Friday, June 12, 2015

Jordynn is TWO!

Well our precious little girl turned two! Where did that time go :( my friend, Savannah took her pictures- they tuned out Amazing! Can't wait to see them up in our new house. We sure love this little girl. 

Weight- 25 lbs 47%
Height: 33 in 21%
HC 19 in 62% 

So.. Apparently we've been out in the sun too much b/c she has eczema so I need to make sure the chlorine is rinsed off her skin well and to apply Vaseline to her skin. Speaking of her skin, she is getting SO dark! 

This weekend we are having a breakfast brunch at Mimi's with her little cousins and friends and a real life princess, Rapunzel is coming to visit at the party. We are so excited! 
For her birthday, she got a Belle dress from her brothers, a Tinkerbell doll and a Tinkerbell dress and daddy has his own present for her :) my mom got her lots of clothes, dresses, a Jesse and bullseye from toystory & a book. She got a kite from her uncle Parker and aunt Nichole :) we did a pedi date with her cousin Kylie. I really want to start that as a new tradition :) we went to a splash pad, out to dinner with grandpa that night and did her Cinderella cake at grandmas's. The reactions to her presents were just to die for. Every present she would just gasp super loud and squeal and then yep "look daddy Look!!" I wish I knew how to upload videos on a blog because her blowing out her candles was super presh too!!  It was a super fun day! 
Her belle pictures at Disneyland are such a keepsake for us that I really wanted her to have a dress to resemble those moments....

And we can't wait to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie that is coming out soon! 
We just love her! Happy Birthday, Jordynn!