Thursday, March 31, 2011


Tuesday, April 5th
Jamie's @ 6pm

Watching Wedding Videos!!!

please bring your wedding video and either popcorn, candy, or a drink to share!!!!
Hope to see ya there!!!!!

ps- boys are planning a guys night the same night! Get with Bryce for the 411

Friday, March 25, 2011

Need or Not Need?

Hey Ladies!!! All you fine Successful Nursing ladies....what is your opinon of one of these...

Some of you have been so lucky as to have heard my "not so good" labor and delivery stories. One of which was the inability/lack of desire to nurse. Since Peyton was a NICU baby and I had a bad case of "flat nipples" I was not able to nurse very well...but i pumped like crazy for about 6 weeks....the sucky part was we rented one for $85/month. And then when i was in the NICU they had one on hand for me to use.

This time around I really want to make sure I give a solid effort with breast feeding..and was it totally necessary to have a pump on hand? Even if you're successful with nursing, is it still good to have one on hand? Is it worth the money? Borrow not buy one? Will it erase a lot of stress to have one on hand in case needed? Let me know what you think. Because it is quite expensive..and just don't know if I should get one or not.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hey All!!!
First of all I need to catch ya up on Disneyland!!

We had a lot of fun! Although i don't think I would recommend going while pregnant. My back began hurting alot. Plus I love big rides..and I wasn't able to go on any of them :( But it was Fun!!!

Now for the News of the Day.....

YAY!!!! I'm way excited!!!! Excited for Peyton to have a little brother, things will be a lot cheaper (since we have most everything) and excited to see how much Bradyn will look like Peyton :)

My due date has been moved-

It's interesting My original due date with Peyton was May 19th then moved to May 13th. And with this baby...original was August 19th and moved to August 13th. Hmmmm.....

So if you recall, I was going to meet with a Genetic counselor about some things....well absolutely no worry on our part whatsoever. Peyton's heat defect determines there is a 2.5% risk this next baby will have one as well. They did a cardiac ultrasound and said the heart looked worries. But if we still wanted to we could go to SL and have a fetal echo...but i don't think we will. Sounded like there was no need to.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to being SHOPPING online for Stuff :) See ya!!!


Friday, March 18, 2011

Lake Powell Memories!!!

With some help from my Mom…we figured out I have been to Lake powell 12 times. I want to go down memory lane a little bit and talk about my memories with each trip…. More so for my personal records...I’m feeling a little nostalgic today. Of course I included pics as well…

Before getting the houseboat…when I was younger I went on 3 trips. We just camped out. Totally not providing pics for these 3 trips ha ha…

2002 –Amanda, her Dad and uncle- Amanda invited me on this trip. I remember going snorkeling with bright lights that were under the water to help us see, rats climbing on the boat at night, and getting hit by a large deer on the side of our van coming home in the middle of the night. So sad I don’t have ONE PICTURE from this trip!!! Amanda, do you??

2003- Highschool trip- HAVE Oh so many memories!! I went with Jamie, Aubree, Amanda, Brittany, and Cara. I remember having boat tire issues on the way there…taking pics of Brittany sleeping in the car, the boat driving over some large stick and me bursting into tears thinking the trip was over, Britt and Aubs having a burping contests at night, Jamie and Britt sleeping on a futon that took over 75% of the tent lol…And of course, me and Britt being burnt to a crisp while everyone else is golden brown..and my dad driving Cara next to a rock wall..that had scared her to death :)

then later that year...we got the houseboat

2003 Katie- I remember laying out a lot. I do remember skinny dipping…amateur style..ha ha…we would get in the water and then take our swim suits off ha ha…

2004- Jamie and Joyce- Well what can I say, skinny dipping with Jamie of course is a HUGE memory of mine…let’s just say we got a pretty clear picture of us in the water…we both saw it and ripped up the evidence ha ha….”the huge monster in the water” And my extensions falling out and dropping all over Jamie and Joyce’s legs on a tube ha ha…they were screaming…I was laughing but sad that they had fallen out…Ended up taking a lot of my real hair with it…my hair ended up being high above my chin after it was over ha ha..

2005- Megan & Savannah- Ok Lots to talk about with this trip So on our way there we had a couple of cars going down and my parents Suburban broke down…we waited and waited in some small town and my Dad kept talking as if we would just have to go home. And I was NOT going to allow that to happen. So I grabbed Meg & Savannah, Amber, and her friend Marlene and hopped into the car and began driving to Powell on our own not knowing whether or not my parents were actually going to be coming. We stopped in P-town and slept over @ Veater’s house (a friend I had met through Joyce at USU) It was so Fun! We went 4- wheeling around town and roasted marshmellows. Once we got to Powell we had someone take us and all our stuff from the dock to the houseboat…and realized we had no food or water and was literally DYING! We then made a big sign and began screaming for someone to come get us to take us back to shore so that we could run somewhere to go eat. Someone did come get us…went and got something to eat…By the time we got back to the parents were there with everyone else…and proceeded to have our trip ha ha. Of course…skinny dipping with Savannah! We found this little cove…got naked on shore and ran into the water…so fun! I also remember their was this little boy with us that year that had a big crush on Savannah…ha ha…

In 2005 I also went with Aubs- wow….well let’s see Skinny dipping memory for sure! This was the ULTIMATE most Hilarious Skinny dipping story ever!! So…we decided to go skinny dipping and began hiking around the area…came to this rather large cliff..and thought hey let’s get naked and jump off the high cliff into pitch darkness..and hope everything is OK down at the bottom…as we were about to Dad turns on the house boat’s spot light straight at us…we began yelling “turn it off” but he wouldn’t so we got undressed anyway..jumped off landed in water…ha ha…but didn’t think that we would need to climb up off the one of us turned the other way and took turns climbing out of the little cove back up to the cliff to dress. Another memory…my brother Ben and Aubs took a bunch of scandalous pictures…we went home and I made a story book out of the pictures…HILARIOUS!

(most all of you have seen this book)

2006- Mission (Didn’t Go, obviously)

2007- Jamie-I actually don’t think we went skinny dipping this year. Jamie was married and asked her to go right after I came home from my mission. I felt so bad..she was home sick for Bryce….It was like a 6 or 7 day trip…what a tropper for coming! But I do remember boating through some pretty canyons and me asking her a bunch of sex qts..that was fun ha ha…

2008- Steve and I were engaged-Finally taking a BOY with me to Powell!!! That was fun! No skinny dipping….or was there?? Hmmm….ha ha…

2009- Peyton was 3 mos old- Didn’t Go

2010--Peyton's 1st year- So fun to bring my little boy with me to my home land of Lake powell…he loved it! Although he had a huge fever..his molars came through that same week..poor guy…but he loved the tubes! And yes, steve and I did go skinny dipping…ha ha… rated R style LOL. First trip being a Married Girl to Powell!

I just Love Lake Powell so much. If you haven’t been, you are missing out! You’ve got to Go!!! I LOVE IT!! I will always feel like home there. Everytime we leave my mom gets out a chair places it on top of the house boat and will just burst into tears each time we have to leave…I feel the same way too!!

What can be better…Sun, Friends, Water, Boating = MEMORIES!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Peace Out!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011



OK- so I had my Appt I have a Flap in my heart...not serious at procedures necessary....pretty much i need to see him once a year to make sure the flap doesn't turn into an ASD (which is what Peyton had) and then I would need a procedure to take place. 25% of the population has flaps in their hearts..some want to take care of it and get it they go through with a procedure. If I even felt like that- he recommend me not to since it would require high doses of radiation that would be harmful to the Baby.

ALL IS WELL!! I'm 17 weeks tomorrow!!! and have gained 3 lbs.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Not a Happy Post...:(

This is a sad one.....

I am posting this experience with not all the Facts some of you are aware...last post I was explaining how I've been having weird things where my arm, upper lip, tongue..goes numb and begin to see black spots...And I told my OB of these things and he set me up with a Cardiologist appt...So I go in and asks for me to come the following day for a Bubble Echo. So I go was cool...i layed down on my left side...had an IV in my arm and they pumped saline through my body and as they were performing the ultrasound I would tighten my ab muscles..and if the bubbles go through one way of the heart..then they know there is a hole..and if they didn't then they know everything is OK...
There is Hole....a large one...:(
Sorry, I'm going to start crying......
I'm so scared and emotional right now.....
But I do have to go through a procedure to get it Salt Lake....
But they told me oftentimes I have one of 3 options
1- Catheter through my femoral artery, they will patch up the hole
2- Go down my esophogagus and come to my heart from the back side..and clamp the hole
3- OR decide not to do anything at all

These procedures can be done while being pregnant. There is only One Doctor in the State of Utah that performs these procedures. Interesting thing is that me having a hole and Peyton having had had a hole...completley unrrelated. It's not genetic. It's a complete rare fluke. I thought that was quite interesting...
I'm not quite sure I want to be carrying a baby while going through this procedure....
My follow up appt is on I'll ask everything....


The doc goes...ok enough of the worrisome're 16 weeks along right...i said yes...he says- wanna know the sex of your baby? And said Umm....YES! He dragged the ultrasound thing on down...and TOLD ME!!:)
So that was exciting news. I wasn't going to find out till the 23rd.

I'll post after my appt on Tuesday