Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yes, Peyton is in fact a Boy

I can not even tell you how many people I meet a day that asks- "Your child is a boy, right?" People seem to think all the time that Peyton is a Girl. The name doesn't help, totally understand that...BUT seriously. My favorite one was at the doctor's office....Peyton is wearing a Blue one-sie that says Momma's Boy...and here comes a nurse...."Now..your daughter is looking excellent....." SERIOUSLY!! Once the correction is made, there is the..."Oh well, he's just too pretty to be a boy.....just look at his eyelashes!" People- he is a BOY!! I laugh about it now. When he was first born, I took offense to it...a little....just kinda funny.

I got all of Peyton's surgery papers today.....:( SO SO HARD & EMOTIONAL!! Does any one have any suggestions on like muscle relaxant/anxiety pill that I can take during that week? I really think I'll need it.....

PS...SO EXCITED & READY FOR FALL!! Freakin St. George, get cooler!
Love ya!