Saturday, June 15, 2013

my sweet baby girl :)

While I have 5 seconds to actually sit down & to not be holding Jordynn...i thought I might as well write her birth story. 
 I don't keep a journal, but this blog has been one for me.  :)  

As my induction date for June 10th was approaching, I began having cold feet wondering if it was the right decision not.  I just really wanted her to come when she was ready. I spoke to my Doc on the phone and he reassured me that b/c of Bradyn being a tight fit last time, that jordynn's weight was a factor in taking her at 39 wks and 3 days...just to be sure there wouldn't be any complications.  So i felt better about it and felt on board going into it.

We got a call at 5:30am on Aug 10th asking for us to come in at 6am!  As you know living in Eagle Mtn, i thought how would that be possible to get all the way to the Riverton hospital in that time.  I had called back to say we could do 6:30.  And were told if I didn't make it there by 6, my induction would be cancelled! So we freakin' scrambled like crazy, i pretty much think i set myself into labor!  We were driving down Redwood at like 80 and honking at cars to get out of the way!! it was pretty intense. 
 Surprisingly, when we got to the hospital- realized that it wasn't that busy and we could have totally been late if we had wanted to!  No clue who that was I spoke to on the phone!!
 Once I got all set up, it was about 7 am.  The nurse told me that I was having lots of contractions 2 min apart & asked if I could sense them...&  i could not at the time.  So I could say...maybe I would have wounded up at the hospital later that day to have the baby on my own?  who knows! So after a bit, i then asked for the epideral..amongst all the other AWFUL things...:)  And was ready to go. 
 My mom and mother in law, Laurie came on in the room and I began pushing.  We had explained to the nurse that when i get to be about a 6...that i go really in like 5 min the baby would come..and she thought we had more time...Well, I had also brought up how i usually throw up while pushing..and began feeling naseautaed (she had forgotten to start the Zofran drip) & I threw up once, and I heard gasps..and was told the head was out.  I tried to hold in throwing up again especailly b/c my Doctor wasn't even there yet!  it was just one nurse...and i couldn't i threw up a second time and Jordynn literally popped out and was on the bed!!! I recall being a little nervous at the time and then a flood of people came on in and my doctor came in with hands on his hips and said "well, she beat me!"  
Everything was perfectly fine.  She latched right on and held onto my finger to begin nursing.  My dad & Parker showed up like 10 min later. haha.  And everything was perfectly fine, epideral wore off when it was suppose to, no issues from past deliveries..nada!  it was perfect :)  I enjoyed my time in the hospital being catered to...:) 
 Had lots & lots of visitors and was ready to go on home Wed, June 12th. 

 The hardest day for us- was Thurs the 13th.  Just adjusting with the 3 kids...and the pain of being engorged waiting for my milk to come in.  My pump unexpectedly breaking :(:(:(  Thankfully, they say- the more kids you have, the faster your milk will come in...and that next day, (yesterday) it did...i am SOOO relieved & feel a THOUSAND times better!!! She's an excellent nurser.  There are always the ups and down to it all, but i've realized from experience that I would MUCH rather nurse than have to pump.  So my goal, is to nurse her for a good solid 6 months..and the only time I'd like to pump would be for 1 of 3 reasons 1- we're leaving her with someone 2- I'm leaving the house without her 3- to get the edge off...if i need that relief and either she has just eaten or is too sleepy to wake up.  
I am a little nervouse when Steve starts work on Monday---which is either super chill and relaxed anyways b/c it is just a matter of him getting a page, and him leaving the house OR go a full day without pages at all OR lots of pages and him being gone alot. So we shall see what happens.  
Right now Jordynn seems to be a big time snacker-  I'm trying to pin point with nursing her for a full 20 min..why it is she wants to eat again just an hr or so later.  I see those being the times that will be hard to tend to 2 other kids, maybe it's just like that right now...?  She's just hungry as a newborn and after some time, will go longer increments of time without wanting to eat again.  I'd like there to be a 2-3 hr break in between.  So we'll have to see how that goes.
 But the boys are so chill as it is anyways, & with Peyton being able to go to the bathroom on his own now anyhow...i think it'll be okay.  Steve can always wait on his pages till later on in the day when they are taking naps to leave the house as that would be ideal too. 
 Anyways, all is well.  The boys are out at Country Fest (SO JO days) today and i've just been chilling with baby Jordynn.  She has already brought such a sweet spirit in to our house.  I feel like she's just so delicate, i don't know if i feel that way b/c she's a girl..haha..i dunno.  It's just so sweet...and I am so floored by her beauty :)  She's by far the most gorgeous baby girl i have ever seen :)   
i just love her to pieces & love how much her big brothers love her too & how much they want to hold & to be around her :)  
A big thank you for Laurie & Bill for taking the boys for us!

Thanks for reading :)

 June 10th @ 11:41 am 19 inches long 7 lbs 15 oz

Saturday, June 1, 2013

probably the last prego update.......:)

I'm at 38 weeks!!!
 Lots of family members have been placing bets that tomorrow- Sunday, the 2nd would be the Day!  We shall see!  I'm just thrilled I made it to June!  I've been having contractions on and off for over a week now- and thought for sure it could have happened in May.  But I'm glad it didn't!  I was hoping for a June baby, everything seems to work out better that way!  I also love that in our lil family we have birthdays in May, June, July & Aug- all summer months!  and then there's me in the fall haha

I have an induction date for Monday, the 10th.  At the moment, I'm not that positive that I'll be able to hold out that long.  After having 2 babies that came on their own at exactly 39 weeks on the dot as well as for my doc to have told me last Tuesday, that he thinks he'll be seeing me in before the next appointment....I'm not that convinced that I'll hold out that long.  BUT....then I have moments when I'm like..."well...maybe?"  
I do really like the idea of it all being so planned.  I remember waking up with Bradyn the morning of his induction date & just loving everything being so set in stone, everything so relaxed & prepared..and then going in and realizing I was already in labor haha!  that was convienent! Steve's parents are gonna be in town this upcoming Fri, the 7th- I would like it if they could get here in time.  :)
 I'm just looking forward to this being one big party & a celebration that we got our Girl!:)  I'm looking forward that we are now in a location where so many friends & family can celebrate with us :)  Everything has been packed for a few days now.   As far as the transitioning factor going from 2 to 3...I'm actually not that worried about it at all.  I feel like it'll be very do-able.  Mostly b/c Steve's schedule allows for him to be at home a lot.  But then again, there are times where he is gone for 8 plus hrs a day, but I think it'll be fine. Peyton has begun taking 2-3 naps daily..which will be a big help for me.  And Steve has ALWAYS been one to help with rotations feeding the baby at night.  So I think we'll be fine.  Ever leaving the house, sure seems like a task that will take awhile to get use to...geez.  I can't imagine doing it on my own with 3 kids & 3 flights of stairs.  So....if you don't see me for a loooong time, you'll know why ha.  Anywho, yay for a june baby!  It's all on her timing now (pretty much has always been :)) lol