Saturday, June 25, 2016

Dream Home 2016

Well.... We did it!!!! We closed on June 2, 2016 and moved in June 6, 2016. I can't even believe that it's actually here. We were with my parents for a full year. We achieved a lot financially.. And it was so worth living with them for that time. We are all unpacked and settling in. :) we were the 3rd family to move into The Ridge, and more families have moved in since then. We've been meeting a few of them. :) We are hosting a little meet and greet in a few weeks at our place. 
When we closed we had a list of some items that still needed to be fixed, and just after two weeks- everything is done except for the garage door Windows. We are so happy to be laying down roots. Our ward seems to be great. They have split 3 times in 6 months! With the church being built behind our house, I'm sure it'll split again. We love it! I love having a house to hang an American flag. I also LOVE my front porch swing! 

It was made by Douglas, Steve's cousin. It's adorable!! We've made some adjustments hanging it and all seems to be going Ok. We love that new home smell!! I've loved being able to fill the spaces in the home. I love thinking of telling a story in each space I decorate. Our home is a very light, airy, coastal- southern charm :) I love the pops of color throughout the house. 
Steves dad and himself did some projects for a few days in the house- shiplap above the fireplace, and kitchen island & bathroom, painted a bathroom, kitchen and bathroom knobs, painted the boys room, hung a ceiling fan, did a floating shelf and set up the beds! I'm so thankful for them!! 
We still have a couple more projects of installing a garbage can kit inside a kitchen cabinet and some wainscoating on one of Jordynn's walls. 
I have a list of some more items I would like to buy in the upcoming months- but with Georgia coming up, and wanting to achieve some goals with our savings.. Some items will have to wait longer than I anticipated. 

Home sweetest home. ❤️