Sunday, December 13, 2009

Glimpse in the NiCu

The nicu
My nephew is in the Nicu.
I can’t help but reminisce on what my experience was like when peyton was in the Nicu.
The nicu is a place of worry, sadness, and miscommunication.
You feel like every nurse has no clue what they are talking about…no one can clearly explain to you what’s happening in lay man terms…every nurse becomes your worst enemy. The are going on shifts or leaving and never know quite what to say…the only question that you are thinking of is…when will my baby get to come home? The nicu is a place you never expect to go to. The worst is when you are discharged from the hospital and leave without your baby..You are in a state where the last thing you want to hear is everyone else’s experiences…you are being denied to hold your baby, caress your baby, at times to feed your baby. All you have is hope and your heavenly father to lean on. Everyday seems to get better or worse…No one understands what to say or what not to say…Then the day finally comes when you receive a phone call and the voice on the other end says
…”He’s ready, come get him.” You are finally filled with so much happiness. My experience will always remain a negative experience because of what I went through. I hope when future kids come it will be a sweeter experience. The nicu is a place no mom will ever understand what it's like unless they have gone through it themselves. The important thing is, peyton is totally fine now...and I have that to be always grateful for. I learned from this experience to have a higher sensitivity towards others that go through the nicu as well as patience...things happen in life you can't explain or predict..I love you Carter! Get well!!:)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Friends temple night

The holiday season is coming!! And being inside the temple during December is the best! Friends couple night Sat, December 12th 7 pm session. Draper Temple. Be there at 6:30 in the waiting area inside the temple. Hope you can make it!