Saturday, November 21, 2015

Logan Trip!

Um.... Okay..... So..... I laughed so hard this weekend that I had countless tears.. No, I seriously laughed so hard that I pulled a muscle in my back and set an appointment to see a freaking Chiropractor--talk about OLD!! Oh my gosh!! Seriously though this weekend was insanely fun! Katie hooked us up with a nice condo on the lake at bear lake... We danced, played games, hot tub-Ed, went for a drive, ate out.. It was so ideal! I laughed from the beginning to the end! I love that we all met in 2004 and have remained close throughout the years. I have the BEST memories of Logan and all the amazing roommates that I had. Love them All! 

My birthday- 31!

Well I turned 31. Doesn't feel much different than turning 30 ;) 
It was a GREAT DAY! My Peyton had a 3 min presentation to give in class on Raspberry Farms. I was I timadated that a Kindergartner was getting this type of project. ....but he did so well! The only issue was little Sis deciding just at that moment to have a melt down.. :/ he did great his Score was 84/100. 
We then went to Keaders for a breakfast, I went to dance with Jordynn (which is always a big highlight.) And then we went to Park City. We all slept from 9-8am! Yay! The kids loved swimming, as we were the only ones there. We went to Blue Iguana on Main Street (freezing!!) And watched a movie and had some ice cream. I'm obsessed with this Instagram shop called, Ecoflower- and Steve bought me a sign with scented wood flowers :) loved it. I wish the whole weekend could repeat itself. 
Happy birthday to me!