Monday, May 18, 2009

Peyton Emmett Wilson

Name: Peyton Emmett Wilson
Born: May 13th, 2009
9:52 am
Intermountain Medical Center
Murray, UT
Weight: 7 lbs. 8 oz.
Length: 21.5 in.

So on May 12th at about 3 pm we went into the hospital because of these massive contractions in my lower back. They were about 4min apart and I was dilated to a they sent me home. So i went to my parents and was watching the Biggest Loser Finale and was experiencing more contractions...steve came over after work and we went on a walk around the block and went home to record the timing of the contractions. They were about 3 min apart, but i didn't want to go back because of fear they would send me away.. Finally I just lost it my back was hurting so bad to the point that i couldn't talk or walk through them. So we went in I was dilated to a 4. They gave me the epidural which hurt like H***. The dude hit a nerve in my back that caused my leg to bounce up in the air. The epidural was the worst part of the whole delivery. So we fell asleep for four hours. They woke me up and was like "oh i feel his head, you are dialated to a 10 lets start pushing..." I pushed for exactly 3 hours and 52 minutes..he finally came. They told me if it had been another 15 min they would have done a C- section. Thank goodness that did not happen!! So he came on out with his fists to the side of his head, thanks Peyton!
So they layed him on me and could tell he was breathing just not fully so they took him away and got him to breathe more. I got to hold him for about 5 minutes and all I remember was the nurses seeming nervous and took him away for 6 hours!! So I get wheeled to my room upstairs...I can't feel my lower half, steve is gone, and the baby is gone..and no one is explaining what the crap was going on. Come to find out his oxygen saturations were at a 62 % so they had him for awhile. They then brought him back and they just kept taking him and bringing him back and taking him, bringing him back. I could not stand it! I was getting pissed. So he then started spitting up brown stuff, which turned out to be old blood and had some bloody the question was did it come from me when he came out or was it from his tummy. They found out when he came out he gulped some blood from me. they take him again. And we then got news that he wasn't eating enough and needed to be taken to the NICU for further evaluations. So i was discharged wednesday and peyton was in the NICU till May 18th, Monday. So we finally get him!!
The experience of the whole delivery I did not think was bad at all. I could do it again and again. Thank goodness for epidurals!! But everything else was just a horrible experience. I love Peyton so so much!! Words can not even describe our deep love for him. I think he is by far the most adorable baby boy I have ever seen. This experience has definetly tried us! Steve and I really had to lean on each other for support. I got so depressed thinking they would always find things wrong with him...but he's home!! And we are so excited to bond with him and to spend time with him. Time that we haven't had yet. We enjoy visitors...but not too long of stays lol:)
I thank Heavenly Father so much for sending this sweet spirit to us. It amazes me all the times I was so upset for being pregnant and thinking it was way too soon...and in an instant looking at Peyton's face and all those concerns diminishing. Love ya'll!!