Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Must Read


Love love this article!!! I am ALL for fitness & eating well, getting in shape post baby. But seriously, let's stop trying to mask the fact that our bodies DID actually in fact HAD a baby. Rather than "celebrating" on the "hey check me out, I just had a baby" focus on the words in this article- you, your body was a home for your baby. Your body will never be the same & be proud and feel honor for that. It is an amazing blessing. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

6 months

Our angel turned 6 months!  Seriously....a complete angel!  She is seriously the best baby ever.  She is so well-tempered & SO chill.  We just love her sparkly green-gray eyes.  She's began sitting about a month ago.  And has been a champ at it :)  She just loves to sit on the ground and play with toys.  We tried Peaches today---Thumbs up!  She loved them!  She still isn't sleeping through the night--but the Doc thought- "no wonder she's not sleeping through the night yet, she only breastfeeds & at the moment isn't taking in solids."  (we had started to, but had been on a break for a week)  SO...we are hoping that by feeding her solids 1-2x's a day, that she will begin to.  That would be nice :)  She's just been a delight & we love her more and more as each day passes.  We want to thank all of you for your kind words!  We love taking pictures & posting them of her!  Not going to Lie- having a girl is the BEST!  it's SO much fun!  

weight: 15 lbs 9 ounces- 40%
length: 26 1/2 inches- 66%
head: 17 inches- 61%