Thursday, May 16, 2013

Peyton is 4!

Our little Peyton isn't too little anymore!  He's FOUR!  
We celebrated his birthday at Chuck E Cheese.  On the day of his birthday we went to the Zoo.  And in a few days we are going to the SLCC Bees game.  We love our little birthday traditions.  
How can you not make a birthday fun & exciting?!  

At his doctor's office they have you fill out a questionnaire & in areas of communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving, and personal-Social--the most you can score is a 60.  And he scores between 50-55 in each of them. 
 His doctor can't believe how TALL he is.  He says he's his tallest 4 year old patient & his programmed to be very tall :)  
Peyton continues to go to Pony Express Elementary once a week for 20 min for speech.  They are in the process of testing him to see if he qualifies to continue going there.  If his test scores are high enough, then he tests out of the school district and can start going to a Toddler talking time preschool once a week.  Along with Learning Dynamics, which begins in August that he'll be going to 2 days a week.  But if his test scores are not high enough, then the school district would like to keep him for another full year.  His doc thinks it would be awesome if he does not test out and stays with the school district.  I'm fine with whatever.  His therapists at the school think his issue is not language, it's articulation.  When he's wanting to form a phrase that is 3 plus words, it becomes jumbled & confusing.  His doctor thinks boys get so excited that their mouths are not catching up with their brain..and that oftentimes it can happen and that it's something he'll have to slow down and articulate what his brain is wanting to say.  So.....I feel pretty good about things :)  He did have his kindergarten shots today.  I had a choice to wait untill he's 5, but his doc thinks in pre-school he'll be exposed to all the same things so we went ahead and did it today.  He's recuperating on the couch, poor guy!  
In my last blog post, i had mentioned how he's done with potty training.  Still going that way.  When he's home he just goes in himself about 90 percent of the time.  Occasionally if its been too long, I need to remind him to go in or to just take him in.  He's been pretty good about being out in public in just underwear.  I think he needs a little more practice in realizing that bathrooms are everywhere and to communicate to me when he needs to go, so I can take him to one rather than thinking he's just suppose to hold it untill we are actually home.  I still have a little anxiety when we are outside the house, if an errand is taking longer than a few hours. But within time, it'll get better :)  
Turns out Soccer out here is cancelled for the summer, bummer.  :(  But he does start swimming with his uncle parker in just a couple of weeks.  Waiting for our pool to open.  We want him to be swimming independently without floaties by September :)  
In other news, I am 36 weeks TOMORROW!!! yay!! I am on to weekly appts, and she has dropped.  My doc felt her head :)  He thinks she won't be anymore than 7.5-8 lbs and thinks it's possible I'll go full term.  I'm just planning on going on my own at 39.  B/c that's how it's worked out twice now.  If i go over 39- I'll think about setting an induction date depending on how I feel.  Next week, i hope to get an ultrasound by Steve so we can get a weight on her and see where she is at.  (again, really not wanting a C-section or my tail bone to break, so we are wanting to make sure she's not going over 8.5 lbs) I'm feeling good.  It hurts very badly to walk hips and ligaments in my pubic bone are KILLING me.  Kids haven't been too much of trouble for me.  I haven't felt I am to the point where my hands are in the air and I'm saying "I'm done!"  yet.  So we'll see how it all goes.  When Steve is gone all day long, as long as I'm getting at least a 20-40 min nap in, then I'm fine.  If I have not that day, I'm an emotional wreck when he comes through the door.  Even if Pey hasn't napped, I manage to take a nap while he's playing pbskids on the computer.  
Just so crazy to think in 3 weeks we could have another baby!!! I'd like to have more time to my thoughts so i can mentally prepare more.  Spend some time in her room daydreaming, packing my bag, making a list of instructions for my boys to give to my in-laws, etc.  Just doesn't feel quite real yet.  We're ready.   But I'd like to think more about it.  haha.  The plan is is that my in-laws (hopefully we will time it right) will be here to take care of the kids while I am in the hospital.  Once I am out of the hospital, Steve will continue to have a full week of work & his clinical hrs off.  Once that week is over and he has to be back, then my mom will take the boys prob 2-3 days a week(broken up) and watch them untill she leaves for Lake Powell & Alaska.  When she comes home, she may be taking the boys a couple of days a week still ...depends on how I feel.  

Anyways, I think that's all for now.  Thanks for reading :)

WEIGHT: 33.07 LBS--- 24.7 PERCENT
BMI: 13