Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wishing to move to St. George...

Hey! So i thought to update ya'll on what we are up to. We are still living in West Jordan. I am a stay at home mom. Peyton is three months old. Steve works at IMC in Murray as an anesthesia tech. Most of you know that Steve is wanting to go to Dixie State for their Radiology program. It is an area that has been of a great interest to him. Last year he applied for the program and they took 12 out of 35 and steve was chosen as an alternate which meant that if any of the 12 rejected their place Steve could be in the program. Unfortunately, no one rejected their place. Through the past year Steve has continued to focus on making it for 2010. The program is for two years. He would then go on to specialize in Ultrasound or X ray for one year afterwards. Steve has stated many times that he can not imagine himself doing anything else..We are in St. George now and he interviewed today. He unfortunately did not think it went too well...but he did have a very great blessing by his we will have to see what happens. We wait for a letter to come in the mail within the next two weeks. Steve was told in the interview that he could not work while he was in the program. So if he does make it in our plan is to live off student loans for two whole years and work part time. Obviously, we will pay the student loans back but for the time being we are focusing on getting all of my loans paid off by the time Steve is through with the program. I have never felt like student loans are considered debt. After the prophet came out and said it's fine to go into debt for educational reasons. Therefore, I feel no guilt for this choice we may make. We feel that Steve has exceptional experience. He has worked at McKaydee hospital in Ogden, Logan Regional Hospital, as well as IMC in Murray. His grades are good, not amazing. So we hope he makes it. Now if he does not make it our plan is to still move here to St. George and he will attend Dixie State and recieve a bachelors degree in Hospital Administration. He would have a year in a half to complete that. Of course, I hope to work at a fitness resort. I know that I could not have accomplished this goal without recieveing a degree in an exercise related field. And I've got that, baby!! I am currently still certified as an aerobic instructor. Allowing me to teach anything to kick boxing, step, weight lifting...pretty much anything I know how to teach. Not in ideal shape right now, but everyone can improve. I just need to wait a little bit till Peyton is a bit older so that I can go work. So this is our update so keep us in your prayers:)

Thursday, August 20, 2009


ha ha... it makes me laugh to think I made steve rent a tux and dragged him up to Sundance to take these pictures I had always dreamed about! Downside, he saw me in my dress a month early. Oh well, the pictures were worth it. I remember on my wedding day the most important thing was the photography!!!

And let's not forget it was all about ME!! LOL

Ausgust 19, 2008
For our anniversary this year we had a picnic at the Bountiful Temple with Peyton. Then Steve and I went to dinner and a movie later that was fun!