Monday, December 29, 2014

Oh my heart

I had to document this in my blog. This blog is like journaling for me in many different ways... It's so fun to print out blog books each December of the past year and to reflect :)
 so... As my heart is just brimming over the top--- my little baby girl.. Leaned over tonight to kiss me & stared into my eyes (not joking) and said "Love You Mama" just when I thought she couldn't be any more perfect... Sigh.... Seriously in heaven right now. Great ending to a really great day:) 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Couples Retreat

The trip that we had literally planned for, for over like 9 months came to pass!  We headed to Saint George to stay at my parents house for a Couples Trip.  The Boyds and Us got in on Thursday & that evening went to see "Meet the Mormons…"  (gotta be honest, a tad boring….zzzzzz….I LOVED the very last story though…) We also had some Red Lobster, too.  

The next day we went to see "Maze Runner"…..we still have no clue what the heck we saw! The most confusing movie ever!  haha.  It was entertaining though :)  Afterwards we ate lunch @ Jimmy Johns and headed to Snow Canyon. 

While at Snow Canyon we went caveing..Poor Katie, I didn't mean to scare you guys!  haha!  Steve and I have become so accustomed to this cave that we didn't realize how tight spaces and drop offs were that big of a deal….ooops..  Love you Boyds!  

That evening we met up with the Koellikers for dinner at The Pizza Factory…..yummmy!  By that time we hadn't heard from the Merrills or the Arthurs…and soon found out the Merrills were involved in a car accident & were at the ER in Beaver.  it was super sad :(  I didn't realize how devastating it was until after seeing a picture of what had happened.  I am just so glad that they were all alright!  We sure missed them! Later we were able to get a hold of the Arthurs to find out that they were ok. 

 We then played some games & the next morning the boys went golfing.  4 in a half hours of golfing!! like what? haha.
We then went to my most favorite yogurt place, Krave.  Afterwards we headed to Vegas.  

We at here:

And then went to see SHANIA!!! wahoo!! It was so fun to dance around and sing.  I started crying at one point during the concert seeing all of her old music videos!  i just love her!

Although this one is blurry- it's my favorite :)

But I must say… most FAVORITE picture ever from this ENTIRE weekend has got to be this one…..Like seriously……I'm so happy to have photogenic kids….this picture was definetly NOT easy to get…but so worth it….I just love these people…Oh my goodness I seriously just wanna squeeze Jordynn…her little stance and everything is just TOO CUTE.  I love Peyton's smile in this picture alot. And love how Bradyn's playing with my necklace and his little round cheeks.  And my Steve, my rock…(he had a hole in his jeans so we were trying to hide it:)) lol!  I really didn't have intentions of replacing our large picture in our living room, but after seeing how this picture turned out…i'm convinced! we gotta do it!  haha!

Just love my baby girl! I have way too many perfect pictures of her…keep em' coming :)  

It was a great weekend and we are so grateful to have such great friends in our life! 
Have a fun & Safe Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

jordynn is 16 months old!!

So let's just talk about this picture for a second….This little girl just LOVES tinkerbell.  Everytime we put it on, she just squeals and spins in circles, it's so cute.  So we thought naturally, let's have her be Tinkerbell for halloween.  When her package came, the day we'd been waiting anxiously for :)  haha…it was her and i at home and I lifted it up out of the box and no joke she put it up to her and began marching around the house and squealing, it was ADORABLE.  I then put it all on her..took her outside, told her "Ok Jorbears….we are gonna take a picture of you…." I'm NOT even kidding…she put her arms up behind her head and just gave her biggest grin and just held in this pose…like what?!?!?!  Is she my daughter or what?!  haha!! Oh my goodness, i just am so in love with her.  yes, I love my boys..but seriously….a girl is the FUNNEST experience ever…I just LOVE it.  She pretty much is the reason that made us decide that we are for SURE having more kids…I would gladly have 3 more girls.  They are just so so so precious!!!:)  (that's not really our plan, but still haha)  Anywho.. today I took her to her 15 month check up…

weight- 20 pounds 0 ounces- 32 percentile
length- 30.5 inches-- 35 percentile
head- 18 inches- 46 percentile

She tries to do everything her brothers do…if they are drawing..she wants to and she WILL.  haha.  If they are playing seriously any game, any activity any THING  she insists that she is included and strives to do exactly what they're doing.  It's so funny :) oh we just love her!!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bradyn is 3!

My little guy is now 3!! He has been a breeze for us.  He is so easy going, potty trained himself basically a few months ago, great eater, plays SO well with others, loves Church, loves to swim, loves to play outdoors..Just a FUN kiddo!  His favorite show right now is "The Lego Movie" but I honestly think his heart is Always set on any show with Lightning McQueen :)  He begins preschool 3 days a week starting next week!  So excited for him :)  He has become quite particular on his clothes, him doing things solely on his own, his method of putting on shoes, etc.  So that's been different for us to have to be patient about.  ha!  He loves to draw and paint.  He loves to look through books and label everything.  I think his MOST fun activity is boating.  He is Always looking out our window talking about Grandpa and his red boat and how he's coming to pick him so cute.  He loves attention, he loves when people compliment him...(especially from his auntie krystal:))  He's always so mindful of others' feelings.  He's the first whenever J is fussing that he finds where her bottle or her dolly is to hand it to her.  So cute!  Oh we just love our Bradyn. his appointment favorite quote was "Get ready for a tall, husky football player...:)"  haha.  

Weight- 34 lbs 72 percent (gained NINE lbs in a year)
Length- 39 inches- 85 percent (grew 5 inches in a year)
BMI 16

For his birthday party we met at our clubhouse and had dinner and swam with friends and family.  It was so much fun!! i'll post pics later- but here's one of his cake!

Friday, August 8, 2014

steve's birthday..& updates :)

Well the day has come.....we are hitting our 30's folks!  what?!  Seems so crazy & unreal to me! the same time, it's exciting.  I feel like we are really turning a page in our Adventure book and the "big" adult stuff seems to be coming our way!  {i'll explain in a sec...}  

For Steve's Birthday..we went swimming that day & we went out on a date night (thanks B & K!)  I wasn't feeling great enough to stay up for fireworks that night, so we just tried pretending to the kids like it wasn't going to happen that night, and thankfully they were asleep before they all started.  Where we live, we have an AWESOME view of so many locations of fireworks that go off...

Then the next day we went Boating.  We always have a BLAST boating with B and K.  It's SO fun to see the kids get so excited.  Peyton and Bradyn really adore their sweet little cousins.  It's so fun to see them get together & watch Peyton and Brittlyn get married..haha!  {just ask me for a story :)}

  Then that weekend we met up with lots of friends & family for Steve's Big Birthday Dinner at Goodwood BBQ.  It was a really great place to have this dinner at.  It was a lot of fun!  {THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYONE WHO CAME:)}  we seriously do have the greatest people in our life :) 

 Steve's really been enjoying his softball team that he's been a part of.  They are undeafted so far, so that's awesome.  It's fun to watch each Saturday, as well as fun for the kids to watch, too!  

One of my bf's Jamie, came into town this past week- it was so fun to see her!  One of the nights we took Joyce out for her birthday and did the parade of homes and watched some Bachelor in Paradise :)  {totally awesome show, guys:)}

  Can I just say how much I LOVE the parade of homes this year!  Oh my's so much fun.  Literally one of my most favorite things to do!  It's especially even more fun this year to go.....because......{most of you already know....} we are getting ready to BUILD!  wahoo!! We've decided to build with Candelight Homes in Bluffdale {Independence at the point} We begain with finding one floor plan that we REALLY tears, you guys...really.....loved....& then I couldn't help but wonder if there were anyother floor plans with Candlelight that was what we were looking for...and we found another plan called the Aspen {Candlelight just came out with a "new" Aspen, so the one on the internet is old}  And umm..yeah....L.O.V.E.D. it!  Again, tears..haha!  We've been out to it plenty of times with friends  & my mom and just love it.  I try to find any excuse to go see it again ha!  We are aiming to begin building in December.  We are watiing for Steve to pass his next exam in December and then to start building & are wanting to move in June 1.  wahoo!  I see this home as being a place where my kids grow up, and I can see them coming home from football practices, and doing their homework, and having countless friends come in & out of the door, and a place where we send them off on their missions...sigh...i just love this floor plan.  It's Exactly what we've been looking for :)  Lucky for us, we bought this place at a great time, so we hope it sells well.  :)  Here's kinda a "sketch..."  of it.  

Peyton & Bradyn begin school soon!  It's so cute that they will be going to the same pre-school together.  {Learning Dynamics} We decided to hold Peyton back, and for him to start K next year, although we do have the option next year to put him into 1st grade.  We will just have to see.  I just have really felt comfortable with him staying at this pre-school for another full year :)  So they will both be going MWF @ noon-2:15.  Peyton's reading has really come along so well this summer.  We tried sticking to a schedule with both boys of doing different academic activities each day, and I think we've done well. I think Bradyn will just LOVE going to school.  He loves when anyone is giving him attention, I can't wait :)  
We've got our Anniversary all planned...6 years!  It seems a lot longer than that haha!  {is that bad to say?:)}  I'm excited for our plans.  My mom keeps wanting us to stay out even longer...all I can say is, whatever you want!  haha!  

We are still primary teachers in our ward.  It's really fun to teach together.  We really love & enjoy our kids & love seeing them out and about and hear them yell our names from across a grocery store, it's super cute.  
Ummmm....Bradyn is turning 3 on sunday!  3!  what!?  Just seems like not too long ago that he was a small baby that I was cuddling....he's the sweetest baby and always will be...I cant WAIT for his party tomorrow!  It's going to be so fun.  But I think the thing I'm most looking forward is his face.  seriously, his face.  Seeing how excited he will get that all the attention is on him.  As always, can't wait to see his cake, too :)  {stay tuned for that!!}  ha!

Well I think that's a pretty good update on us!  All 3 kids are asleep right now...gotta catch up on my Book. PS.  Kate Morton...AMAZING!   lol.  

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My JorBear's is ONE.....

Oh my little girl is 1....ONE!  The time has come.  One of those kinda things that I can't stop :(  Leading up to her birthday I must say there were quite a few nights my pillow was damp just thinking about it.  Having Jordynn in my life has been a complete perfect dream.  I couldn't ask for a better baby.  She is SO incredibly bright..& has the funnest spunkiest personality.  She's exhausting haha!  I think she wears me out even more than her 2 brothers combined.  She hops on her brothers and will wrestle and roll all over them and just laugh &'s so cute.  She eats a variety of foods & is an excellent eater.  We've come to learn she is one olive skinned girl.  She went to Lake Powell with us- and has the cutest little tan going on.  (just like her daddy:)) Jordynn began walking at 11 month..has 6 teeth.  Sleeps through the night.  Has 1 nap during the day for about 3 ish hrs.  Points, squeals, shakes her head for No and nods for Yes, turns pages in a book, holds a pencil and scribbles for minutes upon kisses & Hugs...that's my favorite is when she walks up to me and wraps her little arms around my neck and just squeezes so sweet.  (sigh........)  I can't get enough of her.  Her favorite show is Tinkerbell :)  Anytime it's on shes completley hypnotized :))  She loves when i apply blush on her cheeks.  Her hair is long enough now for CLIPS!  Clips!! so so fun :)  (headbands are so annoying to me at the moment :))  She waves and says "bye, mama, dada"  oh we just love our little princess.  She has all of us wrapped around her finger & I can already tell that I will give her everything she wants (oh NO!.......)  she has us cast under her spell and we love it.  Today she got her shots.

weight 18 lbs 11 ounces 27 percent
length 30 inches 47 percent
head 18 inches 48 percent

I've got to blog about her birthday party.  It was the best little birthday party, we just loved it.  We are so happy for all those who came.  :)  My Savannah came all the way from Logan to be there. I just love thinking of jordynn's little girl friends:  Jolee, Elsie, Quinn, Brynlee, It's so fun to have so many friends with little girls :)  Let's talk for a second about her cake...Um.....WHAT?!?!   It was to DIE for!  I loved loved loved how her cake turned out.  It was perfect!:)  I had so much fun decorating for her party and had been planning for months prior.  (naturally :))  We had little backyard games for the kids:  bowling, a duck pond, and a dart toss with balloons filled with candy and money inside :)  She had the CUTEST....THE CUTEST  expression when we sang Happy Birthday to her....oh my heck?!  I just. loved. it. Once it got dark we roasted cookie/smores and watched was so Fun!  And are so blessed to have so many great friends & family in our lives who knew how important this special day was for us.   It was a birthday party that I will never forget :)


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Peyton's 5!

I have a 5 year old! What!? For his birthday we went to Jump On It... We had a great turnout. Thanks again for everyone who came! And we loved his cake! Peyton loves monster trucks and motorcycles right now :) we went to our annual Bees game & are waiting to go to the zoo once the Safari opens. (On his birthday each year we always go) 
Peyton finished his 1st yr of preschool. His teacher stated "he has improved leaps and bounds..." Peyton can read books that have 5-6 words on a page... Other things he has learned is on the picture below :) after much deliberation, we have decided to hold him back. He will be doing another year at preschool... And Bradyn gets to join him at the same school! (Learning dynamics) They will be going MWF 12-2:30. I'm excited for them:) right now we are potty training Bradyn to get him ready for August. Peyton can now sit in a booster in the car, that's cool! Haha. He got a new bike, a scooter, an Art set and lots of other toys for his birthday. He's out riding daily:) 

here are his Stats:
Weight- 38lbs 34%
Height- 45 in. 81%
BMI- 13.7  3%
He's in t ball right now & loves it! (With an exception of last game...) ha! His swimming lessons begin June 2.. It's a 2 week course, everyday... Just in time for Lake Powell the end of June! Wahoo:) 
Currently, we have been getting ready for our baby girls birthday party... It will be SO memorable & so fun! 

We are excited to spend his 6th birthday in Disneyland next year!!!! 

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Monday, March 10, 2014

9 months

My sugar pie is 9 months old today! 

She has been the fastest with so many things. She can sit, crawl, stand, pick things up from a table and squat back down to sit....she's going to be walking soon!  I'm so happy that I don't have to worry about her not doing things fast enough.  Sometimes I sit and think, what can she not do?!  She's got 2 teeth, she waves Hi & Bye, she is still the most social- smiliest girl that I have ever been around.  I love that she is that way.  You can tell how much she loves people and being around them.  She's SO easy going & is just the sweetest baby ever :)  While away on our Cruise, she was the best little baby for my Mom.  It was so fun to see such a strong attatchment my mom has with her.  I love how much my mom loves my kids. :)  I love the eye contact she gives me and others.  She loves to give kisses. She is the biggest fan of my heck, she just loves my hair.  She is constantly having to hold it and put it up to her face to fall asleep.  She's just SO sweet.  I can't wait to do so many fun things with her.  While in Disneyworld- we passed the Princess Boutique & got  prices and am so excited to always dress her up and to take her to Disneyland and have her dress up.  Lucky girl, gets to go to Disney twice within one year!:)  I also can't wait for her to get her toes done with my pedi's :)  She sure has us wrapped around her finger. As much as I wish she would always stay little, it makes me so anxious to watch her grow and for me to grow right alongside her.  She and I love planning her First birthday party- and thinking of so many fun ideas.  I'm working on a special little project for her, that I can't wait to see how it turns out. :)  She is still nursing and loves it, i've planned on nursing for whenever she doesn't want to anymore....which ...may be awhile ha ha.  Doc says her weight has slowed down a bit & has suggested we do some form of solids 3 times a day rather than the 2.  and to powerpack her bottles whevever she has one.  

weight- 16.67 lbs- 25%
length- 27.5 in- 46%
head- 17.25- 51%

Doc says she's very porpotional, and am so grateful for that :)  In other news, Bradyn has become a persistant snore-er and may have his adenoids removed...poor guy! But we are looking forward to some restful nights, so whatever it takes to help him not wake up so much, that will be great.  

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Thursday, March 6, 2014


Well the trip we had planned for like a year in a half finally came to pass! It was a Blast! Joyce & Nic and my brother Ben and his wife Krystal came:) 
We spent a day at Hollywood studios and that was so fun. Perfect amount of time without any kids to do everything. We did do that 90 min tour with Westgate to get 2 tickets for $80 and that ended up working really well. We only stayed 20 min more than expected and got to the park 30 min after it opened. We spent two nights at All star movies. After we had received our rental- we made it over to the OL temple for some pictures. That was cool. Our ship was called Enchantment of the Seas. We had two stops. Cococay and Nassau. We loved Cococay. It's owned by royal & it was so clean and colorful. They served a BBQ on the beach.  I enjoyed a beach side massage and we did some snorkeling. While snorkeling, we were out pretty far & came cross some small reef sharks... It didn't phase us too much but a few moments later a 6 ft reef shark swam next to Steve & I lost it.... A lifeguard came over on a jet ski and took us in! Sooooo scary!!!!! Atlantis was AMAZING!!! I dont think we ever sat down the whole time at Atlantis.... The lazy rivers, the slides, aquariums, dolphin cay- all of it was SO neat! The lazy river would actually take you to your slides, we just stayed on!  Atlantis closed at 5, so we then spent sunset on the Beach. Our ship had a rock wall and a jump trampoline thing....  Our rooms in the ship were pretty big, there was a couch inside the room! The dancers for the nights shows were SO awesome! Some interesting things- their ice cream cone machines were only opened a few hours a day, no pizza 24\7. We had a hard time finding place to eat on the ship, not a lot of options. I think if we had a choice, we'd prefer carnival over Royal. 
Lots of memories & pictures :)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bahamas Shark Story

One of our stops was CocoCay.  It's a private island of Royal Carribbean's.  It was clean & colorful.  They served everyone a BBQ on the island.  We did some snorkeling, lounged around, I had a massage on a beach in a cabana...the day was going So well :)  After my massage, Steve had asked if I wanted to go back out snorkeling.  Joyce and Nic had gone back to the ship- it was getting later in the day and he had told me that Ben & Krystal were out there and that there was a place he wanted to show me that was pretty far out- I said OK.  We got into the water and had caught up to Ben & Krystal- the 4 of us were snorkeling around.  We saw the prettiest and huge fish and stingray...I realized we were out really far.  Which I wasn't too concerned about at all.....then as myself, Ben and Krystal were all next to each other we came across some 4 ft reef made us uncomfortable but didn't seem like a big deal at all.  We had just glanced at each other under the water in a "wow" kinda expression.  I then swam closer towards to Steve, with my head still under the water & noticing that his was not...I began to see a Shark coming closer to steve....he then came alongside of him and realized he was the same length as Steve....I began to rise to the surface & tucked my legs into my chest....Steve asked if I had seen something and without saying any words, just nodded Yes.  I felt really uncomfortable & began to panic.....I told Steve & Ben & Krystal that we were too far out and needed someone to come and get us.  I knew if Steve had seen what I saw his panic would have thrown me into histeria haha.  In some colorful language....we got a lifegaurd that was on a deck to come over with his jet ski- he explained that it was JUST some reef sharks and that there isn't anything to worry about and took Krystal & I into the beach and left Ben & Steve to swim to shore!  After getting on to shore a small crowd wondered what had happened and we told them.  It was so SCARY!  At the time first thought wasn't that the shark was going to bite...which is weird....i more so just didn't like the idea of swimming ALL the way back to shore after seeing what I saw!  As we've been back home, Steve told me that there was a part to this story that he hadn't had told me....he explained how he had seen a dark shadow that had ran alongside of him.  EEEK!  Just glad we are all Okay!!!!