Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My JorBear's is ONE.....

Oh my little girl is 1....ONE!  The time has come.  One of those kinda things that I can't stop :(  Leading up to her birthday I must say there were quite a few nights my pillow was damp just thinking about it.  Having Jordynn in my life has been a complete perfect dream.  I couldn't ask for a better baby.  She is SO incredibly bright..& has the funnest spunkiest personality.  She's exhausting haha!  I think she wears me out even more than her 2 brothers combined.  She hops on her brothers and will wrestle and roll all over them and just laugh & laugh...it's so cute.  She eats a variety of foods & is an excellent eater.  We've come to learn she is one olive skinned girl.  She went to Lake Powell with us- and has the cutest little tan going on.  (just like her daddy:)) Jordynn began walking at 11 month..has 6 teeth.  Sleeps through the night.  Has 1 nap during the day for about 3 ish hrs.  Points, squeals, shakes her head for No and nods for Yes, turns pages in a book, holds a pencil and scribbles for minutes upon minutes...gives kisses & Hugs...that's my favorite is when she walks up to me and wraps her little arms around my neck and just squeezes me....so so sweet.  (sigh........)  I can't get enough of her.  Her favorite show is Tinkerbell :)  Anytime it's on shes completley hypnotized :))  She loves when i apply blush on her cheeks.  Her hair is long enough now for CLIPS!  Clips!! so so fun :)  (headbands are so annoying to me at the moment :))  She waves and says "bye, mama, dada"  oh we just love our little princess.  She has all of us wrapped around her finger & I can already tell that I will give her everything she wants (oh NO!.......)  she has us cast under her spell and we love it.  Today she got her shots.

weight 18 lbs 11 ounces 27 percent
length 30 inches 47 percent
head 18 inches 48 percent

I've got to blog about her birthday party.  It was the best little birthday party, we just loved it.  We are so happy for all those who came.  :)  My Savannah came all the way from Logan to be there. I just love thinking of jordynn's little girl friends:  Jolee, Elsie, Quinn, Brynlee, It's so fun to have so many friends with little girls :)  Let's talk for a second about her cake...Um.....WHAT?!?!   It was to DIE for!  I loved loved loved how her cake turned out.  It was perfect!:)  I had so much fun decorating for her party and had been planning for months prior.  (naturally :))  We had little backyard games for the kids:  bowling, a duck pond, and a dart toss with balloons filled with candy and money inside :)  She had the CUTEST....THE CUTEST  expression when we sang Happy Birthday to her....oh my heck?!  I just. loved. it. Once it got dark we roasted cookie/smores and watched Fireworks...it was so Fun!  And are so blessed to have so many great friends & family in our lives who knew how important this special day was for us.   It was a birthday party that I will never forget :)