Monday, March 10, 2014

9 months

My sugar pie is 9 months old today! 

She has been the fastest with so many things. She can sit, crawl, stand, pick things up from a table and squat back down to sit....she's going to be walking soon!  I'm so happy that I don't have to worry about her not doing things fast enough.  Sometimes I sit and think, what can she not do?!  She's got 2 teeth, she waves Hi & Bye, she is still the most social- smiliest girl that I have ever been around.  I love that she is that way.  You can tell how much she loves people and being around them.  She's SO easy going & is just the sweetest baby ever :)  While away on our Cruise, she was the best little baby for my Mom.  It was so fun to see such a strong attatchment my mom has with her.  I love how much my mom loves my kids. :)  I love the eye contact she gives me and others.  She loves to give kisses. She is the biggest fan of my heck, she just loves my hair.  She is constantly having to hold it and put it up to her face to fall asleep.  She's just SO sweet.  I can't wait to do so many fun things with her.  While in Disneyworld- we passed the Princess Boutique & got  prices and am so excited to always dress her up and to take her to Disneyland and have her dress up.  Lucky girl, gets to go to Disney twice within one year!:)  I also can't wait for her to get her toes done with my pedi's :)  She sure has us wrapped around her finger. As much as I wish she would always stay little, it makes me so anxious to watch her grow and for me to grow right alongside her.  She and I love planning her First birthday party- and thinking of so many fun ideas.  I'm working on a special little project for her, that I can't wait to see how it turns out. :)  She is still nursing and loves it, i've planned on nursing for whenever she doesn't want to anymore....which ...may be awhile ha ha.  Doc says her weight has slowed down a bit & has suggested we do some form of solids 3 times a day rather than the 2.  and to powerpack her bottles whevever she has one.  

weight- 16.67 lbs- 25%
length- 27.5 in- 46%
head- 17.25- 51%

Doc says she's very porpotional, and am so grateful for that :)  In other news, Bradyn has become a persistant snore-er and may have his adenoids removed...poor guy! But we are looking forward to some restful nights, so whatever it takes to help him not wake up so much, that will be great.  

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Thursday, March 6, 2014


Well the trip we had planned for like a year in a half finally came to pass! It was a Blast! Joyce & Nic and my brother Ben and his wife Krystal came:) 
We spent a day at Hollywood studios and that was so fun. Perfect amount of time without any kids to do everything. We did do that 90 min tour with Westgate to get 2 tickets for $80 and that ended up working really well. We only stayed 20 min more than expected and got to the park 30 min after it opened. We spent two nights at All star movies. After we had received our rental- we made it over to the OL temple for some pictures. That was cool. Our ship was called Enchantment of the Seas. We had two stops. Cococay and Nassau. We loved Cococay. It's owned by royal & it was so clean and colorful. They served a BBQ on the beach.  I enjoyed a beach side massage and we did some snorkeling. While snorkeling, we were out pretty far & came cross some small reef sharks... It didn't phase us too much but a few moments later a 6 ft reef shark swam next to Steve & I lost it.... A lifeguard came over on a jet ski and took us in! Sooooo scary!!!!! Atlantis was AMAZING!!! I dont think we ever sat down the whole time at Atlantis.... The lazy rivers, the slides, aquariums, dolphin cay- all of it was SO neat! The lazy river would actually take you to your slides, we just stayed on!  Atlantis closed at 5, so we then spent sunset on the Beach. Our ship had a rock wall and a jump trampoline thing....  Our rooms in the ship were pretty big, there was a couch inside the room! The dancers for the nights shows were SO awesome! Some interesting things- their ice cream cone machines were only opened a few hours a day, no pizza 24\7. We had a hard time finding place to eat on the ship, not a lot of options. I think if we had a choice, we'd prefer carnival over Royal. 
Lots of memories & pictures :)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bahamas Shark Story

One of our stops was CocoCay.  It's a private island of Royal Carribbean's.  It was clean & colorful.  They served everyone a BBQ on the island.  We did some snorkeling, lounged around, I had a massage on a beach in a cabana...the day was going So well :)  After my massage, Steve had asked if I wanted to go back out snorkeling.  Joyce and Nic had gone back to the ship- it was getting later in the day and he had told me that Ben & Krystal were out there and that there was a place he wanted to show me that was pretty far out- I said OK.  We got into the water and had caught up to Ben & Krystal- the 4 of us were snorkeling around.  We saw the prettiest and huge fish and stingray...I realized we were out really far.  Which I wasn't too concerned about at all.....then as myself, Ben and Krystal were all next to each other we came across some 4 ft reef made us uncomfortable but didn't seem like a big deal at all.  We had just glanced at each other under the water in a "wow" kinda expression.  I then swam closer towards to Steve, with my head still under the water & noticing that his was not...I began to see a Shark coming closer to steve....he then came alongside of him and realized he was the same length as Steve....I began to rise to the surface & tucked my legs into my chest....Steve asked if I had seen something and without saying any words, just nodded Yes.  I felt really uncomfortable & began to panic.....I told Steve & Ben & Krystal that we were too far out and needed someone to come and get us.  I knew if Steve had seen what I saw his panic would have thrown me into histeria haha.  In some colorful language....we got a lifegaurd that was on a deck to come over with his jet ski- he explained that it was JUST some reef sharks and that there isn't anything to worry about and took Krystal & I into the beach and left Ben & Steve to swim to shore!  After getting on to shore a small crowd wondered what had happened and we told them.  It was so SCARY!  At the time first thought wasn't that the shark was going to bite...which is weird....i more so just didn't like the idea of swimming ALL the way back to shore after seeing what I saw!  As we've been back home, Steve told me that there was a part to this story that he hadn't had told me....he explained how he had seen a dark shadow that had ran alongside of him.  EEEK!  Just glad we are all Okay!!!!