Monday, June 18, 2012

Fingers Crossed.....

So if you recall, when I was pregnant with Bradyn I had issues where my entire left arm, face, lips, mouth would go completley numb and I began seeing Black spots.  Well..this occured about every few months.  I went into a Cardiologist in St. Geo and after doing an Echo told me that I have a hole, that is more apparent when I'm "bearing" down and that a large percentage of the population does have what's called PFO's and that I needed to be checked yearly.  So as you know we moved from St. George and I set up an appt with a Cardiologist here and had my appointment last week and was told that- tomorrow, I'm going to Provo to undergo some tests to see just how big of a hole I have and how much of a "leak" is occuring etc.  My Cardiologist explained that they really don't recommend hardly anyone these days to get holes fixed unless it's effecting your everyday life.  Which, I haven't felt ANY symptoms since being pregnant.  He also told me- he's not sure whether or not my heart will be OKAY to go through another pregnancy again...I kindof gave him a blank stare.  I know I did just fine going through labor and delivery (and that's like the hardest part on your heart) so I don't really care if I have any of those weird symptoms again with another pregnancy just as long as I knew that my heart could handle another labor and delivery....SOOOO....fingers crossed everything looks Okay!!!


Monday, June 11, 2012

5 things i bet ya didn't know about Me...

Soo...After reading Jen & Brittany's blog about just looks like fun! And it's fun getting to know everyone better, especially the things "I bet ya didn't know about..."  So here it goes!

1- I am Nazi with Pictures!! I have to literally develop EVERY picture that we like.  And once I develop them, I HAVE to scrapbook them.  I keep up on scrapbooking religiously.  It is ALWAYS updated with our newest pictures. It's been known for people to look through our scrapbooks and see a picture that was just taken the night before!!! (I can't believe I'm admitting this right now!) Our scrapbooks consist of 2 years worth of pictures.  And then we make a new one.  I have every single picture from Facebook scrapbooked. Basically my step by step process is- once we take pics, i delete the ones off the camera I don't like..everything else I put on FB (to save for our digital copy- kinda scary to think if FB crashed down one day) and I then develop them from off the camera..and then delete them from off the camera once they are developed.  Pretty much, every Wal-mart store I've ever lived by (South Jordan, Logan, West Jordan, St. George, now Saratoga Springs...they know me BY name:)let's not forget GA walmarts too lol)  I probably go and develop pics once I have like 30 that I need to go and do.  So the good thing about his weird trait of mine IS...i know it's such a blessing to look through all our books and to know I have spent a lot of time and love in making these scrapbooks and it will be SO  fun for the boys to look through when they are older and to know I kept a good history of all their pics.  But the bad thing about this trait IS it drives STEVE nuts!!! It only drives him nuts when I have to re-count or catch up on scrapbooking and it can become a tad stressful.  But all in all, I enjoy doing it. I couldn't imagine life with no pictures, no books of pictures, loose pictures all over boxes and in drawers..or CD's full of images that aren't developed...nope, sorry not Me!!

2- This one goes along with Number 1- we make Yearly movies from the time we've been married.  We have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year videos.  And these videos consist of ALL our pictures from that year AS WELL as all our video clips from our video camera.  Every August (month of our Anniversary) we begin making the video from that year.  It takes...let's say... a very long time.. probably 2 weeks or so..working on it every day.  We go through all the FB pics and put them all on a flashdrive numbered in order..and then start going through the video camera choosing the clips that we want in the video.  And...Steve is particular about making the videos look..way good. Not just your normal slideshow.  But again, I know our kids will totally appreciate this when they are older :) 
If you are ever bored at our house just ask- "Let's watch your guys videos!?" or "can I see your scrapbooks?!" LOL!

3- I HATE having a credit card balance.  I get soo irritated when we have to use our credit card.  We have a credit card that has a $1,000 limit on it.  Which I love.  But I hate having to use it.  Everytime we have to use it, i immediately think of when we can get it back down to 0 again.  I am totally fine with being in debt with a house and a car (both of which- we are new to, we have recieved our 1st mortgage and 1st car payments as of 2 months ago)  Student loans seems perfectly "normal" to me...but having to make credit card payments EEERKS me soo bad!

4- So... I DON'T COOK!  Most of you probably know that ha ha!! I seriously the whole almost 4 years we have been married..I have NEVER cooked ONE meal..not one.  And Steve makes me breakfast, lunch, and dinner...i know all of you are just dying to hear this right now....and for real, it is kinda embarrassing but at the same time...i've never been interested in learning..and when Steve & I met he expressed how he just LOVES LOVES to cook and how it's his passion in life and that if we got married he wanted to do ALL the of course I smiled real big inside thinking...SAWEET!!!  ha ha ha!!! I really don't know how I survived in college or on my
So..despite the fact that I don't cook...I seem to be very critical of what Steve makes..I'm very opinionated with what I want and if it doesn't taste right, I don't like it.  You would think if I was this amazing chef - that would give me the right to be critical...NOPE!  ha ha!! poor steve!!  I do also LOVE watching cooking shows- my fav. as of late- Master Chef.  Love it!!! I'm SOOO WEIRD!!! ha ha ha!!! But something I wanted to add is even though I don't cook- I don't like when I feel my "load" is not as heavy as "normal" Mom's..or that I'm not doing "my part" as a Mother by's just one of those things that Steve does the cooking and I do the cleaning..ya know?

5- I have been known for LOVING my friends! ha ha!! I am very loyal to my friends and would do anything for them.  At an early age, i made having friends and being a friend a top priority in life.  And knew that anything and everything I did in this life I wanted a big group of best friends that could ride the journey with me.  I have this gigantic box that is devoted to my friends..journals, notes, and pictures of everything I have done with my friends.  I've made friends such a top priority in my life that oftentimes, it has made my family feel I put friends first and then family.  Which hurts me to know that this is what is thought of.  I have just always felt like there are a few of my friends that I consider like sisters to me.  And I am so grateful for that. I now feel like that with a family of my own now..i feel like friends aren't the most important thing to me anymore..they still are important but that Steve, Pey and Bradyn are the MOST important thing to me.  But I'm so happy for how I've lived my life so far with having so many friends and so many memories and having no regrets whatsoever!  And now I feel like I'm at a point where- I don't care to make tons of friends anymore.  When we moved to St. George as well as here in Eagle Mtn..I just feel like I'm totally content with the friends that are in my life and that it's not a focus of mine to make or have more best friends...does that make sense?  I'm probably sounding anti- social..i just am Ok with who is in my life now..and that I'm Ok with not putting myself out there as much as I have in the past.  

Anyways, love you all thanks for reading!!!!