Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SO EXCITED....and i just can't hide it!!!

Aubree is coming with us to Powell this year!!!! Get ready water...we r coming!!!! My 13th time!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Oh Man....Big time nesting phase. I have only 3 more things to come in the mail for Peyton's & Bradyn's rooms!!!

once these things come in the mail- I can finally take pics of the finished rooms and post them!!
All of Bradyn's clothes are hung up according to sizes and ready to go.
Everything is done and ready!!! :)
I've read "What to Expect when you're Expecting" for the 2nd time as well as "What to Expect in the 1st year" for the 2nd time as well.

When I begin to get anxious and over zealous I've been cleaning and organizing the garage as well as watching The Hills ha ha :)

And...i've been trying to eat a lot more. I've gained 2 lbs...and hope to gain more!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So some things went on with my last delivery that I want to try to prevent as much as possible with this upcoming one. To organize my thoughts, blogging seemed like a good idea. Here are some things I want to discuss with my Doctor or better yet make him aware of....

(Warning- if you have not had a baby...probably should not read)

1- I pushed for 3 hours and 50 minutes....yes, you heard me right....3 hours and 50 minutes. Hoping this time will not be as long next time........

2- My epideral lasted 48 hours....yes, you heard me right....48 hours...as in 2 days!!! 2 days....could not feel anything from the waist down....Steve had to carry me to the bathroom...and the majority of the time, had a catheter....That was just awesome...A pretty bad experience was- steve wasn't around for me to go to the bathroom...so the 2 nurses thought they could completley carry my full weight to the bathroom...they dropped me and I pee-ed all over the floor...and remained on the floor untill Steve came and got me....:(

Now, later found out the reasons why my epideral lasted for so long is a domino effect from pushing for so long...anesthesiologist told me that when pushing so long you are applying a lot of pressure on your veins..therefore, making it easier for the epideral to linger for a long time.

3- Constipation issues for 10 DAYS! Yes, you heard me right....10 days...a week in a half. My mom told me back in the day, they wouldn't let you be discharged without having had gone to the bathroom...i think is an excellent idea....why they don't continue this trend?
But this is just the beginning of the issue...I was prescribed with special drinks that would help...nada...Steve performed an at home Enema on me....
(how fun is that, been married for like freakin 9 mos and your husband gets that wonderful opportunity)
Finally ran into my Doc's office..and without getting too graphic...tried taking matters into her own hands......nada...
It was coming down to the wire where they wanted me in the E.R. but had one more suggestion- the life saver...
After 10 days was given a surgical drink- the kinda drink patients use prepping for surgery the next day to get all cleaned out....said it would kick in way fast...had my mom watch peyton...drank and drank....identical taste to contact solution
(in case you know what that tastes like LOL)
and it did the TRICK!
Relief at last!!

Later found out, this issue was a domino effect as well- Pushed for so long lead to Epideral lasting forever- since I could not move- lead to constipation issues.

All kinda makes sense now....

I would like to ask if I could begin taking a stool softener like a week before my due date?? Don't know if that's OK or not...but worth a try asking....

4- Never cut, tore..no C-section....and would like to prevent from doing so again.

5- NICU baby- Doesn't really count as an actual issue that my Doctor could help in preventing...but just throwing that in there...that all these issues became more stressful times 10 since Peyton was in the NICU.

6- Inverted nipples- the times I had a chance to attempt breast feeding did not work because of this issue. Conidering in getting nipple shapers...and using them daily a week before due date.

For those of you who visited, probably remember me being very stressed and in tears...probably heard me say a few choice words...now you know the full detailed story why.

This picture pretty much described me-

And this picture described Steve....

Oh and let's not forget, the nurses asked me- what do you not like to eat? (at the time they did not have menus) I told them- meat. Next meal that was brought up- was a Steak Dinner....Hmmmmmm???
Let's just say when the Phone call- survey was extended to me a few weeks later- I had a few things to say...

Since I'm 22 1/2 weeks along...when do you think I should bring these issues up to my Doc...or should I say, hit him with this train of a Horror story? (I kid!)
I really think he can give me some good insight on how to prevent some of these things from happening again...i hope....Seems to me all major issues stemmed from pushing for so long...

The purpose of this blog isn't to get all negative about my past experience...I would do it all over again for Peyton. Needless to say, I thought the pregnancy and "giving birth" was a piece of cake (then again, did have an epideral)
Mainly just all the "AFTER" stuff....SUCKED!!! SUCKED!!! SUCKED!!!

Breathe in....Breathe out.....