Friday, November 22, 2013

Holiday Season!

Just doing some cute crafts with these little ones :)

We are sure getting into the Holidays this year.  As doing so, we've reflected on some traditions that Steve & I want to start with our little family.  

Some we have decided to begin are, this year we are going to be doing the 12 Days of Christmas to a very very special little family!!! We are so excited to go shop & get all the supplies for each night.  Thanks to Pinterest for providing us such great ideas!  Can't wait for Dec 13th to roll around and to begin.  :)  
Another tradition we have decided to begin is Elf on The Shelf.  This was one, that I needed some convincing- i didn't really get it at first, but after reading the story and Steve's encouragement, we decided to go ahead and to do it this year.  We are going to start it Dec 1st- by the boys opening up The Elf as well as The Book from under the Christmas tree :)  Steve & I have already begun to research all the different positions and spots we want to put the Elf.  It will be so fun to watch the boys get up each morning and to run around the house looking for the Elf.  And to explain to them that The Elf is watching them, so they best be good! ha ha.  

Another tradition we are going to be doing this year is The Polar Express!  I feel like it's time, with the kids at these ages- that they should really appreciate it, and find it so much fun.  We were watching "The Polar Express" one night, and saw they boys jumping up and down chanting "Santa on the Train!" And to see the excitement that the Both of them had I was like we are TOTALLY doing it this year.  They will be SO STOKED!  So we already purchased our tickets, and are going on the 21st :) 

We will of course continue the month with weekly sledding trips, a trip to Temple Square and to see Santa @ the Mall. This year, I'd like to do the lights at Thanksgiving Point. It'll be such a fun month.  We've actually got all our Christmas shopping done!  So that's been somewhat of a relieving feeling to go into the month with ease & calmness having everything completed and wrapped, ready to be placed under the Tree. I'm trying to convince Steve for us to decorate the house this weekend!  Each year, it's taken about 4 1/2 hrs to get it all done.  It's a big task, lots of DP & staying up late! That's what is hard- is figuring out, each year- do we decorate with the kids or without?  IT's so much easier to do it without them! ha. 
 Anyways, Happy Holidays!  Make New Memories!❄️⛄️