Sunday, October 7, 2012


I can't wait for Halloween this year!



2010 we were lame--in St. George and decided to pass out candy



annnddd this year.....

 Beauty & The Beast!  YAY!!!

Missions :)

This has been a topic that I have thought of for some quite time.  When the prophet announced during General Conference that boys can now serve at the age of 18 & girls at the age of 19, it made me SO happy!  I knew while being out on my mission that there was a need for more sister missionaries.  Obviously since I served a mission myself, I support and feel so much good for those girls that make such a courageous desire to go and serve. I feel we, as women are able and have been stated by authorities, can open the doors of so many that would have remained Shut.  I feel the choice of serving a mission as a male, is that of one that is expected..some may have even felt pressure from friends and family, that serving is what you are Supposed to do.  However, when a girl makes the choice to serve, i feel it is possibly that of a "harder" decision b/c it isn't expected from others.  Some may feel there is the cloud of "but..will my husband be there when I return?"  Honestly, if you know you are suppose to GO..then NOTHING else matters.  If it's a part of the plan, then obviously your spouse will be there for you when you return.  There should be no question that b/c you would serve, your spouse will be scooped up by somebody else.  Missionaries, either sex-really do put their life on hold.  

I feel with this new age update, there will be an influx of sister missionaries.  In which I am so thrilled about.  There are many (not all) who serve for the right reasons.  I felt oftentimes, on my mission felt the constant need of having to "prove" myself or "explain" myself as to why I was there- I hope over time, that sister missionaries won't have to feel that way.  

It has brought me a lot of sadness to hear of so many girls, married some with kids, some not..who did not serve missions have to bring up All their reasons and excuses as to why they Did not go.  It makes me feel so bad for them.  I don't quite know why dwelling on the past, or feelings of justification has to be involved in their life.  You chose to not go, and that's it.  It's Okay.  Breathe. And Move on.  Please don't feel you have to "explain" yourself and all your lists of reasons as to why you did not go, as if people are judging you.  I have asked myself- why is it that girls seem to bring up this topic and have to go on and on about all the reasons why they didn't go, and they only things I can think of is 1- Guilt b/c they knew they lost a chance of a lifetime or 2- to make themselves feel better.  Either way, it's so sad I hope for girls to accept their lives as they are now and to look to the future with a brighness of hope.  There is always the chance of serving in your 50's and 60's.  Would it be the same as serving if you were young?  of course not.  But the Work is the Work, no matter what age. 

It brings me sadness to hear of girls who express that they truly did serve a mission, when they are referring to traveling world wide to various locations as a way of schooling.  It brings feelings of hurt b/c I feel a Mission is being "discounted" for its worth.  And I would full heartedly say
Nothing Can Nor Ever will Compare to that of Serving  A Mission.  

It brings me sadness to hear of girls say that now their is a new age update that they would have for sure gone at 19 b/c 21 is just "tooo old."  My opinion to that is- if you didn't go at 21, you probably wouldn't have gone at 19.  That statement is of course, situational.  But please don't beat yourself over not serving, ladies.  Feel good about yourself and the life you have now.  

How grateful I am for serving when I did and marrying when I did.  I feel my 5 years of single life was filled to every capacity.

"The decision to serve a mission will shape the spiritual destiny of the missionary, his or her spouse and their posterity for generations to Come."  
Russel M. Nelson

How grateful I am to have two young boys who I have the privelege of looking forward to hearing of their words out in the mission field~

 "Our heavenly father is getting ready to send his priesthood army to 

this earth and wants to send them to mothers who have been properly 

trained and taught in the gospel, what greater training can a young 

woman have than that of serving a mission." -gordon b hinckley

To those ladies who may not have had the chance to marry at this point and whose work & school may not seem a priority- re think the decision to Serve.  Prior to a few weeks of making my decision to serve, My mom & I were discussing at Lake Powell

"Missions are not for everybody, but only Good would come of It, 

what do you have to Lose?" 


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

waiting to happen....

Well...i think it's time for this Mama to start thinking of the idea of becoming a Mama of 3 :)  Yes, this is our little way of saying "We're Trying!"  And we all know, that with us--it takes..well, very little time haha :)  But I'm keeping this one a Secret! Not the gender, as in...if you ask me, I'll probably lie to you and say I am not prego! (i'm just kidding)ha!  Anywho...Steve is DYING for a Girl.  IT is ALL he ever talks about..My gosh!  Jordynn this...and Jordynn that...Oh did I mention if it's a girl, her name will be Jordynn :) 

We want to do a P,B,& J theme:)  Get it...peyton, get it :) 

But I am happy to be a Mama of 3 boys.  Kind of how I always envisioned it to be.  But seriously....can we really see me WITHOUT a girl?!?! I mean...Come On.  LOL!

 I am prepared with Decorating ideas both ways, naturally;) But we do's time.  In the dark hours of the night, I frequently ask Steve- "Do you think we can do...3?!"  And i really think we can...(breathe):) We have decided we really want to end it with 3 kiddos. Because of this choice, I want to celebrate this one a lot differently than with the others.  I have some ideas :) We have wanted to time this baby for when Steve is very close to being officially done with school. 

We will have had all 3 kids by the time we BOTH turn the age of 29 AND be done having kids within our FIRST 5 YEARS of Marriage.  CRAZY!!!!!  (yes, i know Mom & Dad I see your shaking heads.....and Nic lol)

Talk about young grandparents & early retirement ;)

Anywho, Wish Us Luck!  haha j/k...Yay, for October!