever bored at our house just ask- "Let's watch your guys videos!?" or "can I see your scrapbooks?!" LOL!

3- I HATE having a credit card balance.  I get soo irritated when we have to use our credit card.  We have a credit card that has a $1,000 limit on it.  Which I love.  But I hate having to use it.  Everytime we have to use it, i immediately think of when we can get it back down to 0 again.  I am totally fine with being in debt with a house and a car (both of which- we are new to, we have recieved our 1st mortgage and 1st car payments as of 2 months ago)  Student loans seems perfectly "normal" to me...but having to make credit card payments EEERKS me soo bad!

4- So... I DON'T COOK!  Most of you probably know that ha ha!! I seriously the whole almost 4 years we have been married..I have NEVER cooked ONE meal..not one.  And Steve makes me breakfast, lunch, and dinner...i know all of you are just dying to hear this right now....and for real, it is kinda embarrassing but at the same time...i've never been interested in learning..and when Steve & I met he expressed how he just LOVES LOVES to cook and how it's his passion in life and that if we got married he wanted to do ALL the of course I smiled real big inside thinking...SAWEET!!!  ha ha ha!!! I really don't know how I survived in college or on my
So..despite the fact that I don't cook...I seem to be very critical of what Steve makes..I'm very opinionated with what I want and if it doesn't taste right, I don't like it.  You would think if I was this amazing chef - that would give me the right to be critical...NOPE!  ha ha!! poor steve!!  I do also LOVE watching cooking shows- my fav. as of late- Master Chef.  Love it!!! I'm SOOO WEIRD!!! ha ha ha!!! But something I wanted to add is even though I don't cook- I don't like when I feel my "load" is not as heavy as "normal" Mom's..or that I'm not doing "my part" as a Mother by's just one of those things that Steve does the cooking and I do the cleaning..ya know?

5- I have been known for LOVING my friends! ha ha!! I am very loyal to my friends and would do anything for them.  At an early age, i made having friends and being a friend a top priority in life.  And knew that anything and everything I did in this life I wanted a big group of best friends that could ride the journey with me.  I have this gigantic box that is devoted to my friends..journals, notes, and pictures of everything I have done with my friends.  I've made friends such a top priority in my life that oftentimes, it has made my family feel I put friends first and then family.  Which hurts me to know that this is what is thought of.  I have just always felt like there are a few of my friends that I consider like sisters to me.  And I am so grateful for that. I now feel like that with a family of my own now..i feel like friends aren't the most important thing to me anymore..they still are important but that Steve, Pey and Bradyn are the MOST important thing to me.  But I'm so happy for how I've lived my life so far with having so many friends and so many memories and having no regrets whatsoever!  And now I feel like I'm at a point where- I don't care to make tons of friends anymore.  When we moved to St. George as well as here in Eagle Mtn..I just feel like I'm totally content with the friends that are in my life and that it's not a focus of mine to make or have more best friends...does that make sense?  I'm probably sounding anti- social..i just am Ok with who is in my life now..and that I'm Ok with not putting myself out there as much as I have in the past.  

Anyways, love you all thanks for reading!!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


We just got back from a Carnival Western Caribbean Cruise!!! We went to:
Cozumel, Mexico
Belize City, Belize
Roatan, Honduras
Key West, Flordia

On our way there we had a layover in Minneapolis.  Then we made our way to Miami, which we stayed over night at a hotel.  We then boarded the ship the next morning. It was such a BLAST!  A friends' cruise trip is definetly in order!  We kept talking about how much fun it would be to have a big group of people there with us!  
So i seriously think I missed my lot in was to become a Cruise Director!!! Omg! it appealed to me soo much!  How fun would that be or to be a dancer on a ship!  freak!  We felt like we kept ourselves busy participating in all the activities that the ship had to offer.  If we weren't out and about we were either laying out or snoozin' away! We really enjoyed Karoke nights, and the nightly shows.  Steve even went to all the dance classes with me :)  And whenever there was a Deck party, would stand by me while I danced ha ha! It will be a transition going from pizza, hamburgers, and ice cream available 24/7 ha ha! We did start feeling sick the second night..a lot of rocking so we took some Bronnine (sp?) and that helped a lot.

 Cozumel, Mexico- this port we just shopped

Gotta see it to BE-LIZE IT!!!  This port in Belize we did ziplining....soo fun!!!

And also did Cave Tubing!  You would travel through a river in the dark through caves!!

 Next port was- Honduras.  Glad we didn't have an excursion planned...Beach Day!

 Then we were suppose to stop in Grand Cayman, but the weather was too bad so instead the Captain had it an all Sea Day and then the next Day took us to Key West.  We were pretty disappointed b/c we had an Excursion planned for waverunning out to Sting ray bay.  So when we heard we were going to Key West we decided to do Parasailing....loved it!

and snorkeling in Key West, too

 Notice how Steve is in the shallow!!! ha ha!  All our Shark movies has him scared lol.

Coming home we stopped in Atlanta and then made our way to SLC. 
I just Loved it!! So much fun! For our honeymoon we went to San Fran, which was fun..but we both agreed it wasn't the "ideal" we were so happy that we felt we kinda "re-lived" our Honeymoon.. Can't wait for the next trip!!! Thanks again to my parents for watching the kids for 8 nights!!! I feel like for us having a 3 yr old and 9 mo old baby at was a bit too long.  We were so glad to see them!! :) 


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to Peyton!!! 3 years old

Happy Birthday to our precious precious boy!!! Oh how we love him so much.  Oftentimes I view other kids' behavioral issues, personality styles, etc..and I sit and think I'm sooo happy to have a little boy like Peyton.  He is just so sweet to his little brother, Bradyn.  It's to the point now that I can let them go and play in Peyton's room together- we will glance in to see Peyton gathering some toys for Bradyn to play with and they just sit and laugh and laugh and laugh.  I feel a lot of trust that Peyton wouldn't do anything to harm Bradyn.  They are just so sweet together.  Little best friends :)  We all know by now- that I make my kids' birthdays a BIG BIG deal!!! ha ha. So here it goes....  It all started with going to the Zoo!!!

At the Zoo we had: my parents there, Drew & Alyssa, Joyce & Nic, and the Boyds :)

And then on Sunday (Mother's day, his actual Birthday) we had a party for him at my parents house.  He got his very 1st Bike!

His other presents for his birthday consisted of:  a puzzle from Aunt Joyce, a bubble bath toy from Aunt Jamie, bike/CARS race car track/clothes from Me, a trampoline from Grandma Devey, a CARS tent/puzzle from Grandma Wilson, Pants and candy from Aunt Heather, playdough from Aunt Amber, golfing toys from Aunt Krystal..and I believe that's it :)

On Monday we went to "Jump On It" with Jack and Joyce.  Following we went to a SLCC Bees Game (tradition :)) And of course, Bachelorette at Joyce's!!!

It was alot of Fun!! Thanks to everyone that made it so special for him!!

Here are His Appointment Stats!
Weight ~ 29.1 lbs 23 %
Length ~ 37.5 inches 53%

what I really really like about our Pediatrician is before you take your child in for an appointment they have you fill out beforehand a Questionnaire to see where your child is at in regards to development.  And in all areas Peyton scored really well.  He doesn't feel worried about Peyton's communication at all. So that's good to know.  Now that Peyton is 3 we can't do Kids on the Move anymore.  He did not qualify for the Pre-school with the Alpine School District, but did qualify for one on one speech.  So tomorrow is his 1st appt at Pony Express Elementary where he will have speech one a week. And he'll continue his weekly appts at Primary's in Sandy.  

For Steve & I it's off to our CRUISE!!!!  Western Carribbean here we come!!!! I can't wait!!!
Once we return, we are kicking this potty training HARD!!!