Saturday, June 25, 2016

Peyton is 7!

Happy Birthday, Peyton!
I can't believe that in just 1 year, he will be Baptized! 
Although we couldn't quite out do Disneyland, we did have a blast :)
We had an Angry Birds Birthday cake. And had a bounce house birthday party. It worked out so well. We had a great turnout. 
Peyton is a happy, energetic guy. His kindergarten year was a bit of a stress, so we are happy that is over and that we are going into 1st grade, fresh start and new school. He will be attending Summit   Academy. It's a walk from our new home. I look forward to walking with him everyday :) 
Peyton has been diagnosed for ADD. We are going to start him on a mild stimulant the beginning of August and hopefully find the right kind so when school starts, it'll make make a difference. I hope this upcoming year he will be focused and attentive. 
He LOOOVED Bingham Baseball! It was an amazing time! They made it to the tournament and placed 3rd overall in the league. It was so much fun. My phone is literally overflowing with SO many videos of him playing! 
Peyton has been loving our new home and stretching out and exploring all areas of the house. 
He's a great guy! 

Weight 48 pounds 32 percent 
Height 49 inches 68 percent 
BMI 13.99 9 percent 

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