Wednesday, January 29, 2014

pure joy

As I found myself sitting in a sealing room watching a special ordinance being performed for someone I had met on my mission.  My happiness was so far and beyond, that I realized it was a feeling of pure joy.  As days have passed, I have been able to recount these moments of pure joy in my life.  These moments for me have been shaking hands with the Dean of a University as my diploma was being handed to me, receiving my mission call, kneeling down in a small home in prayer and listening to the words of someone asking God if the church was true, witnessing the look on someone’s face as they are brought up out of the waters of baptism, being told “thank you for coming into my life”, walking towards my hubby for the very first time and finding ourselves embracing, being sealed for forever & being so happy that we had the room packed from wall to wall with everyone we knew and loved, being told by my parents how Proud they are, holding my first baby in my arms, a surgeon coming towards me to inform me that it was all Okay, a “thank you” for being a best friend, receiving the call that a dream job was being offered to me, the moment in a ultrasound room and realizing that it was indeed a girl, my oldest singing his ABC’S, my two boys loving each other, discovering a message written to a friend 9 ½ years ago, a daughter gazing into my eyes and smiling ear to ear.....these moments…moments in life where the whole world stops just for a few seconds…where your heart just wants to burst in light and love.  Tears that may flow uncontrollably.  I’m not just talking about moments of happiness, we all have so many of those…but these moments of pure joy.  A joy that fills your entire soul.  A pure joy for me, that seems to be rare in occasion but comes at the perfect moment.  I can describe as being taken out of the world & finding such a clean perspective. I think these moments of pure joy are very individualistic. As I think of all these moments, not only am I SO grateful to have had these moments of pure joy. But also realizing how LUCKY & blessed I truly am too. 
I am so eager to experience more of these moments of pure joy.  A picture that describes a moment of pure joy as of late would be this one... 

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