Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Zealand!



I am so so jealous!! I love the movie Lord of the Rings...well I grew to love it!! And this is where they filmed it!! I'll tell you what I so want to save so Steve & I can go see him!! So So excited! At times I'm like how do they really decide where missionaries go...I mean really? Obviously they follow the Spirit, but seriously....I went to Georgia of all places! Which I loved...I'll be honest wasn't too excited initially...because I wanted to badly to go foreign I wrote ALL over my papers how I wanted to go foreign, learn several languages, go to the hardest mission ever, and endure the harsh-est conditions on some remote island....I know many of you may think- What Brooke on a remote island? She's too girly girl...but for real though I wanted that so so Bad. Don't get me wrong, like I said loved Georgia.. But I'm so so Jealous of Parker!! Every missionary's dream is to go there!! I just remember the church quote that says:

"you're chosen to serve where your personality, abilities, dreams, and goals are perfectly woven and matched with the people that inhabit that land."

Congrats Parker!!! I'm so so excited to scrapbook every single picture of your mission!!!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Peyton is Uno!!

A year ago this sweet little boy came into our lives....

And now he is ONE! Peyton had the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! This is what we did:



Kind of weird-ed out by the mascot lol

At Peyton's party he had 6 boys come and 1 girl!

The Most Amazing Cutest Birthday cake I have ever seen in my LIFE!!

We kinda went all out and Peyton had 3 cakes at his party. One for everyone, (which is in the back) a smash cake, and the amazing cute cake (which I couldn't bear to eat it was too cute)

Needless to say...he did have few bites but most of it he just kept smashing....


Our friend Daniel Olsen took Peyton's 1 year pictures!

It was an amazing weeknd full of so many fun things! He even got a swimming pool for his birthday along with toys & clothes:)



Peyton is into everything now! He is crawling everywhere and has 6 teeth! Not walking yet...He is still in the 3rd percentile for his weight. But once again the doctors don't seemed worried at all. One very exciting thing is now that he is a more bottles! He goes on to whole milk:) And he loves it! A kind of sad his doctor's appointment the pediatrician was checking his heart beat and told me it sounded very strange and told me to go downstairs in the hospital to get an x-ray the pediatrician rushed to give him 4 shots and to hurry him downstairs. I did and turns out we will be taking Peyton in to do an echo-cardiogram~which is an ultrasound of his heart. He didn't seem to worried. At his 9 month appointment the doctor had noticed he had a heart murmer. So hopefully, it's nothing serious at all. I'll keep ya'll updated. And remember if you're heading South come visit! Oh and PS we are going to start trying again....Soon!!! ha ha

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Love, Me

So Many Fun times are ahead....Mothers Day is on Sunday!!! It feels so cool to actually feel like Hey, this day is for ME!! Cuz I am a mom! Gives a good reason for Steve to shower me with gifts and It makes me feel so grateful to be a mom and for my cute little Peyton. Speaking of Peyton....he's turning ONE next Thursday!!! What the Heck!? Time has flown by so so fast! I am so EXCITED for his Birthday Party next Friday too....let's be honest I love planning anything!!

And am so excited for my friend Jamie to have her baby soon:) And so so excited to be going home next weekend for all this Fun to occur!! Steve just finished his first semester with straight A's in every class!! Goes to show you everything he's been learning has become so natural for him to grasp. He's off for a few weeks and starts back on May 24th. I'm so grateful to have a husband who values furthering his education and is pursuing a career in health care which is such a worthwhile, secure work place. Love you Steve! And am so dang grateful for my friends! And feel so spoiled to be living in this house! And Happy Mothers Day to all of you! Even with some of you who have your lil baby in the oven!! This day will take on a whole new meaning!

Ps. Go Suns!