Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cutest watches ever

Love these watches! You can mix and match with the faces and different bracelet colors to coordinate with your outfit! These watches are my newest fashion statement since I have moved. If you want to save the trouble of making them your own, let me know if you are interested in where to get them!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Interior Design Project ~ St. George Home

So as most of you know we live in St. George now. As Steve was going forth with the Radiology program my parents were searching for a second home in St. George as a vacation/retirement home. When Steve got accepted they asked us to if we wanted to live there. Of Course we said, Yes! My parents provided the bed for the master bedroom and then we took care of the rest. We mostly had everything anyways. We are in love with interior decorating...even more Steve than myself. He pays attention to every detail making sure each room goes together. Hope you enjoy!!

Front door

Come on In!
Master Bath
Master Bath (2)
Master Closet
Master Bath (3)

Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom (2)
Master Bedroom (3) (accent pillow currently with my mom)
"Friends & Family Gather Here" vinyl lettering. Hallway to another bathroom, laundry room, and garage.
Kitchen "Bon Appetit" lettering
Dining Area "Fondest Memories are Made when Gathered Around The Table" vinyl lettering
Love Peyton's Eddie Bauer high chair-thanks grandma wilson!
Kitchen (2)
Kitchen (3)
Living Room

Living Room (2)
Outside porch
Backyard (2)
Hallway from the Front door entrance (still seeking for a mirror)
Hallway leading to back bedrooms
Alcove (Still thinking about a table of some sort)
Ok love this..."And this is my Joy" vinyl lettering. This saying comes from Alma chapter 29 vs was on my mission plaque and when I found this I just had to have it! So we put it with The Living Christ, First Presidency, and The Proclamation to the World
Entrance into Peyton's Room
Name Plaque
Bedroom (2)
Spare Bedroom- So with this room we decided on red, black, and white for the colors. We want people to have a feel they are somewhere foreign so the pictures in this room are that of Golden Gate Bridge, Taj Mahal, overlooking Rio DeJanerio, and Egyptian pyramids
Spare (2)
Love this Comforter...I call it my wedding dress comforter. When I found it I just had to have it!! It's pleated with what looks like jewels from afar...are buttons

Spare (3)
Great Wall of China and the Eiffel Tower

Spare (4)
Instead of a headboard we used various sizes of mirrors to make the wall appear larger. Their is also a black nightstand to the left of the bed.

Oh ps...Peyton is sitting now:) Happened on Dec 30th
Peyton's Room ~Jungle Theme

Love the willow trees in his room

Love you Peyton! He turned 8 months old today!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Moving down the state

We have now lived in Logan, West Jordan, and now St. George...Arizona, next?

Monday, January 4, 2010


For my birthday Steve got me all ten seasons of Friends...well we have finished them all in 6 weeks! How sad...but oh well. Love that show!!! When watching the show it makes me think of how great my own friends are in my life. A huge blessing we have recieved is when we moved out from our apartment. Jen & Ben, Daniel & Ashley and Erin & Paul were such a huge huge help!! Thanks to them!! Erin & Ashley even cleaned our entire place. I love it when friends take on service opportunities, it really shows they care:) Thanks guys! You are the best!! Aubree Healey even drove down with me to help us move in...she dealt with my narotic "let's get this all done Now!" her!!! Her and I even experienced the 24- hour flu together :( For all those reading this...although we have moved away to St. George..don't forget us!! We love you all! I have a strong feeling this move will be permanent for quite some time...Please visit!!