Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Peyton is 6!

We had a BLAST at Disneyland. It was so so so fun! We were so tired and sore at the end of the day but it was amazing. I loved seeing the kids faces to characters like Tinkerbell, Lightning & Mater. Peyton and Bradyn really enjoyed the bigger adult rides.. They ran around with their Autograph books and got tons of signatures. So fun :) a memorable moment was having a dance party at Radiator Springs.  My parents had us in a huge Disney house 10 min away. It reminded me of the Anniversary inn where the rooms are themed. The boys were in a Pirates room :) it also had a great pool! After Disneyland we spent time at Huntington Beach and visited the Egglestons in Murrieta.
On the day of Peyton's birthday we put streamers and balloons on his door, like we did last year :) he had his own shirt that said Its My Birthday and got a birthday pin from the Park. and we went to Ariels Grotto to celebrate. It was so fun having princesses come to your table :) 
Well, Peyton is headed into Kindergarten!?!? He's totally ready! He was accepted into a charter school called Channing Hall. His teacher's name is Mr. Matt. I'm so excited for him! The days are half days. He's got one super loose tooth right now! It on the bottom. He is just so easy going and very enjoyable to always be around. He sure has some crazy dance moves :) he's got a big crush on a gal named Anna in our ward. So cute. We just love him! 

Weight: 42 lbs 27 percent 
Height: 47 inches 79 percent 
BMI: 13.4 1 percent