Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Upgrades & changes!

Well it took me 20 years to get my 1st ever Cell phone...yep,  I was 20.  I've had over 30 college roommates, and I was always known as the "Apartment phone" roomie haha!  hey, it was pretty cool to have my own answering machine!  So.....a few days ago, I got my 1st I-PHONE 4S.  Thought it was about that time.  I'm now, almost 29 haha.  And all I can say People....WHAT WAS I THINKING HOLDING OUT THIS LONG?!  it is so freakin' amazing!  Love it!!! But....i do need to set some rules for myself.  I really don't want my baby to see more of a phone & a computer screen than she does her own mama's face.  i mean, really!  

Another area I feel I'm updated on is.....I got my first Swifer! ha!  No more on all Fours scrubbing the floors!  yay!  And now after getting one....what was I thinking?!?  I've literally scrubbed the floors on all fours for SOOOO long.  like, what?!

A change that has taken place with me is, one of my very bestest bestest bestest friends, Jamie moving away.  Not just away for a summer, but in across the freakin' country.  :(  To Boston.  For work.  As heartbroken as I am, I am excited for her and her family.  We do wish them the Best.  But I'm still struggling with finding the positives.  She's been like a sister to me in so many ways.  We've ALWAYS stayed Consistently Close for, 11 years now?   Everything from Junior & Senior year of highschool, my years being up at Utah State, her being at UVSC, weddings, my mission, graduations, babies being born....We've always been there for each other.  I'm so happy she's been a part of my life, and I know she still will be.  It's just that, Change sucks!  haha!  It does, but it doesn't.  :( :)  Sure do love this girl. 


Friday, October 11, 2013

4 months.....reallllllly?!

My sweetie pie turned 4 months yesterday.  I would be lying if I didn't hold her crying over this :(  I just l.o.v.e. this stage & want her to stay so little forever!  I have savored every minute with this beauty, everything about her i  just can't. get. enough. of :)  The thing i love most about her, is her constant need to smile at everything & everyone that even comes close to her.  Heck, she smiles & coos at the freakin' ceiling fan as if she'll never lie eyes on it again.  it's just soooo cute.  When she got her shots yesterday, she was just cooing, and raising her eyebrows at the nurse, untill she got pricked :( so sad....Bradyn was with me and hugged onto my leg and said "oh no, baby......oh no.....NO!!!!"  It was so sad :(  Jordynn is still an excellent nurser.  For now, I'm just planning on Dec, and then stopping.  She use to sleep through the night great, and now she gets up 2-3 times to eat---Dr. McCuen told me some women's milk supply can't keep up with the baby at about 4 mos.  And to incorporate one formula bottle during the night or right before she sleeps.  Problem is, she's not fantastic at the bottle, she will take it eventually....but...acts as if she's either gagging or really bothered that it's not me.  (how cute:)) So we'll see what happens.  so Now....that night times have been like this---we haven't moved her to her bedroom yet.  She's still with us.  A couple steps to her seems a lot easier than several :)  After completing her 4 mo check-list Dr McCuen says she's "advanced"  so that's good!
Oh we sure love her!  Some exciting news, on ETSY- one seller of headbands have asked if Jordynn can be displayed on the website with their products on & in exchange we get free stuff!  How cool is that!?  And then a 2nd seller of legwarmers & headbands have asked her to also be on their website wearing their products as well!  she's basically f.a.m.o.u.s. :) 
So at her 2 month appt- I guess the stats were right, but the percentages they gave me were incorrect.   So for my record keeping here is the revised 2 month record & her 4 month stats!

2 Months
weight: 10 lbs 15 oz- 42%
length: 23 in- 77%
head: 15 in- 49%

4 months
weight: 13 lbs 4 oz- 32%
length: 24.5 in- 56%
head:16 in- 35%

In other news, Steve took his big SPI exam (ultrasound) yesterday.  You need an 80 to pass...and he missed by one.....ONE....1....question :(:(  Soooooo frustrating:(  We've been sooo bummed :(  Earliest he can re-take is Dec. 10th.  Just slows "our plan" down a bit.  But at least he knows he missed it just by one, and knows what question it was.  So....yeah.  Big thanks to all of those who have inquired of us & for my friends Jen & Katie who have helped so much through this week as I have been feeling very ill.  :(  I just hope these consistent migraines are not related to my heart defect :(  (fingers crossed) Thank you guys!  Anyways, we get our family pictures today, that were done by the lovely Kara Simmons! Can't wait to see them!! 

Loves :)