Friday, December 16, 2011

Nuts n' Bolts...

We are moving! yay! and....noooooo :( all at the same time!! I have so many mixed emotions. One second I'm bawling and then next I'm excited to see what the future brings. All and all, i know that moving is what's best for our little familia. Soo.....we are coming up to So Jo for Christmas Dec 20-27 (during that visit we are meeting with the financing people- talkin about moving into Bret and Katie's condos) Then on the 27th- Me, Steve, and Bradyn will come down here for a few days- just depends on how long it will take us to box everything up and put it all in the garage and then to take what we need to live on for about 2 mos. We'll then leave prob the morning of the 31st to drive back to my parents. We are then living at my parents for a couple-few months. Then when our condo is ready to move into/when we have the money for the down payment- we will drive to St. George, rent a U-haul put all boxes and everything in the truck and drive straight to our condo in Eagle Mtn. And that will be it!!! so the good news is- we get to go to Jen & Ben's New Years Eve Party!!! yay!!! lol. I'm excited! So please let me know if you want to hang out during Christmas week, we'd love it! Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Cross road

(pretty much ME the past week)'s that time to write everything i can process.
As most all of you know, Steve just graduated from the Medical Radiography program here in St. George. He was one of many that graduated with not a lot of job prospects, in fact none. After praying that something would come along- we decided to begin looking else up North. B/c it was becoming apparent to us- more opportunities are available in SL.
(i mean think about it, like dozens of hospitals as compared to two)

Well, a job has come up. It is a Mobile X-ray company. Pretty much Steve would have x-ray equipment in a vehicle and would travel to different locations performing x-rays (nusing homes...assisted living houses...anywhere between ogden to provo) pretty much places where people can not go get x-rays done themselves. Steve would manage himself. Big chance of moving up the chain and becoming a team lead- when more guys are working for this company in SL. Be given a company car & phone. (meaning, we would trade in our two cars for a new car and could take his phone off our plan, making our bill cheaper) Annndd....a gauranteed full time hours. Major reason for that is b/c we would be relocating for the job. Even if he may only get paged to do one or two x-rays per day..and he's only gone for a few hrs. No matter what- gauranteed full shift hours. (pretty chill, right??!) Also to add we have been planning to go on a cruise in March and working for a job like this would make that plan very easy for us to still make. This job would start Jan 1. Meaning- yes, we would move to Salt Lake. So we then have thought ok- if this was the case...where would we live? And Eagle Mountain seriously was the first place we thought of. Not only are a big chunk of our friends there..but I have always loved where our friends- Katie & Bret Boyd live...and think it would be awesome to buy into their same bldg. Tomorrow- Steve is going on a "drive along" down in Vegas (where the company is based from- but they need Steve in SL) with some of the guys to see nuts and bolts of it all and what a typical day is like. So that is the SL plan.

So....admist this job in Salt Lake-we had been hoping an x-ray position would just open up here at the hospital (b/c we had been told the hospital would take 2 more students in Dec) A job did open up- but it is a front desk position for Radiology- not only would he be in charge of registering in patients but can also go back and perform the x-rays himself. And when the next tech position opens up- he would get first dibs since he's already working within the same department and is an x-ray tech himself. The only thing is the matter of - WHEN would the next tech position open up??? Could be one, two..or months from now. So, he went in and had an interview and it went well. He actually will be hearing either today or tomorrow if he got the job.
So the huge pickle that we are SL job we know would pay more than the hospital job here in St. George..BUT the big clencher is--- my job is HERE. And that is the biggest reason why I am digging my heels in the dirt is b/c of my job. I know we could get by fine with staying here and me working and him doing this front desk job and fingers crossed that a tech position would present itself shorty..and everything could perfectly fall into place and be fine and we could live the best of both worlds.
When speaking to a friend about all of this madness she said to me- this is interesting b/c most people are driven by money...but then again, most people don't have their dream job. After she said that, i thought yeah- you know to some, this could be such an easy choice- go with the job that you know will pay more and has more perks. But it's the whole matter of me leaving my job DREAM job. Not to mention, we LOVE st. george.
That's the biggest thing is the unknown..we don't know. And the future is so unclear right now. And it's been hard b/c I am a planner..and right now, I don't have a plan! Within 2 weeks we could be gone..or could remain here!! It's just so so up in the air at this point! And I wish I had all the answers! But I do know after we hear back from the hospital and he does this "drive along" with this SL job tomorrow- we will have a better idea as to what will happen. well..that is, I hope we have a better idea. I want to enjoy the holidays and make a decision. Crystal ball- please, where are you?!
I will keep you posted!


Thursday, December 1, 2011


Steve graduated for the Medical Radiography Program at Dixe State! It was a 2 year program :)
It seems like yesterday we just moved to St. George, crazy! Steve has been the class president for his class and was asked to speak at the Graduation as well as introduce some speakers. He got the award for- "the final rose" Most updated with Reality TV. So funny!! all b/c of me :) Following that award he got up to say- "stay tuned for the Bachelorette starting Jan 1 ha ha"!! After the graduation we went to dinner with his sister, trisha and his grandma. Thank you to all who have sent such sweet cards/gifts. Steve really appreciated all those who cared so much for him. My family is such a great support system!