Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Must Read


Love love this article!!! I am ALL for fitness & eating well, getting in shape post baby. But seriously, let's stop trying to mask the fact that our bodies DID actually in fact HAD a baby. Rather than "celebrating" on the "hey check me out, I just had a baby" focus on the words in this article- you, your body was a home for your baby. Your body will never be the same & be proud and feel honor for that. It is an amazing blessing. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

6 months

Our angel turned 6 months!  Seriously....a complete angel!  She is seriously the best baby ever.  She is so well-tempered & SO chill.  We just love her sparkly green-gray eyes.  She's began sitting about a month ago.  And has been a champ at it :)  She just loves to sit on the ground and play with toys.  We tried Peaches today---Thumbs up!  She loved them!  She still isn't sleeping through the night--but the Doc thought- "no wonder she's not sleeping through the night yet, she only breastfeeds & at the moment isn't taking in solids."  (we had started to, but had been on a break for a week)  SO...we are hoping that by feeding her solids 1-2x's a day, that she will begin to.  That would be nice :)  She's just been a delight & we love her more and more as each day passes.  We want to thank all of you for your kind words!  We love taking pictures & posting them of her!  Not going to Lie- having a girl is the BEST!  it's SO much fun!  

weight: 15 lbs 9 ounces- 40%
length: 26 1/2 inches- 66%
head: 17 inches- 61%

Friday, November 22, 2013

Holiday Season!

Just doing some cute crafts with these little ones :)

We are sure getting into the Holidays this year.  As doing so, we've reflected on some traditions that Steve & I want to start with our little family.  

Some we have decided to begin are, this year we are going to be doing the 12 Days of Christmas to a very very special little family!!! We are so excited to go shop & get all the supplies for each night.  Thanks to Pinterest for providing us such great ideas!  Can't wait for Dec 13th to roll around and to begin.  :)  
Another tradition we have decided to begin is Elf on The Shelf.  This was one, that I needed some convincing- i didn't really get it at first, but after reading the story and Steve's encouragement, we decided to go ahead and to do it this year.  We are going to start it Dec 1st- by the boys opening up The Elf as well as The Book from under the Christmas tree :)  Steve & I have already begun to research all the different positions and spots we want to put the Elf.  It will be so fun to watch the boys get up each morning and to run around the house looking for the Elf.  And to explain to them that The Elf is watching them, so they best be good! ha ha.  

Another tradition we are going to be doing this year is The Polar Express!  I feel like it's time, with the kids at these ages- that they should really appreciate it, and find it so much fun.  We were watching "The Polar Express" one night, and saw they boys jumping up and down chanting "Santa on the Train!" And to see the excitement that the Both of them had I was like we are TOTALLY doing it this year.  They will be SO STOKED!  So we already purchased our tickets, and are going on the 21st :) 

We will of course continue the month with weekly sledding trips, a trip to Temple Square and to see Santa @ the Mall. This year, I'd like to do the lights at Thanksgiving Point. It'll be such a fun month.  We've actually got all our Christmas shopping done!  So that's been somewhat of a relieving feeling to go into the month with ease & calmness having everything completed and wrapped, ready to be placed under the Tree. I'm trying to convince Steve for us to decorate the house this weekend!  Each year, it's taken about 4 1/2 hrs to get it all done.  It's a big task, lots of DP & staying up late! That's what is hard- is figuring out, each year- do we decorate with the kids or without?  IT's so much easier to do it without them! ha. 
 Anyways, Happy Holidays!  Make New Memories!❄️⛄️


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Upgrades & changes!

Well it took me 20 years to get my 1st ever Cell phone...yep,  I was 20.  I've had over 30 college roommates, and I was always known as the "Apartment phone" roomie haha!  hey, it was pretty cool to have my own answering machine!  So.....a few days ago, I got my 1st I-PHONE 4S.  Thought it was about that time.  I'm now, almost 29 haha.  And all I can say People....WHAT WAS I THINKING HOLDING OUT THIS LONG?!  it is so freakin' amazing!  Love it!!! But....i do need to set some rules for myself.  I really don't want my baby to see more of a phone & a computer screen than she does her own mama's face.  i mean, really!  

Another area I feel I'm updated on is.....I got my first Swifer! ha!  No more on all Fours scrubbing the floors!  yay!  And now after getting one....what was I thinking?!?  I've literally scrubbed the floors on all fours for SOOOO long.  like, what?!

A change that has taken place with me is, one of my very bestest bestest bestest friends, Jamie Nelson...is moving away.  Not just away for a summer, but away...as in across the freakin' country.  :(  To Boston.  For work.  As heartbroken as I am, I am excited for her and her family.  We do wish them the Best.  But I'm still struggling with finding the positives.  She's been like a sister to me in so many ways.  We've ALWAYS stayed Consistently Close for what....like, 11 years now?   Everything from Junior & Senior year of highschool, my years being up at Utah State, her being at UVSC, weddings, my mission, graduations, babies being born....We've always been there for each other.  I'm so happy she's been a part of my life, and I know she still will be.  It's just that, Change sucks!  haha!  It does, but it doesn't.  :( :)  Sure do love this girl. 


Friday, October 11, 2013

4 months.....reallllllly?!

My sweetie pie turned 4 months yesterday.  I would be lying if I didn't hold her crying over this :(  I just l.o.v.e. this stage & want her to stay so little forever!  I have savored every minute with this beauty, everything about her i  just can't. get. enough. of :)  The thing i love most about her, is her constant need to smile at everything & everyone that even comes close to her.  Heck, she smiles & coos at the freakin' ceiling fan as if she'll never lie eyes on it again.  it's just soooo cute.  When she got her shots yesterday, she was just cooing, and raising her eyebrows at the nurse, untill she got pricked :( so sad....Bradyn was with me and hugged onto my leg and said "oh no, baby......oh no.....NO!!!!"  It was so sad :(  Jordynn is still an excellent nurser.  For now, I'm just planning on Dec, and then stopping.  She use to sleep through the night great, and now she gets up 2-3 times to eat---Dr. McCuen told me some women's milk supply can't keep up with the baby at about 4 mos.  And to incorporate one formula bottle during the night or right before she sleeps.  Problem is, she's not fantastic at the bottle, she will take it eventually....but...acts as if she's either gagging or really bothered that it's not me.  (how cute:)) So we'll see what happens.  so Now....that night times have been like this---we haven't moved her to her bedroom yet.  She's still with us.  A couple steps to her seems a lot easier than several :)  After completing her 4 mo check-list Dr McCuen says she's "advanced"  so that's good!
Oh we sure love her!  Some exciting news, on ETSY- one seller of headbands have asked if Jordynn can be displayed on the website with their products on & in exchange we get free stuff!  How cool is that!?  And then a 2nd seller of legwarmers & headbands have asked her to also be on their website wearing their products as well!  she's basically f.a.m.o.u.s. :) 
So at her 2 month appt- I guess the stats were right, but the percentages they gave me were incorrect.   So for my record keeping here is the revised 2 month record & her 4 month stats!

2 Months
weight: 10 lbs 15 oz- 42%
length: 23 in- 77%
head: 15 in- 49%

4 months
weight: 13 lbs 4 oz- 32%
length: 24.5 in- 56%
head:16 in- 35%

In other news, Steve took his big SPI exam (ultrasound) yesterday.  You need an 80 to pass...and he missed by one.....ONE....1....question :(:(  Soooooo frustrating:(  We've been sooo bummed :(  Earliest he can re-take is Dec. 10th.  Just slows "our plan" down a bit.  But at least he knows he missed it just by one, and knows what question it was.  So....yeah.  Big thanks to all of those who have inquired of us & for my friends Jen & Katie who have helped so much through this week as I have been feeling very ill.  :(  I just hope these consistent migraines are not related to my heart defect :(  (fingers crossed) Thank you guys!  Anyways, we get our family pictures today, that were done by the lovely Kara Simmons! Can't wait to see them!! 

Loves :)

Monday, September 23, 2013

what's it like...

Well, the hubster is off doing pages, so I thought to update the Blog.  I first started off thinking about writing about What's it like with 3 kids now....but then I just thought I might as well make this an update :)  

OCTOBER 10th--is a very very important date for us!  Steve is taking a test, that has been very expensive to book & he feels ready and prepared to go take it.  Not quite sure the title of the Test, but this test is SUPER important when it comes to the future of our family & our progress in reaching our family goals :)  Steve is still out & about doing X-RAYS ....give him a shout out when you pass his work van :)  lol.  After he passes (fingers crossed) this test he will begin working alongside an Ultrasound Tech who is contracted through Steve's company.  There is no one as an Ultrasound Tech with Steve's company in Utah.  Steve will be the First.  So he'll begin shadowing this Tech that is contracted through the company for a full year.  After a full year (Oct of next year) he'll then take his final licensing exam & be an independent Ultrasound/X-RAY tech for the company.  Pretty much this is really important to happen, b/c at about this time we'll then begin to really really start saving for a house.  We are thinking that at Jordynn's 2nd Birthday is when we'll move.  The more we talk about---i think I prefer buying pre-exsisting :)  We've always really loved the District/Daybreak area.  We seem to really like EDGE & Richmond homes a lot.  So we'll just see at that time if we should build or buy pre-exsisting.  But, my gosh--I'm confident that by her 2nd birthday I will want to be getting the HECK out of this condo!  Peyton will be 6!  For right now, we are for sure thinking of selling.  We'd like to walk away with quite a chunk of money.  The bldg coming up right next to us is priced a LOT higher than what our bldg went for when we moved in....so that's good!  Anyways, Saint George is still a solid option for us.....maybe Steve's company would need a guy to cover the Cedar City/St George area by then??  If so, without a doubt----we'd leave.  We would.  We really really loved it down there :)  BUT....if by then Steve's company is not wanting anyone down there, I don't think it'd even be worth finding work down there b/c we already know that Steve's company pays their techs a LOT more than hospitals do....so.....yeah.  We'll see :)  Let's talk about the kids now....:)

Peyton....So Peyton began Learning Dynamics this Fall & loves it!  Every morning he has his bag in his hand and yells "School Time" ....problem is:  it's only Tues & Thurs that we go haha....Last week that I took him, he ran into the school yelling "School time"  & gave his teacher a hug.  It was cute :)  I went to Back to School Night & just loved his teacher & what they do each day, I love the structure & the simplicity to everything. I love their "blending concepts" with implementing reading that has already begun!!! Peyton went into Preschool knowing all his colors, shapes, letters & numbers.  It's been fun getting him to really memorize the sounds to all the letters as well as to perfect writing his name.  All his worksheets that he brings home--seems like he's catching on really well, so that's good.  There is a public charter school here in the Ranches called "Ranches Academy"  we are hoping Peyton wins the lottery by being selected to do Kindergarten there.  I've overheard a few ladies in the ward that the elementary school that our area covers has 35 students in their Kindergarten class & they were expressing their concerns with how many students are being over looked & are slipping through the cracks---really worried me.  I hope Pey could attend at this Ranches Academy school :)  Oct 1st is when we can enroll him.  So.....besides 2 days a week of preschool---he also goes to the School District monday mornings for speech.  He had tested out in May, but wasn't selected into an alternative program...so the shool district allowed him to continue going for another year.  This morning we went over how all his errors in his sounds last May are all perfected & passed off today.  So that's good.  They have told us that he says all the sounds that he's suppose to at this age---it's all sentence structure with him.  Soo....besides speech on Mondays, pre-school Tues & Thurs.  He also goes to Speech on Wednesdays at the Wasatch Speech Center in Salt Lake.  It's quite the drive for us, so my mom takes him twice a month and we take him the other two times.  His therapist is who my siblings had as therapists when they were all little.  So...I've enjoyed it so far.  Speech is such a slow process, I suspect seeing vast improvements come the Spring time.  I'd really really love for him to be caught up by Kindergarten.  But I suspect probably not until half way through his Kindergarten year.  Thank you all for all your support with Peyton!  I love all the questions & the desires in wanting to know how he's doing & what's next for him!!!  I know without a doubt this kid is going places....like really going places, & it's my duty to make sure I prepare him as much as I can for all that is to come in his life :)  Has it been stressful? Yes.  I'm sure all our kids have individual things that needs xtra attention and so forth...we are all stressed possibly at some points with our kids....Speech is just one of those things for him.  But it can be fixed.  And will be.  Interestingly enough, his therapist told my mom last week--that they are finding NICU babies have the most speech issues....interesting, huh.....Anyways, so this kid is busy...busy..busy...he is also doing Soccer.  He has practices each Thurs & games on Tues & Saturdays.  It started off really really well.....now......sigh...I don't know.  I don't know if he's quite emotionally ready for it.  Any time he kicks the ball  & if he does not stay with it & it's kicked by someone else...he runs to me crying.  Or when someone from his OWN team scores a point...he cries & yells "Peyton's turn!"  It's hard not to laugh, we just try to explain the best we can that you are on a TEAM & that it's ok if it's not just you kicking and scoring all the time.  (sigh)  bless his little heart!!! I don't know what to do!!! When he's in a big pack trying to get the ball, it's like he's doing whatever it takes to get that ball- that his first trigger is to push everyone out of the way.....(sigh)  Well, he's agressive, that's for sure.  So i don't know....I'm really looking forward to T-BALL.   I like the idea of each having a turn up at bat & running the bases...it seems a lot more conducive to maybe what he needs right now :)  Plus, he get to play T-ball with Jack, so I'm really excited for that;)  Other than that all the things that he's involved with right now, he's so fun & loving.  We are at a little bit of a tough time where Bradyn & him are getting in alot of fights...like fist fights....:(:(  Bradyn is becoming pretty strong willed.  It can start with something so simple as Bradyn playing with a car &  peyton coming up and taking that car--then Bradyn runs up to Peyton and yells at him, then Peyton shoves him, then Bradyn gets up to run over to smack him one...then next thing you know they are rolling on top of each other on the ground laughing.....like what?!  I don't know what to do!?  Oh, it's the best when these brawls happen while I am nursing and Steve isn't home...that's super duper fun right there :)  Anyways, on to Bradyn.....

Bradyn is learning & growing so much :)  He knows about 40 ish words that he says clearly.  Our doc told us at his 2 year appt he needs to know over 50 but that at least 25 need to be clear....so i felt good about that :)  He just entertains himself so well.  I find him in different places throughout the house with books...lots and lots of books....and with a big smile on his face :)  I try so hard to read with him everyday.  What's been fun is when Pey is at school, I make it school time for Bradyn, where we go over shapes & items in pictures. He loves Nemo & Toy Story are his fav's.  he's just a cutie....I love going places with just him & surprising him with a Kneaders cookie or whatever it may be.  He has the funniest facial expressions where you can tell he's either up to something OR just "feels" so special.  The boys are now sharing a room, & it has been so SIMPLE!!!  I've loved it.  We can't put them down at the same time, we wait till Pey has fallen asleep & put Bradyn in there & he just lays down with his mischeiveous grin on his face and closes his eys...and literally doesn't move :)  Another cute thing he does is will approach adults & point to J and say "My baby..." it's so cute.  He loves to squeeze & kiss her a lot.  So sweet.  On to Jordynn....

Seriously...what can I say.....this little girl has been such a joy.  I get teary eyes oftentimes just looking at her :)  She seriously hasn't been an Adjustment at all!  The best little sleeper..the best at this, that, and the other...just sooo perfect in every way & I just LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!!! I think Heavenly Father keeps sending me these chill, easy going, amazing babies so that we keep going.  And I know we've said 3 is good.  BUT....i really can see more..I'd love another girl :)  I can see us trying again when J is in Kindergarten:)  I feel like....as long as we are being blessed financially....I almost kind of feel like...i will have as many as the Lord wants me to.  As long as we are being blessed financially...not just have what we "need" to afford children, But also living a very comfortable lifestyle.  So we shall see :)    But seriously...love her!  Also what i love is Nursing....sometimes i ask myself---is there seriously anything in this world better than this?!?!  I just. love. it :)  Every bit of it:)  

I would have added pictures to this post---we just took family pictures, so i'm excited to see them & shall post :)  Maybe there will be one that i love enough to blow up and replace the one on my wall...we shall see! Myself and all 3 kids are going to St. George for about 3 ish nights to let Steve do some studying alone here at the house.  He needs it.  October 10th is a big day for him & for us.  

Well, i think that's a good update...oh wait, ME.....hmmmmm.......not a lot to report at all i don't feel.  Really happy.  Sure moments are stressful, but I get through them the best I can.  Steve is home a lot.  So 3 kids have been just fine for us.  I'm lucky.  We have good sleepers, i think that's what helps both him & I to keep our cool and to survive well :)  An interesting fact that I have discovered about myself, while talking with some friends- is that While I may not be overly protective or worrisome about outside elements with the safety at a park, being on a bike, or jumping too high on a trampoline..I do however feel like as a Mom, I am most concerned & worrisome when it comes to Academics.  Being confident that my child will succeed & has what it takes to acheive academic goals.  
Oh a neat thing that happened recently......I had taught an amazing lady, Patty on my mission fell in love with her.  She embraced the gospel, got baptized.  Moved to a different part in Georgia, contacted me letting me know that she needs the gospel more in her life and that her (newly married) hubby is interested---I went about contacting tha bishop as well as the sister missionaries & they began meeting with her tonight.  My heart is so full for them :)  Can't wait to see what happens!  Crazy how missionaries can text & have cell phones these days!!! So i get to text the sisters to get updates on her & her hubby's progress :)  How fun!!!

PS.  Sooooooooo excited for Halloweeen!!! This year the boys are superman & batman.  And J is a little witch with me :)  It'll be so fun!  Can't wait to get the costumes in the Mail!!!  Steve is taking me up to Logan for my birthday this year.  I'm SO looking forward to it :)  I feel so nostalgic lately & so grateful that I completed my degree there and want some time to reflect on those days and be in that Area.  

Anyways, I think that's it for now.  thanks for reading....Loves!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Jordynn's Blessing

Jordynn was blessed on Sunday, August 25th 2013. She was SO pretty.  I just absolutely love her dress, it's so Me.  I loved dressing her that morning.  It was a beautiful day, filled with family & friends.  She was just an angel!  Never cried  hardly at all through the whole day :)  

In the blessing, Steve mentioned things about her talents & that one day she'll pray to know if going on a mission is the right choice for her.  And that she'd be very loving & caring to those around her.  He also blessed her that she'd be married in the temple.  That she'd find someone "worthy of her Hand" (how cute is that :)) 
It's SO difficult to tune in when you have CRAZY kids jumping all over your lap....so that's all I got.  If you were there, please tell me if you can recall anything else :)  
Anyways, those in the circle were: Bishop Hawkins, Steve, Dave Devey, Ben Devey, Parker Devey, Russell Barker, Bill Wilson, Drew Wilson, Nic Koelliker, Ben Arthur & my Grandpa, Floyd Devey.  After the Blessing we had lunch at our ClubHouse.  The Arthurs stayed and cleaned with us (how sweet :))  

All in all, it was a very good Day!  We love our Jordynn!!!

Monday, August 12, 2013


Little Jordynn turned Two months old!  She's such a joy to our lives.  After having two boys, it makes it even more exciting to have a little girl.  I feel even more lucky:)  We took her to get her ears pierced today, they are so cute.  She's a little cranky between the mixture of her ears & her shots, I can't blame her!! She can hold up her head, coos & smiles..seems she's doing great! Here are her Stats:

weight: 10 lbs 15 oz- 80%
length: 23 in- 90%
head: 15 in- 75%

Our little Bradyn turned TWO! I just love him so much!  Our doctor assesses his patients on a variety of different areas & Bradyn exceeds in all of them.  He can say 36 words clearly.  And our doc says he needs to say at least 25 clearly.  So it seems he's doing great with that :) Our pediatrician always tells us that we will have two very tall boys, but it seems like Bradyn's height as slowed down a bit.  
Weight: 26 lbs- 28%
length: 34in - 35%
It's interesting, i looked back in my records and Peyton was 2 whole lbs less than Bradyn but was 2 whole inches taller than Bradyn. 


Thursday, August 1, 2013

A white dress

It came!! It finally came!  Jordynn will be blessed on Sept. 15th, but every time I look at this dress it just gets me so excited, I wish her blessing was sooner!  I'm so Anxious!

This picture is with her headband & barefoot sandals :)

I use to have this picture hanging on my wall, even up in college.  I'm excited for Jordynn to have the same picture :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

my girl :)

Every time I look at Jordynn, i literally feel like pinching myself b/c i only think...HOW did i get so lucky?!  Sometimes I get teary eyes just thinking about her & her future :)  I can't even explain how CRAZY I am over this baby girl!! She's more than everything that I thought of!  She LITERALLY is by far the most adorable baby girl I have ever seen (but then again, all moms say that :))  I just LOVE her to pieces & am so happy she's a part of our family!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

my sweet baby girl :)

While I have 5 seconds to actually sit down & to not be holding Jordynn...i thought I might as well write her birth story. 
 I don't keep a journal, but this blog has been one for me.  :)  

As my induction date for June 10th was approaching, I began having cold feet wondering if it was the right decision not.  I just really wanted her to come when she was ready. I spoke to my Doc on the phone and he reassured me that b/c of Bradyn being a tight fit last time, that jordynn's weight was a factor in taking her at 39 wks and 3 days...just to be sure there wouldn't be any complications.  So i felt better about it and felt on board going into it.

We got a call at 5:30am on Aug 10th asking for us to come in at 6am!  As you know living in Eagle Mtn, i thought how would that be possible to get all the way to the Riverton hospital in that time.  I had called back to say we could do 6:30.  And were told if I didn't make it there by 6, my induction would be cancelled! So we freakin' scrambled like crazy, i pretty much think i set myself into labor!  We were driving down Redwood at like 80 and honking at cars to get out of the way!! it was pretty intense. 
 Surprisingly, when we got to the hospital- realized that it wasn't that busy and we could have totally been late if we had wanted to!  No clue who that was I spoke to on the phone!!
 Once I got all set up, it was about 7 am.  The nurse told me that I was having lots of contractions 2 min apart & asked if I could sense them...&  i could not at the time.  So I guess..you could say...maybe I would have wounded up at the hospital later that day to have the baby on my own?  who knows! So after a bit, i then asked for the epideral..amongst all the other AWFUL things...:)  And was ready to go. 
 My mom and mother in law, Laurie came on in the room and I began pushing.  We had explained to the nurse that when i get to be about a 6...that i go really fast...as in like 5 min the baby would come..and she thought we had more time...Well, I had also brought up how i usually throw up while pushing..and began feeling naseautaed (she had forgotten to start the Zofran drip) & I threw up once, and I heard gasps..and was told the head was out.  I tried to hold in throwing up again especailly b/c my Doctor wasn't even there yet!  it was just one nurse...and i couldn't i threw up a second time and Jordynn literally popped out and was on the bed!!! I recall being a little nervous at the time and then a flood of people came on in and my doctor came in with hands on his hips and said "well, she beat me!"  
Everything was perfectly fine.  She latched right on and held onto my finger to begin nursing.  My dad & Parker showed up like 10 min later. haha.  And everything was perfectly fine, epideral wore off when it was suppose to, no issues from past deliveries..nada!  it was perfect :)  I enjoyed my time in the hospital being catered to...:) 
 Had lots & lots of visitors and was ready to go on home Wed, June 12th. 

 The hardest day for us- was Thurs the 13th.  Just adjusting with the 3 kids...and the pain of being engorged waiting for my milk to come in.  My pump unexpectedly breaking :(:(:(  Thankfully, they say- the more kids you have, the faster your milk will come in...and that next day, (yesterday) it did...i am SOOO relieved & feel a THOUSAND times better!!! She's an excellent nurser.  There are always the ups and down to it all, but i've realized from experience that I would MUCH rather nurse than have to pump.  So my goal, is to nurse her for a good solid 6 months..and the only time I'd like to pump would be for 1 of 3 reasons 1- we're leaving her with someone 2- I'm leaving the house without her 3- to get the edge off...if i need that relief and either she has just eaten or is too sleepy to wake up.  
I am a little nervouse when Steve starts work on Monday---which is either super chill and relaxed anyways b/c it is just a matter of him getting a page, and him leaving the house OR go a full day without pages at all OR lots of pages and him being gone alot. So we shall see what happens.  
Right now Jordynn seems to be a big time snacker-  I'm trying to pin point with nursing her for a full 20 min..why it is she wants to eat again just an hr or so later.  I see those being the times that will be hard to tend to 2 other kids, maybe it's just like that right now...?  She's just hungry as a newborn and after some time, will go longer increments of time without wanting to eat again.  I'd like there to be a 2-3 hr break in between.  So we'll have to see how that goes.
 But the boys are so chill as it is anyways, & with Peyton being able to go to the bathroom on his own now anyhow...i think it'll be okay.  Steve can always wait on his pages till later on in the day when they are taking naps to leave the house as well...so that would be ideal too. 
 Anyways, all is well.  The boys are out at Country Fest (SO JO days) today and i've just been chilling with baby Jordynn.  She has already brought such a sweet spirit in to our house.  I feel like she's just so delicate, i don't know if i feel that way b/c she's a girl..haha..i dunno.  It's just so sweet...and I am so floored by her beauty :)  She's by far the most gorgeous baby girl i have ever seen :)   
i just love her to pieces & love how much her big brothers love her too & how much they want to hold & to be around her :)  
A big thank you for Laurie & Bill for taking the boys for us!

Thanks for reading :)

 June 10th @ 11:41 am 19 inches long 7 lbs 15 oz

Saturday, June 1, 2013

probably the last prego update.......:)

I'm at 38 weeks!!!
 Lots of family members have been placing bets that tomorrow- Sunday, the 2nd would be the Day!  We shall see!  I'm just thrilled I made it to June!  I've been having contractions on and off for over a week now- and thought for sure it could have happened in May.  But I'm glad it didn't!  I was hoping for a June baby, everything seems to work out better that way!  I also love that in our lil family we have birthdays in May, June, July & Aug- all summer months!  and then there's me in the fall haha

I have an induction date for Monday, the 10th.  At the moment, I'm not that positive that I'll be able to hold out that long.  After having 2 babies that came on their own at exactly 39 weeks on the dot as well as for my doc to have told me last Tuesday, that he thinks he'll be seeing me in before the next appointment....I'm not that convinced that I'll hold out that long.  BUT....then I have moments when I'm like..."well...maybe?"  
I do really like the idea of it all being so planned.  I remember waking up with Bradyn the morning of his induction date & just loving everything being so set in stone, everything so relaxed & prepared..and then going in and realizing I was already in labor haha!  that was convienent! Steve's parents are gonna be in town this upcoming Fri, the 7th- I would like it if they could get here in time.  :)
 I'm just looking forward to this being one big party & a celebration that we got our Girl!:)  I'm looking forward that we are now in a location where so many friends & family can celebrate with us :)  Everything has been packed for a few days now.   As far as the transitioning factor going from 2 to 3...I'm actually not that worried about it at all.  I feel like it'll be very do-able.  Mostly b/c Steve's schedule allows for him to be at home a lot.  But then again, there are times where he is gone for 8 plus hrs a day, but I think it'll be fine. Peyton has begun taking 2-3 naps daily..which will be a big help for me.  And Steve has ALWAYS been one to help with rotations feeding the baby at night.  So I think we'll be fine.  Ever leaving the house, sure seems like a task that will take awhile to get use to...geez.  I can't imagine doing it on my own with 3 kids & 3 flights of stairs.  So....if you don't see me for a loooong time, you'll know why ha.  Anywho, yay for a june baby!  It's all on her timing now (pretty much has always been :)) lol

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Peyton is 4!

Our little Peyton isn't too little anymore!  He's FOUR!  
We celebrated his birthday at Chuck E Cheese.  On the day of his birthday we went to the Zoo.  And in a few days we are going to the SLCC Bees game.  We love our little birthday traditions.  
How can you not make a birthday fun & exciting?!  

At his doctor's office they have you fill out a questionnaire & in areas of communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving, and personal-Social--the most you can score is a 60.  And he scores between 50-55 in each of them. 
 His doctor can't believe how TALL he is.  He says he's his tallest 4 year old patient & his programmed to be very tall :)  
Peyton continues to go to Pony Express Elementary once a week for 20 min for speech.  They are in the process of testing him to see if he qualifies to continue going there.  If his test scores are high enough, then he tests out of the school district and can start going to a Toddler talking time preschool once a week.  Along with Learning Dynamics, which begins in August that he'll be going to 2 days a week.  But if his test scores are not high enough, then the school district would like to keep him for another full year.  His doc thinks it would be awesome if he does not test out and stays with the school district.  I'm fine with whatever.  His therapists at the school think his issue is not language, it's articulation.  When he's wanting to form a phrase that is 3 plus words, it becomes jumbled & confusing.  His doctor thinks boys get so excited that their mouths are not catching up with their brain..and that oftentimes it can happen and that it's something he'll have to slow down and articulate what his brain is wanting to say.  So.....I feel pretty good about things :)  He did have his kindergarten shots today.  I had a choice to wait untill he's 5, but his doc thinks in pre-school he'll be exposed to all the same things so we went ahead and did it today.  He's recuperating on the couch, poor guy!  
In my last blog post, i had mentioned how he's done with potty training.  Still going that way.  When he's home he just goes in himself about 90 percent of the time.  Occasionally if its been too long, I need to remind him to go in or to just take him in.  He's been pretty good about being out in public in just underwear.  I think he needs a little more practice in realizing that bathrooms are everywhere and to communicate to me when he needs to go, so I can take him to one rather than thinking he's just suppose to hold it untill we are actually home.  I still have a little anxiety when we are outside the house, if an errand is taking longer than a few hours. But within time, it'll get better :)  
Turns out Soccer out here is cancelled for the summer, bummer.  :(  But he does start swimming with his uncle parker in just a couple of weeks.  Waiting for our pool to open.  We want him to be swimming independently without floaties by September :)  
In other news, I am 36 weeks TOMORROW!!! yay!! I am on to weekly appts, and she has dropped.  My doc felt her head :)  He thinks she won't be anymore than 7.5-8 lbs and thinks it's possible I'll go full term.  I'm just planning on going on my own at 39.  B/c that's how it's worked out twice now.  If i go over 39- I'll think about setting an induction date depending on how I feel.  Next week, i hope to get an ultrasound by Steve so we can get a weight on her and see where she is at.  (again, really not wanting a C-section or my tail bone to break, so we are wanting to make sure she's not going over 8.5 lbs) I'm feeling good.  It hurts very badly to walk anywhere....my hips and ligaments in my pubic bone are KILLING me.  Kids haven't been too much of trouble for me.  I haven't felt I am to the point where my hands are in the air and I'm saying "I'm done!"  yet.  So we'll see how it all goes.  When Steve is gone all day long, as long as I'm getting at least a 20-40 min nap in, then I'm fine.  If I have not that day, I'm an emotional wreck when he comes through the door.  Even if Pey hasn't napped, I manage to take a nap while he's playing pbskids on the computer.  
Just so crazy to think in 3 weeks we could have another baby!!! I'd like to have more time to my thoughts so i can mentally prepare more.  Spend some time in her room daydreaming, packing my bag, making a list of instructions for my boys to give to my in-laws, etc.  Just doesn't feel quite real yet.  We're ready.   But I'd like to think more about it.  haha.  The plan is is that my in-laws (hopefully we will time it right) will be here to take care of the kids while I am in the hospital.  Once I am out of the hospital, Steve will continue to have a full week of work & his clinical hrs off.  Once that week is over and he has to be back, then my mom will take the boys prob 2-3 days a week(broken up) and watch them untill she leaves for Lake Powell & Alaska.  When she comes home, she may be taking the boys a couple of days a week still ...depends on how I feel.  

Anyways, I think that's all for now.  Thanks for reading :)

WEIGHT: 33.07 LBS--- 24.7 PERCENT
BMI: 13

Sunday, April 28, 2013

To Jordynn

(Note: may be cheesy :))

Dear Jordynn, 

While I was pregnant with your two brothers I wrote them letters, this one is for you :) 
We really can't wait for you to come into our lives.  Your mommy LOVES that you have not just one...but TWO older brothers who are waiting to be by your side in life.  
To guard & protect you :)  Their names are Peyton and Bradyn. Mommy and Daddy chose your  name b/c we wanted you guys to be our P,B & J- our perfect, close yummy sandwhich haha!
I'm so happy that our family has turned out this way and that you get to have two older brothers.  
Every doctor & nurse that I have met have told me "Two boys & then a girl is the perfect situation.."  I have a feeling they are right :)  The things we wait for in life, are the best things..and after 2 crazy boys...your mommy has SURELY waited :)  
Your daddy always knew it was you to come.  When thinking of increasing our family, we prayed each night asking heavenly father to bring us our daughter.  We are so happy that that prayer was answered.  
Your mommy & daddy wanted to  make sure that you and your brothers would be close in age for many many reasons.  We hope to see those benefits come to pass as the years go by. 
 Everyday your two brothers play on top of you...haha...oh, get..ready!  lol.  They blow raspberries on Mommy's tummy and are so curious as to when you will come.  
You will see your grandma & grandpa devey very often.  You will be their 7th grandchild.  On that side of the family, you have 1 boy cousin named Carter& will have 3 girl cousins- Brittlyn, Brynlee & Sierra.  On your daddy's side is grandpa & grandma Wilson, they live in Colorado--you have the special priveledge of being the very FIRST grand daughter :)  You have a lot of live up to with that title now :) You have 2 boy cousins Kale & Krew on that side.  
Your mommy loves to have fun & do fun things.  There will always be fun activities to do, always.  Your mommy & daddy love to do many different activities. 
Mommy & Daddy have perfected your room.  Your room is/was our way of expressing so much excitement for you.  We are so happy to have had the space to have made you the perfect room. 
 Your daddy will be so soon from finishing a very...long..road of education by the time you come.  His higher level of school will grant him the ability to have so much time for us to spend as a little family. 
 We are so anxious to see what you will look like.  Your 2 brothers look VERY different from one another.  
With how much heartburn you've been giving mommy, we are expecting your hair to be to your shoulders! haha!  j/k.  but really.....Tums are Mommy's BF.  PS. please tell Daddy it's ok if we buy you a new headband every month :) haha
Your daddy can perform ultrasounds, so we are able to peek in on you at any time we'd like. 
Your mommy & daddy love to do things to help people and are very loyal to those whom we are around.  
Your mommy has (almost) made the decision to create your blessing & baptismal dress out of your Mommy's wedding dress--so it's x-tra special for you. :) 
 Soon after you're born, your first trip will be to Saint George as well as Disneyland..oh we will have so much fun.  Mommy can't wait to take you to Disneyland again when you are 5- to dress you up as a princess for a day.  :)  
We just can't wait to kiss every inch of you. At the moment, we can't seem to make up our minds on a middle name.  It will either be Brooke, Kate, or Taylor.  Maybe you should pick for us?  
 See you in 6 short weeks my love!

Your Mommy (brooke)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

bragging....bragging...my steve :)

SO i think every now and then..it's TOTALLY fine for a wife to brag a little bit about their hubby.  And let me just say this post is waaaaaaaaay...overdue :)  So many things have come to my attention and have happened in the past little while, that I am literally left saying to myself...."wow..i lucked out:)"  
I think most, if not all my friends have a statement that is said quite often about Steve and that is "what the freak!  where DID you find him?"  It's always been a statement that I smile about..but I am to the point now where I am like..no for real, I DID luck out :)

I think one of the biggest things that I LOVE about Steve is ever since the first day of meeting him- i knew he had goals.  Not just words were coming out of his mouth, but I knew there was a drive to back it all up.  I was raised the "old-fashioned" way that if you want money in this life & want security..you go to school.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it...you GO to school.  For me, education was always appealing.  Not only had I had the great opportunity to do so, but after realizing what I was interested in..I went for it.  I don't have the personality to do things half way.  And I knew how much it would bless my life as well as my childrens to be a college graduate...whether I would use it or not (grateful to say that I have) but that it would bless me & would be for my good. 
 Anyways, with Steve is that it seemed he felt the same from day one.  School isn't an option.  In his mind, it is a commandment & that it was something he knew he just had to do.  There hasn't ever been a time where I have had to convince him to go, or have had to question his goals.  He just knew what he expected of himself..and just went about doing it.:) 
 Steve is at the halfway point of his ultrasound program.  And we're excited for these days to be a distant memory, and for the focus to be only work.  To have just ONE focus!  crazy!  
Another thing I love about Steve is his willingness to help as a parent.  I don't think I've ever met someone where being a dad has just been natural.  He always knows what exactly he needs to do and how to do it without me EVER having to tell him.  Being a father and a mother, i think should be equal roles...and i think Steve believes that and portrays that more than ever.  He will do WHATEVER it is to make sure that I am Always happy, no matter what it is.  Just any little thing even relating to parenting or being a dad..is just so natural for him---changing diapers, wiping up throw up, wiping runny noses, feeding, dressing them warm when it's cold outside, teaching the ABC'S, investing every minute into potty training with me, the list goes on and on and on.  I know he craves to be home with Peyton and Bradyn more than ever.  He never complains about needing to do things, or needing to be out and way from us..not once. never. ever. ever.  I'm just so grateful for him, and that I married a very self-sufficient. well-balanced man :)
 Another thing I love about him is how much he loves and adores my friends.  He really does.  He has fit himself into my friends so well.  Why? Because he knows I love them, and wants to love them to. Not once after being married do i think-crap, will i ever see my friends again?  will he be okay with me seeing them?  Wow, it's been so the opposite.  His priorty from Day 1 has been to be good friends will my friends and their hubby's. I SO lucked out with that, I see so many hubbys out in the world who would not care as much or invest so much time in relationships as Steve has done.  And he's so sincere about them too.  
 I just love him and have already seen so many dreams come true in my life during these past 4 1/2 years..just so excited to see more wonderful things to come...and never do I need to fear or feel any sort of anxiety..b/c I know Steve is there & that he knows exactly what to do.  

love you bebe :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

32 wks

So with my last post, I spoke of having a UTI and a kidney infection.  So...pretty much the meds for the infection kept making me throw up so they had me get a naseau pill to go along with it.  Well, i took the naseau pill a couple of times and then was too scared to take the infection meds again, so...i just didn't.  And i've been just fine. Steve thinks it was a poor choice, but i was just too scared of those Satan pills! 
Anyways, Steve did an ultrasound today--and at this point the baby should be over 4 & she weighs over 5.  And was told I am meauring as 33 in a half weeks rather than 32.  I'd prefer to go as long as I possibly can.  I'm not interested in being induced.  I have mixed opinons about being induced. Yes, convenient..but it's hard to not see it as selfish as well.  I did have an induction date with Bradyn, but when I went in, i just started on my own & I guess was already in labor.  So, I'm not interested in being induced UNLESS, it's obvious that she'll weigh more than 8'7.  My doc with Bradyn told me that if he had been more than that then my tailbone would have broken or I would have had a C section.  Pretty sure, in that instance, I'd prefer to be induced than have to go through either of those events.  So yeah...heartburn is horrible.  I guess I should be grateful that I'm not one of those girls that gain in the hips and legs and arms when prego...but...the downside is that, it's pretty painful to be carrying the weight without added cusion.  My hips & pelvic girdle usually always hurt, but I know it's that way especailly becasue of the over-active lifestyle I had being prego with Bradyn..i was warned...and I failed to adhere..so...i now have very weak ligaments..but i think that's about it.

I am going to include my PT #4-

I think he's ALL DONE!  I really do!! We started Jan 1st and i think i begain feeling like it was all done like mid April.  I can't recall the last time he had an accident.  He goes in without us there when he needs to go and comes out.  He doesn't care about stickers or candy anymore at all. The only thing I guess i have slight hesitation---is that he really hasn't had enough "public restroom/friends" bathroom experience yet for me to feel like I could leave him somewhere for several hours and that he'd do it himself...or that I could take him outside the house for several hours.  So, I think to accomplish not feeling the anxiety is just with practice and experience.  Just to continue carting him everywhere in his undies and hope for the best.  


Sunday, April 14, 2013

fullest intentions

Today I couldn't help but think of Saint George.  Our lil' family's heart just aches for how much we miss that place.  For the past few months now, now that we've been in Eagle Mountain for a year...I've been thinking about our plan and what is the next step for us.  To get my thoughts in order & to clear my mind I thought to write a blog post on the topic. 
 After a lot of thought- I do believe that we have the FULLEST intentions of making it back to Saint George, to build a home, our lil' dream house...and to be there for good.  I do belive that if we made the move back, and if all fell into place- we'd be there for good.  There's just something about that place, that just made everything clicked & where I felt dreams came true.  The warm weather, the gazillion locations for outdoor play, small town feel, pools, etc. 
It is kinda weird to think that this place we are in now, has all our friends & family in one place...yes, that is true...but sometimes- i've learned that it isn't about the place where you have the best social life, it's the place that just fits...i'm not saying it's a For sure thing that we will move back, there are a lot of things that would need to workout.  But if it does, I know it'd be the right & best thing for us.  If those things didn't workout to get us there, well- then wherever we end up, we'll make that place our home, just like we've done here.  I think once we know officially where we will end up for good, is where i think we'll make most of our effort in establishing a good network of neighbors & those whithin our ward and community as "our friends"  I've felt like b/c every place we've lived, has always been temporary, that we've just relied on those friendships that we've built in the past to carry us through.  And i think it's worked great.  
So what's our plan?  Well as many of you know, Steve graduates this December as an ultrasound tech.  But before he graduates, like in September- we'd like to have a good idea if he is staying with his X-ray mobile company OR going to get a job at a hospital.  He will begin researching and speaking to his company (who also offers mobile ultrasound) IF the pay is better with his job now OR if working at nearby hospital would pay better.  Not only does the pay play a big role in this decision, but also knowing that if he were to quit this job now, it would mean another car to get.  BUT knowing that he wouldn't be ON CALL 24/7 anymore..and knowing that it would be a set shift, with set hours daily....ah!!! soooooouuuunnndssss....so great.  Plus, not only would he be on call for X-ray still but also ultrasound, meaning a lot more time getting called in, but of course that means more mula. So I see advantages/disadvantages on both ends. The thing is though, we kinda already pretty much realize what the choice will be...and that is Steve's job now, he's paid as an X-ray tech would in Vegas (since the Co. is based there) & it is more...alot more...than an X-ray tech would be paid at a hospital in Utah.  So...we kinda have an idea that the higher paying choice may just be his job he has.  But I think I'd be fine with continuing on.  So really, it all just comes down to the pay.  In September, is when we'd like to make that choice, before he graduates..knowing what we'll do.  So, our plan was to stay in our condo for 3 years.  So, that upcoming next year, probably the same time again (sept) our decision will be:  Is staying in this job we have now better paying than moving to Saint George and getting a job there?  I'm pretty sure at that point Steve will begin applying & interviewing down there, so he can get a feel for what the pay would be like, and if it would be worth it to us to make the move.  At that point, we hope to have a very large down payment set aside for building a home.  So if he's given a job & it pays even the same or a little bit more as we will have already been receiving- we'd totally make the choice to go.  Especially b/c once my kids are in school, I have full intentions of going back to Biggest Loser (if this plan worked, Jordynn will have just turned 2)   So if that's the route we'd take than at our 3 year mark in our condo, we'd begin building in Saint George..may take up to 6 mos, I don't know, find renters (who i think I'm positive we could find someone who'd pay well over what we pay now monthly) and once our house is ready and if it all plays out well with timing of his job...MOVE!  And I see that move being our "this is our home for good, for a very very long time..." but if that doesn't happen, then we will still be moving at our 3 year mark, renting out our condo & building in Daybreak.  (seems to be our favorite location)

We shall see... I like that we always have a next step to take, another goal to accomplish...and at that time if Steve would like to specialize within another area and go back to school, fine by me.  The more specializing is done, the more money in our pocket :)  

So that's our plan :)