Friday, January 21, 2011

10 Weeks

So I want to go about this Pregnancy differently than last. What I mean by that is--with Peyton I was so sad I was pregnant, bawled everyday till I was about 3 mos along (since he was a honeymoon baby) I never took any pictures of me pregnant...never wrote a journal about anything Cool. And my friend, Erin inspired me--through out her pregnancy she not only Blogged like crazy..maybe like once or twice a month and also provided a lot of pregnancy pictures....So..i want to do just that...BUT i'm not totally convinced on the pregnancy pictures part. I just think I look like a huge godzilla ready to attack people (even though I didn't get that big with Peyton- a whole whopping 21 lbs.) But the idea of taking a lot of pictures does sound like fun. I already feel this pregnancy is different since we Planned for it...And also the fact I experienced a Miscarriage..more reason to cherish and hold it more as value.
In the mail I just received our 2009 blog book and 2010 blog book. And I love them! Love the concept of it all...and thought this is totally like Journaling..and when you go through with it and buy the books you have to keep Forever. So I think that gives me even more motivation to treat this Pregnancy better. Here it Goes-

Today I turned 10 weeks. No morning Sickness....the Girls are still way sore still ha ha.. Steve likes to hear me complain about them....guys are so weird...sorry little TMI
Hmmm.... went to my first appt and saw/heard the heart beat. Everything looks good! There is always the thoughts of miscarriage in my mind...Everytime i go to the bathroom i look in to see if it's red... Can't live in fear though, right? Steve & I picked out our rooms.
So did i do??

I'll try to be more thorough later on the I guess I'll do another update in a month? Yeah, I'll go with that.
Give me any feedback on what information you think would be valuable to include that I'll want in the future to look back on.


Baby Taylor's Room

New baby will get Peyton's room and this will be Peyton's new room

Monday, January 17, 2011

Called to Serve

My Brother, Parker in New Zealand

Parker's Favorite Nephew..Peyton

Steve in Canada

Me in Georgia

LOVE the Blessings of serving a mission. I remember coming home from my mission and wondering about all the differences I would feel in my life from's moments like these where I take a moment to really reflect and the blessings are so apparent and real. My life is completley different from serving a mission. It has made me who I am today...I'm so happy for all the different levels Steve & I are able to relate to one another...grateful for all the late night talks I get to have with my husband of so many special spiritual moments on the mission and to connect on such a different level. Grateful for both parents who served. I hope for all my children to Serve. And love to hear from Parker often...

Yay for Missionary Work!

Friday, January 14, 2011


So my 1st apoointment wasn't till Tuesday....but this morning I was kinda wiggin out because I realized I have zero morning sickness..and I felt like something must be wrong since I just didn't feel sick at all being the anal person I am, I called in and they had me come in today. And things look Great! The baby was moving around and got to see/hear the heart beat. I am exactly 9 weeks along and due on our Anniversary ~
August 19, 2011.
Guess you don't need to be Sick to be prego ha ha.. We're excited!