Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bradyn is 3!

My little guy is now 3!! He has been a breeze for us.  He is so easy going, potty trained himself basically a few months ago, great eater, plays SO well with others, loves Church, loves to swim, loves to play outdoors..Just a FUN kiddo!  His favorite show right now is "The Lego Movie" but I honestly think his heart is Always set on any show with Lightning McQueen :)  He begins preschool 3 days a week starting next week!  So excited for him :)  He has become quite particular on his clothes, him doing things solely on his own, his method of putting on shoes, etc.  So that's been different for us to have to be patient about.  ha!  He loves to draw and paint.  He loves to look through books and label everything.  I think his MOST fun activity is boating.  He is Always looking out our window talking about Grandpa and his red boat and how he's coming to pick him up...so so cute.  He loves attention, he loves when people compliment him...(especially from his auntie krystal:))  He's always so mindful of others' feelings.  He's the first whenever J is fussing that he finds where her bottle or her dolly is to hand it to her.  So cute!  Oh we just love our Bradyn.  So...at his appointment today...my favorite quote was "Get ready for a tall, husky football player...:)"  haha.  

Weight- 34 lbs 72 percent (gained NINE lbs in a year)
Length- 39 inches- 85 percent (grew 5 inches in a year)
BMI 16

For his birthday party we met at our clubhouse and had dinner and swam with friends and family.  It was so much fun!! i'll post pics later- but here's one of his cake!

Friday, August 8, 2014

steve's birthday..& updates :)

Well the day has come.....we are hitting our 30's folks!  what?!  Seems so crazy & unreal to me!  BUT...at the same time, it's exciting.  I feel like we are really turning a page in our Adventure book and the "big" adult stuff seems to be coming our way!  {i'll explain in a sec...}  

For Steve's Birthday..we went swimming that day & we went out on a date night (thanks B & K!)  I wasn't feeling great enough to stay up for fireworks that night, so we just tried pretending to the kids like it wasn't going to happen that night, and thankfully they were asleep before they all started.  Where we live, we have an AWESOME view of so many locations of fireworks that go off...

Then the next day we went Boating.  We always have a BLAST boating with B and K.  It's SO fun to see the kids get so excited.  Peyton and Bradyn really adore their sweet little cousins.  It's so fun to see them get together & watch Peyton and Brittlyn get married..haha!  {just ask me for a story :)}

  Then that weekend we met up with lots of friends & family for Steve's Big Birthday Dinner at Goodwood BBQ.  It was a really great place to have this dinner at.  It was a lot of fun!  {THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYONE WHO CAME:)}  we seriously do have the greatest people in our life :) 

 Steve's really been enjoying his softball team that he's been a part of.  They are undeafted so far, so that's awesome.  It's fun to watch each Saturday, as well as fun for the kids to watch, too!  

One of my bf's Jamie, came into town this past week- it was so fun to see her!  One of the nights we took Joyce out for her birthday and did the parade of homes and watched some Bachelor in Paradise :)  {totally awesome show, guys:)}

  Can I just say how much I LOVE the parade of homes this year!  Oh my gosh...it's so much fun.  Literally one of my most favorite things to do!  It's especially even more fun this year to go.....because......{most of you already know....} we are getting ready to BUILD!  wahoo!! We've decided to build with Candelight Homes in Bluffdale {Independence at the point} We begain with finding one floor plan that we REALLY loved...like tears, you guys...really.....loved....& then I couldn't help but wonder if there were anyother floor plans with Candlelight that was what we were looking for...and we found another plan called the Aspen {Candlelight just came out with a "new" Aspen, so the one on the internet is old}  And umm..yeah....L.O.V.E.D. it!  Again, tears..haha!  We've been out to it plenty of times with friends  & my mom and just love it.  I try to find any excuse to go see it again ha!  We are aiming to begin building in December.  We are watiing for Steve to pass his next exam in December and then to start building & are wanting to move in June 1.  wahoo!  I see this home as being a place where my kids grow up, and I can see them coming home from football practices, and doing their homework, and having countless friends come in & out of the door, and a place where we send them off on their missions...sigh...i just love this floor plan.  It's Exactly what we've been looking for :)  Lucky for us, we bought this place at a great time, so we hope it sells well.  :)  Here's kinda a "sketch..."  of it.  

Peyton & Bradyn begin school soon!  It's so cute that they will be going to the same pre-school together.  {Learning Dynamics} We decided to hold Peyton back, and for him to start K next year, although we do have the option next year to put him into 1st grade.  We will just have to see.  I just have really felt comfortable with him staying at this pre-school for another full year :)  So they will both be going MWF @ noon-2:15.  Peyton's reading has really come along so well this summer.  We tried sticking to a schedule with both boys of doing different academic activities each day, and I think we've done well. I think Bradyn will just LOVE going to school.  He loves when anyone is giving him attention, I can't wait :)  
We've got our Anniversary all planned...6 years!  It seems a lot longer than that haha!  {is that bad to say?:)}  I'm excited for our plans.  My mom keeps wanting us to stay out even longer...all I can say is, whatever you want!  haha!  

We are still primary teachers in our ward.  It's really fun to teach together.  We really love & enjoy our kids & love seeing them out and about and hear them yell our names from across a grocery store, it's super cute.  
Ummmm....Bradyn is turning 3 on sunday!  3!  what!?  Just seems like not too long ago that he was a small baby that I was cuddling....he's the sweetest baby and always will be...I cant WAIT for his party tomorrow!  It's going to be so fun.  But I think the thing I'm most looking forward is his face.  seriously, his face.  Seeing how excited he will get that all the attention is on him.  As always, can't wait to see his cake, too :)  {stay tuned for that!!}  ha!

Well I think that's a pretty good update on us!  All 3 kids are asleep right now...gotta catch up on my Book. PS.  Kate Morton...AMAZING!   lol.  

Thanks for stopping by!