Sunday, June 26, 2011

it's that time again.....

"My Homeland, Territory, and Element...."- me

My 13th trip to Lake Powell!!
What greater way to spend it than with Aubs :) This is Aubs 3rd time with my family. Her and Jamie are in the running for most times gone with my fam :)

Peyton was a complete angel the entire time. He just loved every minute of it! A natural boater! He'll be skiing by the age of 5!

yes, i'm HUGE! so..i don't know if i would recommend going so far along. I still went on the tubes but due to my size felt a little uncomfortable...the only things that were a little challenging was the heat- especially when there was no air circulation in the house boat...and this trip, there was not a whole lot of food to munch on...and prego in 3rd snacks = no bueno. :( This heart burn is killing me...i'll consistently have it throughout the day especially when I'm not snacking on something at least every few hrs. I've gained 9 that's better than just a few!!

To think of a new little boy sitting next to them :)

We had so much fun!! I love how much Steve loves my Family. I love how much he interactes with everyone and that he is truly interested in their lives. He and my Dad get along so well with each other....i love how he truly feels like they are his family. I love how much my famly loves him and describes his as a natural member of the fam. From Day 1 he has always felt like he can call my parents- mom and dad. Well, on the trip I heard him call my mom- "hey, mommy" ha ha!! it was funny. I love doing such fun summer activities with family :) So many more Lake Powell memories to come in the next years!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

To Bradyn

(may be cheesy, but i love it)

Dear Bradyn,

We just can't wait for you to come into our lives!! You have an amazing dad who will do all sorts of fun things with you :) Besides having an incredible Dad- your older brother Peyton already just loves you so so much. Not an hour goes by in the day that Peyton comes up to my belly and says- "baby" and gives you a kiss on my tummy and then lies down on my tummy pressing his check to try to feel you :) Your mommy and daddy are so blessed to both work in areas of love and passion in which we have worked so hard to accomplish in our earlier years. We live in such a warm place and have so many fun things to do outside. We will have you swimming in no time! We are so excited to take you on walks and to the park. You have so many little buddies just waiting to be with you (most of them live far away, but we see them often) We are so anxious to see how much you look like Peyton or if you will look very different from him. And I am so happy to plump you up! You have, in my opinion- an adorable room that is waiting for your arrival! The animals in your room are so happy to play with you soon. Get ready to learn how to pose and smile at the sight of a camera. We have trained your older brother, Peyton quite well. Your Daddy and I will help you achieve every dream you can imagine. Your Daddy and I both had the opportunity of serving missions and are so excited to watch you follow in our footsteps. We are so excited to see you smile, hear you laugh, and watch you as you grow in all stages of life. We can't wait to kiss every inch of you. We love you and just can't wait for you to come into our lives in just 9 short weeks...

Love, Your mommy Brooke, Your Daddy Steve and your brother
(best friend for life) Peyton

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weekend Fun!

Last weekend Joyce, Nic, and Jack came to play! We went to see The Little Mermaid at the Tuachan. It was so fun!! We spent the weekend at the Splash pad, swimming pool, and Dixie Rock. We missed Jamie, Bryce, Stockton and Aubree!!
Amanda and her kids then came to stay a night as well :) We love when visitors come! So many fun things to do here in St. George. Happy to live in such a hoppin place!

As far as a baby update- I'm 30 weeks along! 10 more to go! From here on out I'm being seen every 2 weeks. My first physical therapy appt for my sciatica is on Friday. Hopefully that will diminish soon....