Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Our little sweetheart is 18 months!  His first day of nursery went really well.  He just walked right on in and played with toys.  Later we peeked in to see him sitting in between 2 girls, drinking some water with these rosy cheeks..so cute!  According to his "check off list" he's 100 percent on everything :)  Right now, he's got a cold..hope he gets better soon.  He's excited to be a big brother soon!

HEAD: 18.75 IN- 57 PERCENT

Little surprised with how tall he is, that it's avg.  hmmm....
Anyways Happy Valentines Day soon!  We are off to the yearly tradition at the Anniversary Inn!  Here's a link to our room:



Monday, February 11, 2013

22 weeks

Seems like it's time for a prego update!  I turn 23 weeks this Friday.  And I went to an appointment today and i gained my 1st 3 lbs!  wahoo!  I mentioned to him about how I am SO out of breath all. the. time.  Doesn't matter how I am sitting, I just can't seem to catch my breath.  I am for sure to the point that I can't lie down flat on my back.  He seemed to go on about getting a chest x ray or my lungs aren't filling up correctly, and I know that's not the case.  I ALWAYS am out of breath when I'm prego...just one of those things to deal with.  :)  Due date is June 14th, but I've always gone on my own at 39 weeks- so I'm planning on the 7th.  And if she gets too big, probably earlier than that.  It seems like my babies just get bigger and bigger...and with Bradyn my doc mentioned that I can't physically have a baby weighing more than 8'7 b/c either my tailbone will break or I'll have a C-section.  SO.... MUCH prefer to catch her before she's that much...:)  
In other news, last PT post I talked about Peyton's issues with not going number 2 in the potty.  Well ever since Friday, it's been a success!  yay!  Let's hope it sticks, seriously!  
We are getting all ready, prepping for Jordynn's room.  I've sold everything I've needed to.  Once we get our tax return, we will begin ordering everything & in the process of waiting for things to come we are going to start taking B's room completely apart, all ready for painting to begin!  


Friday, February 1, 2013

PT #2

Well, in exactly one month..he has filled 3 sticker charts.  Since we are in Phase 3 (potty trained inside the home) I think it's been going good.  He still averages 1 accident per day.  90 percent of the time is #2.  He has gone #2 like 4 times before in the toilet.  But...Now, I just can't seem to get him to go on the toilet.  He's always doing it in his underwear.  I never know when it's going to happen, it's like I have to stalk him all day in order to catch it at the right time.  He doesn't have an issue with only doing it in his pull up b/c he only wears one when he's sleeping nor does he have constipation issues.  It's a matter of getting him to realize when it's coming and to make it to the toilet rather than hiding somewhere and saying "Potty" after it's already done!  SO frustrating!!! With #1---he's totally great.  I'd say 75 percent of the time, he tells us before he has to go.  The other 25 percent of the time, is us just timing it right and so he goes.  It's interesting b/c he's obviously has caught on to the "sensation" of when he needs to go #1.  Why not get the "sensation" of #2. What is up with this #2 biz?!? I feel like no matter how many times I'm emphasizing pics in his potty books about where it NEEDS to go, just does NOT seem to be clicking!  I know it's been a month...but still...I don't know how to change this around?  I thought about bribing him with something really BIG when he goes poop--something that really gets him wanting to ALWAYS do it.  A friend suggested, donuts...3 stickers rather than 1....hmmm...Suggestions???  The daily accident is becoming Old!