Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mama of Two

Does anyone have any advice on how to teach your 2 yr old to not attack their sibling that is a baby??
We are kind of going through a hard time with that.
Peyton has had some scary moments of wanting to attack Bradyn :(
hitting, squeezing...
Sibling rivalry? Jealousy issues? All the above?
It seems no matter if it is negative attention..he wants it. I think another example with that is- he chewed off the keyboard off my phone...(not like him) and has chewed buttons off the remote.
He just seems to be doing things we aren't use to him doing.
This is EVEN with Steve and my mom around..a lot...
Wish me luck when that is not the case

I don't think I can fully say I know what it's like yet to be on my own in a normal daily routine yet. My mom has been with me every day..and will still be in town till Sept 6th as well as Steve has been around alot. So I haven't felt like I've experienced what it's like to be "on my own" at home with the two of them..

Can I just say how much i LOVE nursing?!? So So much better than it was one week ago!!! Bradyn has made it so easy for me and is so flexible. I nurse during the day..and then pump at least once during the day to provide milk for the that we are able to feed him bottles at night. Not my idea- steve says..."Brooke, you do enough during the day...I get him at night..please pump so that I can feed him at night."
Um...HELLO!!! where the freak did I find Him!!? Love you Steve :)
on a side note- am a little worried not getting up at night to nurse or to pump how that will effect my milk supply. Nurses have told me as for right now, it shouldn't be a problem..I may need to adjust if needs be.

Exciting Moment- I gained 20 lbs with my pregnancy...and I've lost 26!!! in 2 weeks!!!
Freakin excited!!!! :) yay for breast feeding!! It makes me more excited to get back to work.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

3rd yr Anniversary

Yesterday was our Anniversary :)
It was Steve's turn this year. We do this thing whoever plans it for that year- is the only one that gives gifts.

This is what we Did:

Watched our Wedding Video
Lunch @ Kneaders
Bought "Something Borrowed" and watched it
Got all dressed up & had Dinner @ Redmountain Spa
(first time we have ate somewhere having a bill over $50)
Got a massage

As an anniversary gift Steve gave me-
A legit Professional MASSAGE TABLE!!
2 massage specialty towels
Massage oil/Cooling & Warming Lotions
"How To" Massage Book

Just another fun thing to add to the Wilson's Resort & Spa :)

It was a great Anniversary! The day was spaced out enough that I was able to nurse Bradyn when we were home.

Love you Steve!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Baby Bradyn

8 lbs 7 oz
22 inches long
12:28 pm August 10th

So we are home!!! Everything was so so awesome!!!
So i went in @ 7am the morning of August 10th to be induced. Once they got me all hooked up...the next words were- Um, you are in you not feel these contractions? I said- Nope. I ended up not being induced after all and countined dialating and thinning out on my own. At 12:00 i started pushing. And at 12:28pm had him!!! My mom was there in the room with us. She liked it alot. They lied him down on me...and washed him all off...didn't wisk him away :) He ended up weighing less than I thought he would. And they said- ok let's start with the nursing- and he latched right on and sucked and sucked away!!! 2 hrs later I got up and began walking around...excellent food service. He's been doing great!!! Such a completley and total different experience from last. Have had a few hiccups with nursing today...but I think it will be just fine. I have to nurse with a nipple shield on due to such large boobs ha ha!! He can't quite fully get everything he needs to in his mouth due to my size. Peyton loves him. We are doing well! :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


it's finally here!!! My Doctor informed me he is going out of town and since I'm 39 weeks....he asks- wanna go ahead?? I'm Like- Yes!!! :) Tomorrow Wednesday, August 10th is the Day!!!
Yay!!! I'm so so so ready!!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

38 week pic

We'll see you soon Bradyn!!!