Saturday, January 31, 2015

It's a Big Day!

It sure is a Big Day for us today! Steve has hit his 3 year mark with his company working as an x-ray tech. For THREE Years...Steve has been On-Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Now the great pros to this has been that he's always been paid full-time hours regardless, there have been many days where he literally is only gone working like 2 hours a day, if not 0. But on the flip side, many days of him being gone every second. It's always been SO nice that he has always been paid hourly with this company...I've come to find how big of a blessing it really is to be paid hourly rather than Salary.  Another great pro it has been for us is when he Has been paged out after 5 pm or on the weekend it's always been time and a half.  Anyways, the cons are the occasional being paged out in the middle of the night or when planning important events, never ever ever knowing whether or not he will be paged out. (the anxiety of it all, i mean really...this girl knows what it feels like!) This job really honestly has been The.Perfect. Fit for us :)  It has been a pretty relaxed, flexible last 3 years despite the sound of being on call all day every day doesn't really sound all that fun.  But we've lucked out to experiencing many of the pros over the cons.  I really have been so lucky to have him around a lot.  And for him to be around a lot while being paid full-time.  It really has been a blessing having this kind of job.  I know if we had stayed in Saint George, NOW seeing all the changes that would've come our way having had stayed down there..It really was for the Best coming back up North.  When thinking of Saint George, I found a quote on Pinterest that says "Sometimes the bad things in life put us directly on the path where we need to go.."  This job has opened the doors to many opportunities with growth & pay :)  Well my friends, today is a great day BECAUSE  with the help of a Sales Agent for the Company..with many many months of hard work, his company is expanding so much to the point that they hired on a second guy to work...which MEANS....3 nights a week & every other weekend, there is ZERO  percent chance of him being paged back out...ZERO!  Do you know how much of a Relief that is! 
Today marked the very first day, where he is not on-call!  eeek!  I am so so excited for this feeling of FREEDOM!  The long weekends of him either gone during the day on Saturdays, walking out of date nights at movies or restaurants, walking out of sacrament meeting with me juggling three kids know the possibility of that NOT happening every other weekend is so great! We are waiting until basketball season is over, and then are planning on making Saint George trips an every other month thing :)  So excited!  Another great blessing is the fact of Steve now being in a "Lead" position for his Company he has been given a raise.  He also took his National Boards for his Ultrasound test and did not pass, but there were sections within the exam that he scored well enough in for his company to agree to begin paying him a certain rate when he is out doing ultrasound exams for his company as well...HUGE BLESSING!  We needed this to happen for our building of our dream home to be a reality for us :)  
(mushy time...)
I am grateful for Steve and for the hard working guy that he is.. That he's never had "phases" in his life that as a wife that I have had to doubt or wonder when he would start making enough for our family or to have doubt that he wouldn't rise to the occasion.  I'm grateful that he has been the son in law that my parents look up to & someone that they can be Proud of for his work ethic.  And for the types of jobs that has Always provided for us well more than we have ever "needed."  That i can experience a full heart of gratitude & comfort in knowing that as my Shirt that I own says "Steve Can Handle It." haha.  That he is always there for me.  At any drop of the hat when he feels he needs to..he will run over to donate plasma, to start an ETSY business for creating invites for people (which has been extremely well!  so exciting) I'm grateful for the Field in which he works in, for the many humorous stories that he brings home but also for the consistency and for the stability that it brings.  We have got a big year for us...full of Many great vacations & to hopefully be able to walk into our Dream home!  Yay for 2015:)

 (look how little she is:))

Friday, January 9, 2015

say it isn't So?!

baby girl is 19 months tomorrow!  tomorrow?!  what?  She is just delicious!  She's growing up to being such fun little lady.  She's talking up a storm here!  My gosh, having a girl sure is different from boys! 

 Her words:  kitty, please, thank you, what's that?. book, love, mama, daddy, shoe, more, owie, papa, hi, bye, parker, outside, no, yes, sorry, go....her phrases are coupled up with these words: "love you"  oh she says "lets go outside" "daddy bye bye" "where's shoe" 
 AH!  It's so cute to hear her actual little voice :)  She's just always so curious with the world around her & is just such a little performer :)  I plan to put her in gymnastics or some sort when she turns 2 this summer. :)  whenever she sees someone get hurt she runs up to them and pats them on the face and says "owie, sorry, sorry, sorry, sad....?" maybe her Word List is a lot bigger than i thought! haha.  
As of late, we are just getting hyped up with Disneyland plans!  In May we are going with my family and Peyton turns 6 while we are there:)  After Disneyland that week we get to meet up with some close friends of ours in Murreita & then are heading to San Diego afterwards woot woot!! 

Well....I'm pretty sure in the next few days....i'll be back on here to give a really BIG update.  Until then, here are this chicka's stats:

WEIGHT: 22.18 pounds- 38%
LENGTH: 32 in- 45%
HEAD: 18.25 in- 49%

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Year 2014 in Review & all the mushy stuff in between

Well, another year has come and gone & I got to tell ya this year 2015 just might be the Best year yet for us :)  Rather than doing a little Flipagram slide show, I decided to write a blog. I wanted to show ya some fun highlights of the past year. 

The first of which being at the beginning of the Year we went to Nitro Circus!  Peyton LOVED it.  Can't wait to go back again in May. :)
At the beginning of the year we got this picture taken at Fotofly.  Still the sweetest picture I've ever seen in my life.  seriously.  Can't believe this picture is a year old!
Us girls did our 3rd annual park city trip
We headed to Saint George with the kids in February :)

We went on a BAHAMAS CRUISE!  I feel like it's not so much the places you've traveled when you were single but the places you've traveled with your best friend by your side.  This trip was so much fun.  We loved Atlantis and spending it with my brother & sister in law & some of our closest friends.  We went on our 1st cruise to the Western Carribbean when we were married for 3 years.  This was our second cruise together.  

 One of the cutest little pictures of the boys that I have from the past year.

 Easter time :)  Our little J is still a Etsy model for a few shops.  she is such a joy :)

 Our little B got his tonsils & adenoids removed.  It was pretty rough.  Glad it's over & that he's sleeping better at night. 

We took at trip to Logan to see Savannah & Quinn for her 1st birthday

 Peyton turned 5!

 Miss J turned 1!


The kids & I took a trip to Saint George in May :) 
this was a picture at Zions

We headed on down to Lake Powell in June! 

I cut 9 inches off my hair in the summer time

In August we celebrated our 6 yr anniversary- we did a couples massage & went to the Anniversary Inn.  

We headed to Tremonton to meet up with my Mission Prez @ a park. Still can't believe it's been 7 years!

The boys made a softball team & won 1st place overall for Eagle Mountain City!
Then went on to play another 2 months in a Sandy league

Joyce & I went to Wicked

Mr. B turned 3

We both turned 30 in 2014.  This was Steve's party 

A difficult decision we had to make this past year was deciding for Peyton to do another round of pre-school and to not go into Kindergarten.  I feel it's been a good choice for us to make.  We love Learning Dynamics & his teacher has told us that Peyton is the furthest along in the class.  He's reading and doing everything so well. Bradyn loves school too.  His teacher said he's doing really well.  We sure love these two boys.  My only regret is we didn't start Peyton in pre-school when he was 3! {The other night we talked about how we are planning on holding B back from K too not only b/c of his August birthday but b/c we want the boys to have a grade in between them at school :)}

One of our very first outings with Nichole!!

One of the Biggest highlights from the year 2014 was pulling off this amazing event.  haha.  ps. I can't believe I didn't write a separate blog about this event!  My brother Parker & I have always talked about doing something epic when he finds the girl that he wants to marry.  And after meeting Nichole, he & I talked about if she seems the type to like something epic & he got that validation was a yes. we pulled this off!  It was so so much fun.  I called and called and called every mascot in the SL & Utah County, every news station and harassed as many as I could to be there & we ended up getting 3 mascots to come, so I thought that was great.  Fox 13 news showed up & that quickly made everything that much more exciting.  I had pulled together 4 practices with the girls & we did it!  It was an adrenaline rush and am so happy how it turned out!  I'm forever grateful for the ones who took the time to memorize the song and who really got into it.  I'm also so happy she said Yes! haha! what would parker do w/o me?:) To date, we have over 10 THOUSAND views on Youtube!
In October my friends and hubby surprised me with seeing SHANIA IN VEGAS!!  It was so much fun to head on down South and to have a couples weekend.  We are so grateful for our friendships with these guys and love seeing them often :)  It really makes married life so much fun with such fun close friends to share it with :)

While down South for the couples weekend, we decided to get a family picture nearby Dixie Rock :) Love it! 

Jordynn in her little Tinkerbell costume.  She so photogenic, i love it!  She sure is a great little Etsy model :)She's growing up soo fast...These are her words that she says: kitty, please, thank you, what's that, book, love you, mama, daddy, shoe, more, owie, papa, hi, bye, parker, outside.

For my 30th my mom took us girls up to Park City and spent the weekend up there.  These girls got me the cutest gifts for my birthday.  It was so fun!! Loved having Nichole with us :)  Fun memories :)  For my birthday- Steve & I also went out while Aubs watched the kids as well as my friends all took me to Red Lobster & back to Jen's to hang for the night.  Love it!
Jamie came into town & we threw her a baby shower:) she finds out what she's having soon.  eeek!
 Parker & Nichole got married!! YAY!! They got married Dec 13th :) we did a cute dance for her reception.  So glad we did it!

 Love this dude!

ah...i love our tree!

For christmas we got my parents a canvas of this picture for their wall 

This is little Jordynn at her 1st & 2nd christmas.  We got her a Cinderella doll this year :)
-These are the sports the kids did in 2014-

aside from these highlights were fun trips to the zoo, swiss days, bees game & waterparks :) aaaaannnnddd... i got 3 new nephews this year...their names all start with the letter K.  In fact, funny fact 5/6 of my nephews start with the letter K haha.

This year was so fun & there are so many memories to look back on & smile :) 

**Thanks for stopping by! 
Happy 2015!**